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Overall, I thought the con was a nice improvement compared to previous years.  Stage Zero was good.  I liked the bigger artist area.  The dance in a smaller room was good, although perhaps one a little larger next year would be good (but definitely not the huge hall used in 2005).

My main complaint is about video rooms 6 and 7, which happened to be showing 90% of the anime I wanted to watch (yeah, I'm a shoujo addict).  If there were more than around 10 people in the room, some of the people will not be able to see the subtitles, since the subtitles were at a lower height than where people's heads were, so I always had to end up sitting on the floor, or slouching a massive amount to the people behind me could see.  If you're to use those rooms again next year, even though it would make the visible screen smaller, I'd recommend tilting the projector up, so that the bottom of the visible screen is just above top-of-head level, then most everyone should be able to see the subtitles comfortably.  Anyway, it was still a nice improvement over the TV that was plugged in one of those rooms last year!