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General Convention Discussion / Fanime '07 Promises
June 22, 2005, 01:54:30 AM
I promise to work even harder on scheduling for the Asian Film Room.
I promise to stick to my word and not bring Battle Royale 1 or 2 back to Fanime.
I promise to make the Asian Drama room a bigger part of the Asian programming lineup.
Quote from: "YoureMyHiro"Then sell it to me cheaper. :wink:

Actually, I don't really think that you can consider Drunken Master's prices expensive, especially for what you get. They had a TON of great DVDs for sale in a bin labeled as "$10 DVDS FOR SALE," and their prices are on the same scale as many other retailers, if not less.

In terms of convention dealers, there simply is no better dealer of Asian Films.
Bootlegging these days is so bad that it not only hurts companies like Drunken Master, but it also puts a dent into the Asian film industry itself. When box office numbers decline as much as they have in Hong Kong and Korea, all that does is make it less possible for more films to see production. Though audiences are a large culprit in this, bootlegs are also a major contributing factor.

When going to a convention and looking for Asian films, it's a rule of mine to not buy from any dealer except Drunken Master. The chance of running into bootlegs with any other booth selling Asian films at a con is just too high.

There's a reason why the Fanime Asian Film Room works so closely with Drunken Master; with them, we know we're getting the real deal.