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Hey Forum! I've kinda put a hiatus on cosplay to feed my other hobby, building my racecar which is also wrapped in Ayanami Rei from Evangelion!
Anyway I'm bringing it out to Fanime and was thinking maybe I could start an Itasha gathering/car meet! Or just bring it out so all of you can get a chance to take look and get a picture with it.

Does anyone else have a modified car and want to meet up and talk about cars? Or does anyone want to see it in general?

My car was supposed to be on display this year in the Dealers Hall but complications arose and it could not be squeezed in sadly.

linked below are a few photos and yes I actually drive this around, its still STREET LEGAL so dont worry! XD

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: West Coast Itasha
October 07, 2013, 01:39:33 PM
As for the show area I was thinking that the Large tent that was used to house the Artists alley would be perfect. As there was more then enough room left over to house our cars and Ive seen that tent used for other full on carshows in the past. Wonder if any of the mods could chime in to help point us in the right direction.
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: West Coast Itasha
October 06, 2013, 12:55:27 AM
Hey guys! Vice president of West coast itasha here! Some of you may know me as THE DATE MASAMUNE. But I have another hobby which has been sucking up all of my cosplay monies~ My RACECAR~ Ill be bringing my Evangelion Ayanami Rei RX-7 If we can get a spot to show that would be amazing, always feel antsy leaving it in the garage and don't really like paying 40+ to park four nights...

I don't have the Vinyl graphics applied to my car yet, but I have endless Evangelion automotive swag from my annual trips to Japan~ Which I will fully deck out with.

A very good example of a daily driven track car, with a large helping of anime goods dumped in.

This last photo was taken YEARS ago and is an example of the small portion of Eva goods and favorites that I had gathered.

Oh snap thats what appens for not paying attention to the forums! DANG. Well the gathering is still gonna happen official or not.
Well I guess in popular demand I will do chainmail. Even though I was against doing the video game version because it would cause inaccuracies between the Anime version and Game version. What areas does he have chain mail? It's only visible on the arms right? I have to remake my helmet too, it was badly damaged at ALA. Man, being broke sucks big time. I cant even take my car out to races anymore... T~T Let alone drive it to fanime and show off some JDM badass-ness hope I can get both fixed in time....
Goddamn, why does everyone keep telling me to do chain mail! Anyway, sorry for not being a bit more active, been having alot of shit to deal with recently. Like blowing my RX-7s engine, then the new engine that gets dropped in starts an engine fire. While basically not making any money even though I have a job. Fixing my Date Masamune seems even more annoying now... ARRRG but ill do it and make sure this gathering is a great success!

It seems like there is no major conflict in the gatherings time so it will be set for 12-2. Unless there is a majority of us that would like it to be shifted an hour back? Vut as for now it is set for 12-2.
Does anyone have ideas for Photoshoot pairing/groups? can we get a list going?
Fanime takes pictures of major/recurring and official gatherings. In this case it would mean us too. There should be a good amount of photographers who will arrive to our gathering taking into consideration that we have lots of cool samurai style armor.
Can everyone check the first post and let me know if I have anything wrong. I will fix it ASAP. But only if you guys notice it.
Damn this gathering is gonna be one HELL OF A PARTY!  So Noon is best for everyone, I can relate with you all about how hard armor and weapons are. Six swords tied together carefully with nothing but thin rope is tough to mount properly balanced... especially my custom aluminum alloy ones. They let me wield 6 at once.

One last thing, it will be at noon, but what day? SATURDAY OR SUNDAY!!! POST NOW!!!!

P.S. I noticed we have over 1000 thread views and we are two posts away from becoming a HOT TOPIC! Im pretty damn sure this is a first for any Basara gathering! Wo~hoo~ *double fist pump into air* >_<
I almost forgot! Does this time interfere with anyone's plans for other gatherings/events they plan to attend? Because now is the time to let me know so I can fiddle with the time before its too late. We are now an OFFICIAL Gathering so we must get the time decided ASAP. This will allow more attendees to become solid and allow more photographers to come and take shots of our awesome party!
Updated!! Keep in mind we only have a few more months till fanime. So get your guns ready, and put em on!!
Updated!! Keep gathering your friends!!!!
Updated!!! Happy to have you on-board!

I guess we will have a Janken-poi game for everyone to play. Whether we set it up as a tournament I dunno~ But so far only two people have put in any input for it so Im just gonna go ahead and take that as a "Im too lazy to reply but think it sounds fun."
Bump! No one wants to see an Itasha at Fanime?
UPDATED! Does anyone have any thoughts about the Janken-poi game that Im thinking about? Or any other ideas? If all the attendees show up it looks like a very promising Basara gathering! The best Ive seen so far!
Just a thought, how about a game of Janken-poi acchi muite hoi(Rock paper scissors) and the loser does an embarrassing pose, scene, or action glorifying the winner?

Im sure that would get everyone fired up especially Yukimura's Flaming soul lulz, and make for great photos.

P.S. I noticed our thread has more posts and views then the Hetalia gathering!!! HECK YEAH!!!
UPDATED! Keep em coming! Also Lets think of something to do, does anyone want to throw in a game or two? like Red light green light?
So Ive always wondered What it would be like to roll up in my RX-7 which will be covered with Ayanami Rei decals for fanime.
I figured why not make it a special gathering with other cars covered in their owners favorite stuff!
So I would like to propose a gathering for Itasha.(anime covered cars) Who's game!

The images below are of my car for fanime.