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Quote from: deepbluevibes(removed per privacy policy)

Don't feel bad, no one lives in my area either, actually >< I know that pain, trust me. All my friends live up in the Bay Area. Anyway. Back to the point.

The one wearing the Faye outfit was who I met, and by affiliation the Amber/Ambur you met. Unfortunately I spent more time with the Faye cosplayer then I did her. (And I've already forgotten most of what happened at Fanime, so yeah, bad memory? You and I may be tied.)
Kuu~ I was going to try and resist from posting here, but I'm looking for the guy who was cosplaying Yasu, I talked with him off and on for two days but totally forgot to ask real his name and lost his phone number. He was tall, black, and had a PSP - the last bit doesn't help much but yeah, I remember because he was playing one of the Bleach games I hadn't started on yet. The suit was black, the tie red, and I'm pretty sure his fan name was 'Yaoi666'.

@deepbluevibes, you were looking for someone named Amber/Ambur right? Can you tell me what she looked like, you and I may have spoken to the same person. And you totally look like Dr. Who, you'd get fanglomped so many times if you lived in my area O_O
Quote from: "RyuHayabusa"if you want to meet up with other forum people, this is the best place to do it:

we have gathering threads there. I'll be at the con, along with Asa and the rest. Just look for me wearing a chobits bag lol

and yes, we fanimafia people are friendly folk :D

Lol, thanks, I think I want to go to a couple gatherings, the DMC and Lolita ones in particular.
Quote from: "GaMeReVoLuTiOnX"And another person interrupts the streak. xD

Gatherings = Good place to meet people. :P

Lol, you interrupt nothing.

O.o I'm so out of the loop, I wouldn't know WHERE to find a gathering, although I've decided I'm going to the FF7 one. I actually like making friends, I'm just not good at it. That's all Dx
Quote from: "Kanzake"got aim or msn? i feel like im spamming the board cuz its just you and me responding XD

Yup, AIM is eighthsinrapture, I'll get on in a minute..
General Convention Discussion / IT'S GO TIME!!!
May 25, 2007, 12:00:56 AM
I can't wait to get started! I hope I get the full experiance this time!

Let's get started people! There's officially no time to waste!
Quote from: "Kanzake"maybe? you havent met friends? :O no thats not a good con experience!

i made a friend at con because i borrowed 5 dollars from him after like 10 minutes of knowing him and weve been awesome friends since :P if you wanna hang out with me and some of my friends i wouldnt mind, and psst dont look at PMs do you? how much is that extra PLAY ticket? o.o;

Nope, never met a friend at Fanime. Like I said, I'm rather shy, I have no idea why, but I'm not very eloquent at first. When I start speaking to people, it takes me a while to get comfortable...

Oh! Sorry! I replied ^^;.
Quote from: "Kanzake"im gonna lose bad XD but hey i dont care, its all about fun!

Fanime is a getaway from reality and life! :D

>.o i think the tourny is sat... and if i dont lose right away im either gonna have to forfiet or miss the FFVII Gathering >.o (psst you said ffvii fan, 3 PM Sat by the fountains theres a FFVII Gathering :) )

Everything anime is a getaway, thank goodness.

Really?! I've never been to a gethering before....I'll remember to come. *Does the happy dance* maybe I might make some friends this year...That'd be nice.
Quote from: "Kanzake"ill be around the VG game room i guess but i know people working at table top... i might bring my dorky yugioh cards for a tourny XD if you go in and ask people in there if they know a matt, use to be edo-kun maybe someone will know me

YGO tourny, wow. Talk about a flashback. I wasn't going to before, but now I'll stop by the table top area just to see one starts up. To bad I passed my cards onto my little brother.
Row 12 >.< I got there to late for 3rd or 4th...
Quote from: "Kanzake"
Quote from: "Rapture7thHomunculi"
Quote from: "Kanzake"Video Gamers .... go to the video game room (eletronic gaming room? i dont know XD) and card games is table top gaming. If you see a sephy around with a fan name of GodKanzake, im a gamer :D

and where you meet fans?.... fanime... everywhere? ^^;

If I see a Sephiroth ANYWHERE I'm going to try not to glomp him (unfortunately not everyone likes that). Hahaha, I always stop by the video game room, but I can never figure out what to say to people to start a conversation..

i must find a sticky note to say im 100% glompable by females (if you are one my bad? O.o;;;; )haha... fanboys scare me.... scary scary memory, if feel of glomping continues please ask first XD

Lol, yeah, I'm a girl don't worry! Fanboys are scarier then Fangirls! I don't care what anyone says!

I'll do a ninja glomp. The minute I see the sticky note I'll sneak a hug or something. Hehe. I'm a serious FF7 fan.
Quote from: "Kanzake"Video Gamers .... go to the video game room (eletronic gaming room? i dont know XD) and card games is table top gaming. If you see a sephy around with a fan name of GodKanzake, im a gamer :D

and where you meet fans?.... fanime... everywhere? ^^;

If I see a Sephiroth ANYWHERE I'm going to try not to glomp him (unfortunately not everyone likes that). Hahaha, I always stop by the video game room, but I can never figure out what to say to people to start a conversation..
I'll go check that out, I'll probably be admiring all the outfits. It's so cool how much effor people put into it. It really shows how much they like anime~! Thanks!
Hiya~ I've been going to Fanime for years now (about the last...four, I think?), but I'm always a lurker on the boards, I'm rather shy. IRL and online to (Ironyyyyyyy).

So anyway. I have an extra ticket to PLAY! my friend was going to go with me but he decided to be an idiot and get grounded for the next month. I don't want the ticket to go to waste, because someone might not have been able to get a ticket for financial reasons or whatever. So yeah, if you're interested, comment. It's not a scam or anything, I really don't want to waste it.

This is a totally dorky, so deal with it, please~ but WHERE is the best place in Fanime to meet other fans? I live in the middle of nowhere, so I've been dying to talk to people about anime and find a video game fan as obsessed as I am. I'm not good at starting random conversations, which is why I wish random people would come up and talk to me. Then I could talk :) heh.

Anyway. It might not do me any good to post so late (damn school) but hey, I can hope, right?

Inertia - Thank You O.o I wasn't able to get the one I found thanks too some family issues so now I am roseless. And I have no printer so I'm attempting to write my letter but my handwriting is atrocious so it's taking a looong time.

Kazuko- Before or after me(lol)?
Yah I wonder how they get you too lose your way there even though there are supposedly signs...Although it's going too take two hours to cinvince my mother too take me too that place. She hates it too. I swear there's an evil there that doesn't sleep.

Anyway, maybe the one around my house will have blue flowers. Although I'll have too do blue and red since Kazuko-san is doing blue and white (although blue and white is prettier..).
General Convention Discussion / almost there!!
May 25, 2006, 10:31:11 AM
Pre-redge are lucky as heck, some of us still have to wait till Friday!! This is the only con I can go too so 'pumped' and 'hyped' don't even begin to explain how I feel. I'm ready too get out of my house and have FUN for once. GAH! Can't waiiiit! Have tons of fun for those who can't be there till tomorrow, pre-redge!!!
inertia - Your welcome~ it's a wonderful site, really. Ahh ok!! I will go and edit my letter then, hope he accepts it (oh geez, now I'm scared....)

YoureMyHiro - Thanks, I can probably get a map at the hotel and find some of these places. I've been to SJ before but not for very long so I recognize some of the street names.

Touya no Miko - I don't have a dollar tree around where I live but there's a $1.25 store (O.o). Maybe that will have some, it's practically the same concept after all. Thanks for the tip.

Kazuko - You can go into Wal-Mart? Wow, you're amazing. That place is annoying. And it scares me a bit. The white and blue sounds really pretty.

Caskas_lyrik - ARGH! Lucky! I'd pay a ton of money too give Kamijo a blue rose. Sadly all my money went into Fanime this year...Darn..
Serajwl - Nope, never made'm. It sounds really easy, like something I could manage too do without making too much of a mess. So I'll definately try it.

Inertia - Ahh, I'm kitsune_rin on LJ. I've been too your fansite, and I love it O.o seriously. I'm reading Lillie Charlotte now, which I haven't been able to find anywhere else. There is a place I can get dyed blue roses from but it would take too long for them too get here and I don't have enough money. So yah. I was actually thinking about giving a letter, but there's the matter that I can't write in Japanese. So it might be a bit pointless..?

Touya no Miko - That sounds like a wonderful gift! I wish I could find something like that but I'm so busy with school work and getting read for Fanime I don't have much time too do anything but be busy. Maybe I can find something at that antique store~. Hmmmm.

uhhhhbonnie - Hmmm, I'll try dying and spraypainting then and see which comes out better for me. Thanks for the luck (I'll probably need it)

Caskas_lyrik - Michael's is the only craft store I can get too, so I'm glad they've got what I want.

pastelflower - Arond Christmas? Yah. That's... Really odd.

Thanks for all the tips, everyone. I'll try a bit of it all and hope for the best.
Thanks for the help, any other tips would be greatly appreciated as I'm just going to totally wing it and hope it all comes out well.