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Kazuko - Even if I paint it will it still look nice? I don't want it too look bad or too fake, which too some degree I can't help but still *shrug* I haven't had a good experiance with painting roses, real or fake.

interia  - I've never even heard of silk flowers. Where do you get them? I read somewhere that the blue rose was Kamijo's favorite (thought I could be wrong. The site had updating issues). I support the whole band (I'm bringing a red one too), but Kamijo is my favorite so I wanted too give him his personal favorite. I just moved into my home two months ago so I'll go hunt for craft stores. Btw, are you the inertia from LJ? If not then sorry.
So, this is going to be a WEIRD question (and goodness knows I ask too many of those.) but does anyone know where I can buy blue roses near the convention center?? Some Kamijo fans know his favorite flower is the blue rose and I want too get a couple for my friends and I. Sadly the internet isn't helpful in finding one near San Jose. The fact that I don't know San Jose well doesn't help.

Hah. Unless it's like last year and everyone ends up at the front of the stage in the mini/medium mosh pit with no one left in the seats. Then there's no worries but still. I'm actually not supposed to be running so I guess I'll have to choose between Kamijo or Music Fest. In which I will immediately pick Kamijo.
>.< Oh yah it was on Saturday. I mixed it with another event, sorry 'bout that.

I just want too make sure I can still get into MF even if I go too the Kamijo live because last year the guy at the door told me if I'd been a couple minutes late then I wouldn't have gotten in. Thing is, I'm meeting some people right after the live but I really want too go too the MF, if I'm not able too get into the MF after it's started then I want too know so I can change my meeting arrangements. That's really all.

Midnight Ryoko - I have no idea if we can meet him, but I would like too also, but I think it's something you might have too ask staff or Tony about because I was actually thinking about posting a thread about that also. Though it'd probably be small and locked later on so yah.

The way this is has been planned out is a little confusing. Then again it's Kamijo so I'm not annoyed  XD.
1. Spent four hours in the Dealer room, circling it, got ladden with tons of bags and almost died because it really was a LOT of bags.

2. Was forced too bring a friend who never left me along, wouldn't stop talking, bought the same things I did in the Dealers room, kept all my other friends away from me because she was annoying.

3. Paid WAY too much for an Edward Elric plushie but the guy was too convincing.

4. Bought four wonderful yaoi doujinshi of FMA with Havoc/Ed in it, but they all got taken away by my aunt and I never got them back. Thankfully she didn't tell my mother (who doesn't know about my thing for Yaoi) about it.

5. Had too keep going too the ATM's again and again and again and again like the Energizer bunny. ATM's also refused too give me my money. I have no idea why, (hotel) staff didn't do much when I complained.

6. Saw tons of cute guys but was too scared to strike up a conversation. (I was dissapointed in myself because of my shyness. It counts.)

7. I didn't originally intend too go too Music Fest so I didn't have time too change clothes and looked like I just crawled out of a dumpster. I rushed down too the auditorium and then waited in line but then the guy told me I needed my badge, which I didn't know. I had too run up too the hotel again, and then run over the tracks (scared too death that a train would kill me) and get into the auditorium. Doing all of this on an injured knee, I felt like I was going too die by the time the concert started. Didn't have enough money too buy ZZ stuff when I got there. The Mosh Pit was fun but the next day I couldn't walk right...

8. Couldn't go too the rave because my friends were too tired and I wanted too stay (and I'm the one with the bad knee. Ironic much?) but I wasn't going too stay there by myself so I left with them.

9. Staff person was cold too me. Why? I have no idea.

10. Had to leave Sunday afternoon when I wanted too stay till Monday.
So, last year I went to Fanime and Music Fest was on Sunday night, but I've read somewhere that the Kamijo event (Mini Live) is from 4-5 but then Music Fest starts right after that?! The Kamijo event is on Saturday so does that mean the MF isn't always on Sunday? If MF starts right after Kamijo's Mini Live then isn't there a chance of not getting into MF if you don't head over there right away?

Then again I could be completely mistaken.
Bringing a bag or something is nice (especially if you're buying a lot of things in the dealer room. I learned this the hard away.) but personally, I've found it's good too a)Not bring something that's too big or too small. Make sure it's the right size. B) Bring essentials. Wallet, phone, ID, things like that. C) Snacks aren't reccommended incase you're sure you'll really need them. Even then, don't take too much and go back too your room for restocking. Bring more if sitting through AMV's or anything longer then an hour.

I wouldn't reccommened ever letting personal items out of sight. It's much better too be safer then sorry with a bunch of people. Fanime's really cool and I've never had anything bad happen, but people are very cold sometimes.
Please. Any guys thinking of bringing Axe....And using it...For the sake of the girls like me....Don't. Please. Axe or Old Spice, there's gotta be something else. And while I'm sure there were worst cases than last year, when I was there, it was annoying. I couldn't breath through my nose. Whatever idiot decided to put out those Axe commercials where the girls attacked whatever guy had it on him was an idiot because that stuff is HORRID. I'm just asking. Mainly so that my allergies don't flair up and so people don't look at me weird as I breath with my mouth.

Old spice and/or Axe (of ANY kind) = Death level 1

Axe/OS + trying to cover horrid BO = Death level 2

Cramped in Music Fest or an elevator with any of the above equations = Free Get into Heaven ticket from Death level 666. Seriously.

Then again you could just shower once in the morning and at night and it won't matter. Something quick. Soap required.  From the not Stereotypical fangirl: thank you.
General Convention Discussion / Glowsticks
May 16, 2006, 04:52:53 AM
You're the one that brings them...? THANK YOU!!!! I wasn't able to rave last year because I was in the mosh pit at Music Fest and my friends were too tired too stay but I wanted to party some more!! This year I'll be going and I want too attempt (read that keyword there. If anyone sees a girl trying too do some stupid move and falls like a dork it's probably me) too rave with glowsticks after the MF. THANK YOU so much for bringing them. You are notorious. I'll definately be looking too get a couple. (Can I hug you if I see you?? Lol *.* I love glowsticks just because they exist and are shiny.) TY again!!! Can't wait too go to the rave this year.
My list is WAY too long but eh, for the heck of it -

I promise too:

~ Be smart with the money I have so that it isn't gone in ONE day
~ Be more outgoing and kind
~ Try and make more friends
~ ask before I glomp someone who has cosplayed KH/KH2
~ Take pictures of the con even if there's nothing too take pictures of
~ Get Kamijo's autograph
~ Try not too have a heart attack while getting said autograph
~ Say something kind and appreciate to Kamijo
~ Thank all Fanime staff that I see
~ Possibly hug them for all the work, stress, and dedication they put into this
~ Run from the Kamijo performance too Musicfest on a bad knee
~Bring medication so that my leg doesn't lock on me
~Bring energy drinks (medication makes me tired and dizzy)
~Try and take pictures of Kamijo when he's not watching
~Don't spend all day in the Dealers room
~Got too the rave at two in the morning even if my leg is killing me
~Flirt with a fan boy. Even if I don't know how to flirt.
~Don't be so scared to ask cosplayers if I can take their pictures
~ Get other fans e-mail addresses!!!! (This is important!!)
~Drag my friend all over the place
~Find other yaoi fans around my age
~Figure out where everything is early on Friday so I don't get LOST like last time.
~Sleep. At least a little. Slow progress.
~Don't spend all my money on chinese food and cotton candy
~Buy off the dollar menu (there goes the dieting...)
~Make friends and actually keep in contact with them. Don't get their e-mail/phone number and never work up the courage too call/e-mail them
~Don't buy so much Pocky.
~Buy rare Japanese food and try it out
~Do not wimp out when trying new food
Ahhhhh, well I'm glad that I might get a chance to give him my gift, I've been a LAREINE fan for a couple weeks and I adore Kamijo so I'm very happy. So if he doesn't have a panel I guess I'll have to give it too him when I get my picture taken? That seems like the only chance.

Ahh~! I was wondering about the whole Fanime thing, I really like it though I haven't been around as long as others. All the guests I've wanted too see have all appeared at other cons when I was much younger so I can't express any regret in lack of good guests. All things go through growing pains, including Fanime, regardless of what happens I will continue to support it and maybe I can be part of that staff in later years. I guess I look at it this way, if we get through the bad streak now it will flourish even more later!! Corny, isn't it? Thanks for answering the questions.
Hey all, I'm going to the con this month and I just found out yesterday that Kamijo was going too be there this time!!! I'm unbelievably psyched about that and I'll have to make sure I remember go to and find his panel because I've never visited a panel thing before. Don't even know where it is.

Anyway, my question is, other then pictures, the dinner, and all the nice confirmed stuff - will we be able give him something kinda personal? Like a little gift or fan letter? I haven't heard any news about it anywhere though I expected someone to ask.

Totally unrelated so just tell me if it's wrong to ask here or not but: Why are some people saying that Fanime hasn't been so good for the last 2 years? I guess I'm still a noob when it comes to Fanime because this is my second time going so maybe I'm just out of the loop or something? I was there last year with my veyr closest friends and some people from my anime club. We all had a blast.
Dealers Room / Swords bizzatch!!!
May 27, 2005, 10:22:19 PM
Oh well, guess I'll have to wait a couple more years to train with an actual sword. Thanks for the info though.
Dealers Room / Swords bizzatch!!!
May 26, 2005, 11:32:23 PM
Why aren't there supposed to be? I have been to one other con and there were two really good ones there, they were selling katana's and bokkens and all sorts of different kinds of swords. I want to buy one (I am going to be trainning with one soon) but do you need a license or is there an age limit?