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Hey everyone! This is your Swap Meet head live from Fanime. Our staff just got done marking off spaces in Exhibit Hall 2. We were able to scrounge up approximately 75 spaces, which is less than last year (Arcade has quite an impressive setup this year!), but more than our pre-registered 60. Unless that floor space ends up being needed for something else, I intend to use it all to hopefully accommodate as many of you as possible on Thursday and from the stand-by line on Friday.

Once again, while I'm here I won't be able to check these boards or my email as frequently, so I can't guarantee any responses until after tonight's event. If you have questions about Friday you would like to ask tonight, I request that you please wait until after we've placed everyone on Thursday, so we can get everyone set up as fast as possible.

See you here!
Since we're off to the convention center, forum and email access will be limited. I may not get to check either until after Thursday night Swap Meet and again I probably will have limited access for all of Friday.

Participating or not, I hope all of you have a lot of fun at the convention! :)
Quote from: milkmandan on May 20, 2009, 12:47:20 PM
Quote from: Keys on May 20, 2009, 11:54:44 AM
Quote from: abcbadcat on May 20, 2009, 10:20:59 AM
Okay, just to confirm...

I want to sell on Thursday and I have my form filled out and my stuff ready but I didn't sign up for a spot

So I can just go, wait in line, and for sure get a spot for Thursday's swap meet?
It is first come, first served. We may run out of spaces though, so you won't 'for sure' get a spot. It depends on the demand and how many people are in line before you.
judging from previous years, how early must one line up to get a spot?
is swap meet usually pretty big demand?
In previous years we didn't fill up on Thursday. This year I'm sensing more demand based on the volume of messages I've been receiving. I don't know when the line has started. It wasn't too early though because badge-pick up doesn't happen until the evening.
Quote from: abcbadcat on May 20, 2009, 10:20:59 AM
Okay, just to confirm...

I want to sell on Thursday and I have my form filled out and my stuff ready but I didn't sign up for a spot

So I can just go, wait in line, and for sure get a spot for Thursday's swap meet?
It is first come, first served. We may run out of spaces though, so you won't 'for sure' get a spot. It depends on the demand and how many people are in line before you.
Quote from: cruelrevival on May 20, 2009, 12:39:26 AM
Hi, I will be selling lots of rare (and other) stuff! They include:

LOTS of Type-Moon stuff
LOTS of Promo Items
Discontinued Figures and PVCs (Evangelion Revival Project ones+more, Tsukihime/Fate,  etc)
Ah! My Goddess The Movie Limited Edition Press Release Bundle (HUGE)
Mooks, Artbooks, etc.
A lot of the items I will be selling will have "make me an offer" on them

I would like to sell my old Megami, Computique and the-like magazines, but only if there's enough interest...(they're pretty heavy and yes, I have all the posters). Anyone?

I'm also currently working on a selling journal for my stuff, and I have a ton of more rare stuff on it (lots of autographed, Comiket, etc stuff) that I won't be bringing because they're too valuable, but am willing to sell. Check it out and talk to me about it!

See you guys this Thurs/Fri!
I actually have an Isuzu (Pinky St x TenTen) that I was thinking of bringing. I have to run for now but PM me if you're interested.
Quote from: Ecchi ja Nai on May 19, 2009, 10:53:42 PM
So with only a couple of days left (really one, given how late I'm posting this,) before Fanime '09 begins, I wanted to double check and make extra sure about one thing: are we able to participate in Thursday night's swap meet as shoppers, even if we haven't pre-registered?  I'm pretty sure that was the case last year, and I missed the pre-reg cutoff date this year, although I did still sign up with the early registration.  I can understand not being able to sell without a badge, but it'd be a bummer to miss out on some potentially great deals.
Yes, you will be able to attend swap meet as a shopper on Thursday night without having pre-registered for FanimeCon.
Quote from: FanFicGuru on May 19, 2009, 03:05:16 PM
Quote from: Keys on May 19, 2009, 02:30:52 PM
$20 pays for a full space. If you get a half space, it is $10.

Last year the spot sizes were approximately 7' x 10'. (They're the width of two of the exhibit hall divider panels.) We expect them to be similarly sized this year.

Sorry, but just to clarify:

$10 gets you a 3 and 1/2' by 5' spot. $20 gets you a 7' by 10' spot.

I got my form printed out and filled out ready for Thursday, just want to make sure I bring the right amount of cash monies.
Yay! Form printed out!

Half of a 7' by 10' space is a 7' by 5' space or a 3.5' by 10' space, so it's $10 for that. Sizes are still approximate though, but that's what we're aiming for when we tape them off.

If you're selling, you probably want a little more cash than that though since you might need to make change. I encourage everyone selling to bring small bills since there will be many people who are only carrying $20s.
Quote from: FanFicGuru on May 19, 2009, 02:08:04 PM
So keys,

$20 pays for half a spot? So if I wanted a full spot it's $40?

Also, could i get a refresher on the space sizes? 6X6? 8X8?

Thanks. ^_^
$20 pays for a full space. If you get a half space, it is $10.

Last year the spot sizes were approximately 7' x 10'. (They're the width of two of the exhibit hall divider panels.) We expect them to be similarly sized this year.
A reminder to everyone following this thread:

Please print and fill out the Swap Meet Application Form:

If you are obtaining space both nights, you will need a separate one for each night.

You may also want to re-familiarize yourself with the rules and procedures via both the sticky thread (where most of the Q&A is taking place) and the website:

Quote from: lying is an art form on May 19, 2009, 01:39:44 AM
I've got a question: If the opportunity arises, can my selling partner and I obtain two half spaces from two different sellers who are in line next to each other on Friday (and hence attempting to be bridged together) as long as there are a total of two sellers per space? =P Thanks for your time!
If you want to share space with another seller you met in line, you won't each have half spaces, you will be sharing a full space with that person. How you and that person decide to apportion your space is up to you. (Similarly how your friend and a fourth person decide to apportion their space is up to them.) People aren't permitted to scalp half (or all) of their space. Also, you and the person you met in line would be considered a group sharing a space for the application of any rules.

Quote from: BP! on May 19, 2009, 04:33:00 AM*I do have a problem with this. Vol. 3 was given a T+ (Older Teens) Rating by Viz for only one reason when the rest of the manga was an A (All Ages) but for a reason. The reason being that there's a panel that contains exposed breasts. A total of one panel in the whole of the manga (lol Japan Standards Vs US Standards). I do not know if this alone qualifies it as Adult Material and would require a 18+ Only Box considering it is the only item in my entire stock/collection (aside from Ranma 1/2 Vol. 1 & 2 which I won't be bringing unless it is allowed along with The Big O Vol. 3) that could remotely be interpreted as such. If said volume would require one, I would just not bring The Big O Manga to the Swap Meet. If asked of the severity of said image, I could send a PM or Email to a Swap Meet Staff Member showing the severity of said panel to determine the outcome.
If it's classified at T+ on the cover, it isn't Adult, so this is fine.
Quote from: Eurobeat King on May 16, 2009, 10:48:47 PM
I have to remember to bring all my paperwork for both nights.  :)  I will have friends helping me move my stuff to my space, but then only one will stay and help me at the spot.  Later it would be okay to get others to help me pack everything up and move? (like, late in the evening?)
Sounds good to me. :)
Quote from: Eurobeat King on May 16, 2009, 01:14:34 PM
Quote from: Kyra_Maverick on May 16, 2009, 11:18:32 AM
Do I have to have all my stuff with me right away, or can I bring a few things to establish my spot and have the other person bring more stuff in? I've got a fair amount of stuff to sell, and I think it might be easier to carry most of it down when I have a spot set up for it.
It's best if you have all of your stuff with you when you wait in-line, and if you have friends with you, they can help you push/carry your stuff as the line moves, and into the room.  And then when you get your spot, they can help you set-up.  It's going to get very hectic and once you get your stuff and start setting-up, people are going to coming over and oogling at what you have.  So you want to be ready when it comes time to start selling. 
Note to everyone: Just remember that after you've set up, it's only two people in a full space. We've found that more than that tends to create a space problem and a burden on the other sellers around you. Also, anyone in the space should have filled out and submitted the application form. This way we can keep a record of who is supposed to be there in case anything crops up.

Quote from: Eurobeat King on May 16, 2009, 01:14:34 PM
Keys: Set-up begins at 7:30pm which includes letting the pre-reg. people in, but once we're set-up, can we start selling or are we not allowed to start selling until 8:30pm?? I remember one year they said nobody could sell anything until that time.
As is on the website, we'll begin processing the line at 8pm. You may begin selling once you are in your spot.

If anyone has setup time, they may want to put some thought in how to deflect people until they are finished setting up. There's always the polite "Can you come back in five minutes?" and there's the proactive 'Cover everything with sheets until you're ready.'
1. Yes, if Rico D is the first in line, we will process his form and place him first. This is the way we did it last year.

2. This year instead of trying to insert everyone at numbers, we will place them as they arrive. This way if Edward Elric is #9 and Al Elric is #15, they can just stand next to each other in line and get spaces right next to each other. It will not be exactly in order as we may need to move people places so as not to split up friends, keep track of half-spaces or seat people more efficiently (maybe starting from multiple sides), but it will be close. We will be having taped space markers and staff or volunteer escorts again as well.

So it is slightly different from before - more like Thursday night only with a preferred preregistered line. Right now the numbers on the webpage are only there to keep track of how many people are on the list. We're trying something a little different to see if we can make it faster for everyone.
Quote from: Rogue-Ayanami on May 11, 2009, 01:42:35 AM
and possibly Katana's if able to pass in for sale.
Please no weapons at swap meet. :)

Once everyone else is settled, I'll have pencil boards, manga, doujinshi, and some odds and ends myself.
Quote from: ININ on May 10, 2009, 11:11:35 AM
One year the swap meet was full the organizers asked sellers to share space.  I shared space with another seller about a hour after I sold half my goods.  Has the staff thought about asking registered sellers to share spaces?
The sharing of space has always been an option provided there aren't too many people crammed into one space. (It tends to work better if a group of friends with few items just leaves their items with one person. Trying to fit two people and their stuff into a half space is not permitted.) Many of the registered sellers are already intending to share space with another as we only ask one of them to preregister if they are going to do this. Since a half-space costs less than a full space, we recommend it to sellers who appear not to have so much stuff that they require a full space. Other than that, we leave the coordinating of sharing up to the attendees themselves.
Quote from: lying is an art form on May 07, 2009, 11:59:15 AM
For last year's swap meet, were people turned away? Do you think that any non-registered people have space for the Friday swap meet? I'm planning on doing it with a friend so we would most likely need a full space =/ half-spacing this doesn't seep feasible at the moment.
Last year there were a few people turned away, mostly those who came quite late. However, it's really hard to judge what it will be like this year. This year we will have less space available and it seems that a lot of people are saying they want to sell because of the economy.
Sellers: The information regarding what you need to do at-con has been updated. Please see the updated page here:
Quote from: Rogue-Ayanami on May 05, 2009, 09:47:24 PM
Quote from: Rogue-Ayanami on May 05, 2009, 07:56:37 PM
Hi, I wanted to know what was the general selling price for stuff?
I know it's kinda like a garage sale, where we make our own prices.
But I wan't to know a general price for advice from people who have previously sold.
Would 50-60% original sale price be good?

I think this is a good question for everyone to jump in on.  :)  The more perspectives, the better.

In general, it depends on the item, the item's condition, the item's popularity, the item's rarity, and how fast you want to get rid of it. I've seen things going for 20% of the original sale price and 120% of the original sale price.

Some people will come to swap meet and haggle with the sellers and you can always re-price stuff throughout the night, so you have a lot of flexibility as well.

In general, whenever I sell my collectibles, I keep in mind both what I would pay for it and the minimum amount I would want for it or would sell it for without really regretting it. A natural thing to do is think 'what's the most I can get for this,' but I think keeping the other two values in mind is a good way to determine if the item is really worth selling. Yeah, it sometimes strings to think about how much of a 'loss' you're taking, but really you're ending up with money you otherwise wouldn't have had for an item you don't really want so much anymore.

People will bring a bunch of stuff just to get rid of it - and thereby are willing to offer very attractive prices because a bit of money for it is better than it collecting dust. Then on top of that core stuff, they might also bring some less-likely-to-sell items at less attractive prices to see if they get any bites.

Also, you may want to walk around on Thursday night and see how people are pricing stuff to get a feel for it all.

What kinds of items are you thinking of specifically?
Quote from: redroses3164 on May 05, 2009, 08:02:57 PM
Are people with press badges allowed to participate in the swap meet? I have a pre-registered spot and if I'm not allowed to, then I would like to pass my spot to a friend who was going to share with me.
Yes, people with press badges are allowed to participate.