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Gaming / Guilty Gear Isuka Station?
April 25, 2006, 03:46:01 PM
So, on Saturday at 12:30, I'm having all the Guilty Gear cosplayers gather for pics. I thought it might be cool to play GG Isuka with all of them afterward. Is there anyway to reserve a TV, PS2 and some chairs for a while so we can play 2 on 2 or 4-way melee right after our gathering? I can bring Isuka, I just need a place to play with my cosplaying posse. : ) Let me know? Thanks!

General Anime Chat / Naruto 4 for GameCube?
January 08, 2006, 12:02:07 PM
Okay, not exactly anime chat, but I just have a quick question. I'm looking to buy Naruto 3 or 4 for GameCube, I heard e-bay is the best place. I've found quite a few for sale but...I also hear I need a special disk to get the game to work on my system... where might I purchase one?! What is it called? Any advice is greatly appreciated! : D Thanks!

G*A*T*H*E*R*I*N*G: Saturday @ 12:30!! See you there!!
Meeting place: In Front of The Registration Area

That's right, I just can't stop cosplaying from Guilty Gear. For 2006 I'll be cosplaying as Bridget... or is that cross-playing? I was the red and black Dizzy last year, and the Chipp (without scarf) that was with me last year will be cosplaying Anji! ^_^ Let's all gather again!

So, our gathering may consist of:

Team Flex Members: Axl-Low, Zappa, Johnny  
onlysolution: Ky (Black, Blue, and Gold Alternate)
Mai-chan: Kunoichi Chipp
Thorn Atropa: Johnny
Kazuko: Dizzy
AnnoyedWabbit: Baiken
AnnoyedWabbit's BF: Order Sol
Misha: Jam
Youko_Kurama: Dizzy or Female Sol
Maki-chan: Fanny
otakuapprentice: Robo-Ky
DayDreamerNessa: Jam
Nessa's BF: Sol
CJ, Nessa's BF's Buddy: Ky
Jyunishinsho: Venom (and Potemkin?)
The_Pink_Panther: Chipp
Panther's Sister: Jam
Panther's Posse: Johnny, Cliff
Heartbreak_Despair: Axel
Ya_were_guards: Faust
KimaLucifer: A.B.A (?)
MeliCat: Bridget
Luke (MeliCat's Buddy): Anji

ALSO! We have some members from who will be joining us!
Dvl_Sasuke: Zappa
SohjiroX: Ky (?)
Iori E: Order-Sol
videogamefanboy: Sol (?)
indie_chixor: Jam
kenseikishi: Anji

Now we just need a few more characters to Rock it Hardcore!

With the new game coming out on X-Box 360, I figured it's finally time for me to stop being lazy and cosplay Kasumi. ^.^ I'd love to have some picture buddies, is anyone planning any Dead or Alive cosplay?

So far MAYBE we have:

Imari-chan as Hitomi
Eurobeat King as Jann Lee
ChibiSerenaChan as Lei Fang
DayDreamerNessa as Ayane
MeliCat as Kasumi

So... where can we get our:

New Japanese Girl from DOA4?
:roll:  How many of you have read the manga? Who enjoys it? Who would like to make 30 friends and make a cosplay group of all 31 of the students plus their teacher?  Maybe it's too grand and too many girls to take on, but it would sure be a fun group! I could be Mana Tatsumiya! Or Fei Ku! Anyone else interested?

General Anime Chat / Favorite Manga?
August 25, 2004, 06:10:04 PM
I have all Sailor Moon, Chobits, and almost all of Tenchi Muyo and working on Digi Charat and Pita-Ten. My volumes that are all in Kanji that I can't read but have aweseome art and lots of boys kissing are my favorites! ^.~ What's YOUR favorite Manga series? What series have mangas that are better than the anime?

General Anime Chat / MeliCat's Sketches!
October 28, 2003, 11:29:06 AM
Here's some pics I finally got to scan! They're big and just sketches, but it's all I have in my current sketch book. More, better ones to come! Enjoy and feel free to compliment, but please, no flames! >.< I'm sensitive!


General Anime Chat / Help Judge The Hotties!
January 21, 2003, 01:39:39 PM
My current style of art has been described as "Anime Pin-Ups" and I've been advised to "Sexify" the prettiest anime girls, then sell those peices at the Con... but I have weird taste, so I thought I'd ask you all what your votes are!

MeliCat aKa DJ Chobit