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I believe there's a thread devoted to what you find irregular, Kyle. Look for "Crossdressing Cosplayers" in this very forum. You'll find both sexes going both ways.

Does this also apply to "Open Mic"? Are there two divisions of Karaoke? Are they happening at the same time? Is one competitive whilst the other just for fun?

Many questions, yes... I'm interested in doing Karaoke, but I'm not sure as to whether or not I should do open mic or competition.
Ideas and Suggestions / Maul Starbucks.. er..
April 23, 2006, 10:55:36 PM
And, in case there's ANY questionability about the Starbuckses in San Jose, there's THREE over here in li'l Scotts Valley. And there's MORE general cafés:

Coffee Cat
Abouché (Reccomended)
Joe To Go
Surf City

That makes SEVEN.
Any uuber-coffee freaks would do well to make a pilgrimage to Scotts Valley. ('course, the same applies to Real Estate enthusiasts too... AND cell-phreaks.)
Forum Games / The What If Game!
April 23, 2006, 08:37:31 PM
Then Santa Cruz cosplayers would be out of business.

What if I actually had a chance to test my cosplay before the con?
Hm... it seems that in the previous "Roll Call", someone lumped all the Ranmas together. Maybe if it were sorted by Kun and Chan (Male and Female), it would stop some confusion.

...or is ANYONE going as Ranma Chan? (Unfortunately, it's difficult enough to go as Kun as it is... I've yet to test the whole costume... but I'm under the Kun list.)
Quote from: "Ranma-Chan06"did the Ranma anime end like the manga or was it different as I have only got up to season 5 on Ranma anime but have read all the Mangas if someone could answer it would be much appreciated
The manga series in Japan ended with what we know as volume 35. The anime lasted... six seasons, I think? (In either case, viewing the entire series actually DOES bring a CONCLUSIVE ending, in case of debate over if it "really ended".)

In regards to Cosplay, it seems that four Ranma Saotomes are appearing. That means that the picture opportunities increase, as well as the possibilities to "compete" as to which one is "real" (just kidding). Consider how many people go as Naruto, or Sailor Moon, or even FMA characters. Doesn't confuse them a bit. They just have more interesting pictures, cosplays, skits... whatever they're doing.

Any Ranmas entering the DDR Cosplay Perfect Attack Tournament, however, will have to face the fury of Martial Arts DDRing!  :lol:
Forum Games / The What If Game!
April 22, 2006, 12:03:49 AM
then your realization would have to be tested. If this world were an illusion, who's If it's you, why wouldn't you be able to manipulate the illusion to your will, as one could with a dream? If it's some sort of "other" being...
...then I hope it can bring up some 16-year-old Jennifer Aniston clones for me, on account of good behavior.

What if I hadn't been dabbling in Philosophy, Theology and Logic these last few weeks/months?
Update (partially a bump to get it attention again...):

I've found a karaoke file for Kawaiikune! Iroke Ga Ne! in MP3 format. I can either point you towards the website or send you the file itself via email.

The lyrics are easy to find... (does it matter that there's no english translation?)
Video Programming / H Night Suggestion
April 21, 2006, 08:24:57 AM
Quote from: "~~Loktera~~"SAY IT WITH ME PEOPLE!!!


Fanime needs Twincest.  Yuri Twincest. Is there anything on this green earth that is holier than that?

(Long Pause)

I didn't think so. *Rests his case*
Beef Stew, Jesus, Ranma and DDR. Sorry, but I just don't think Twincest trumps that.
(Don't try to persuade me to go to this, either... I'm really not a hentai person...)
Ranma and Gundam Wing FTW.
Hm... so you're BOTH coming as Ranma Saotome? That's good 'n all, but that makes three (myself included)...

Ooh, PLEASE try to get your friend to come as Kuno; I would've gone as him but my budget and resources didn't allow for that... plus it'd be fun to have someone to re-enact with!

See you all at the con!
I'd go with either Ukyo Kuonjii (sp?) or Akane Tendo, both from Ranma ½.

Ukyo because she's witty, smart, cool, and cute...

Akane because she's smart, cool, and... because of THIS video, she's teh rawrz. I'm not a pervert, nor do I tend to put myself in situations where I have the opportunity to appear as such, so I don't think I'd be expecting any mallets 'o doom.
(Besides, who WOULDN'T want to at least MEET the inventor of Hammerspace?)

If you guys need a Karaoke version of Kawaiikunee, I'm almost done with a MIDI rendition (remix?) of it. I just have to finish the bare bones, add some... *ahem* Odyssey touches on it, and I'll have it to you.

If you guys are set, then hope that I get up the courage to sing it!
I'm not sure if I'll be doing Karaoke, but...

"Kawaiikunee, Iroke Ga Nee" - Ranma ½ (Hard to find, but definitely possible. If you need a link for the MP3, I can help you find it.)

"Hot Limit" - We all need to DRINK RITALIN!!!
Err... will the show be sign-up only, or will it be "jump on in and we'll put'cha to good use"? I'd be into doing this, but I'm afraid of commitment (first con 'n all...). Having an open-entry deal would probably get more competitors/contestants on the stage.
Gaming / Dance Dance Fanime! 2006 DDR Tourney
April 15, 2006, 11:17:15 AM
Quote from: "OniCourseMusha"
Quote from: ""
If I'm able to verify that I can attend this con, I'll work on just DDR for this tourney so I can get back and sharpening up my DDR.  Hopefully I'll be good enough to take 3rd, seems Oni and Khai will take 1st + 2nd unless some mysterious foe pops in out of nowhere and AAAs PSMO before our eyes or I manage to improve like hella and finally AA that #@%*n PSMO.
Me and Khai had a very good and close match at Scottsvalle.  But I've seen better. My friend Geoff and Joseph are pretty good too.  And don't forget Tigger Eugene and Kayoss, I'm a noob compare to them.
Ah, I remember that match too... good times... good times.
Forum Games / The What If Game!
April 08, 2006, 06:41:53 PM
I'd probably keep walking on without a second thought. I don't know who Man-Faye is.

What if we were all as flexible as the current most flexible athlete?
I've heard about doing it without entering the actual contests. In fact, that's what I WOULD'VE planned to do had it not been for the Cosplay Perfect Attack DDR Tourney...

I think it doesn't matter what you do unless you actually sign up for the masquerade. THEN I figure you'd HAVE to. Oth'n that... go for it, whatever you feel up to.
Gaming / Dance Dance Fanime! 2006 DDR Tourney
April 07, 2006, 11:33:49 AM
Well, shouldn't it be a small jump from playing ITG2 to DDR? The first time I played ITG2 (I'd been playing DDR for three years before then), it was only a matter of time before I was doin' the higher-level stuff (WITHOUT MINES). The jump backwards should be relatively easy.
Gaming / Dance Dance Fanime! 2006 DDR Tourney
April 03, 2006, 02:55:35 PM
Looks like I'll be coming after all! I'll probably enter PA and Cosplay PA, but be warned...

...the Blue Thunder of Cabrillo College showeth little mercy.  :P
EDIT: Hmph. Looks like I won't be going as the Blue Thunder (Tatewaki Kuno, Ranma ½) after all... I haven't the resources.