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Hiya~ I've been going to Fanime for years now (about the last...four, I think?), but I'm always a lurker on the boards, I'm rather shy. IRL and online to (Ironyyyyyyy).

So anyway. I have an extra ticket to PLAY! my friend was going to go with me but he decided to be an idiot and get grounded for the next month. I don't want the ticket to go to waste, because someone might not have been able to get a ticket for financial reasons or whatever. So yeah, if you're interested, comment. It's not a scam or anything, I really don't want to waste it.

This is a totally dorky, so deal with it, please~ but WHERE is the best place in Fanime to meet other fans? I live in the middle of nowhere, so I've been dying to talk to people about anime and find a video game fan as obsessed as I am. I'm not good at starting random conversations, which is why I wish random people would come up and talk to me. Then I could talk :) heh.

Anyway. It might not do me any good to post so late (damn school) but hey, I can hope, right?

So, this is going to be a WEIRD question (and goodness knows I ask too many of those.) but does anyone know where I can buy blue roses near the convention center?? Some Kamijo fans know his favorite flower is the blue rose and I want too get a couple for my friends and I. Sadly the internet isn't helpful in finding one near San Jose. The fact that I don't know San Jose well doesn't help.

So, last year I went to Fanime and Music Fest was on Sunday night, but I've read somewhere that the Kamijo event (Mini Live) is from 4-5 but then Music Fest starts right after that?! The Kamijo event is on Saturday so does that mean the MF isn't always on Sunday? If MF starts right after Kamijo's Mini Live then isn't there a chance of not getting into MF if you don't head over there right away?

Then again I could be completely mistaken.
Hey all, I'm going to the con this month and I just found out yesterday that Kamijo was going too be there this time!!! I'm unbelievably psyched about that and I'll have to make sure I remember go to and find his panel because I've never visited a panel thing before. Don't even know where it is.

Anyway, my question is, other then pictures, the dinner, and all the nice confirmed stuff - will we be able give him something kinda personal? Like a little gift or fan letter? I haven't heard any news about it anywhere though I expected someone to ask.

Totally unrelated so just tell me if it's wrong to ask here or not but: Why are some people saying that Fanime hasn't been so good for the last 2 years? I guess I'm still a noob when it comes to Fanime because this is my second time going so maybe I'm just out of the loop or something? I was there last year with my veyr closest friends and some people from my anime club. We all had a blast.