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Quote from: "Mr. Wendell"True, but I was hoping for pictures of us doing our announcements, game shows, and/or silly antics while on Stage Zero.  I saw a few on Linus Lam's site, but they were kinda small...

Wendell always get Teh Girls!  :wink:
Narnia cosplayer?

wait she's a cosplayer at baycon right?

but awesome costume by the way.
but hey, if they got Staw Wars plushies.... I'm There!!!

ahahaahahaa :lol:
wow Star Wars convention for five days? dang.
i remember back when fanimecon was like a 3-day con, now we're a four day con.

i wouldn't be surprised if that Star Wars convention would coincide with Fanime especially when booking for a convention center is really challenging.

i would love to go, if only that convention is like a half-hour drive.
nice numbers there.
do we have stats on how many attendees from around the area, outside of the area, and out of state?
just curious.
so i guess some guys were drooling over the Speed Grapher cosplayers.  :wink:

or wait ALL guys were drooling. :lol: j/k
Ideas and Suggestions / Barracks
June 02, 2006, 05:44:08 PM
what?!?! turn Fanime into a halfway home?!? what's next a brothel?! geez.  :x
Ideas and Suggestions / Yuri
June 02, 2006, 05:42:47 PM
no need to wait for you gmontem.

in fact i remember checking on gmontem's ID on the hentai/yaoi checkpoint.  :wink: oh wait you were just "escorting" right?
Video Programming / H Night Suggestion
June 01, 2006, 05:19:52 PM
for real? someone was jerking off?
maybe next year i need to bring some night vision goggles then.  :twisted:  lol
Quote from: "E-Chan"
On the Video Rooms and Scheduling again. At '05 Fanime there were schedules on the video room posters. They told you what would be played in that room and that room only. I found those more useful than the booklet because it had times and a brief synopsis. I didn't notice that this year. Was I just blind?.

the signs and schedules were there. unless people stole the posted schedule AGAIN!
:evil: i hate it when people try to rip the schedules from the poster boards, when they can just look at it or even get their own from the info booth.
Quote from: "KillingYouGuy"I lost my anime convention virginity this weekend, and it was like being touched by God. In naughty places. >_>

that was rather special indeed.
so was it like your first time? like your first time to.... you know. go to the convention. and have that wonderful con experience.

going and going and staying up late, watching anime, checking out people, meeting people, playing with people. as if you don't care that there won't be any next time. you used up all your energy, and anything that was on reserve.

and then being awake the whole time, almost no sleep at all.
then, when fanime was over, and you got home and sleep. you slept like you never slept before. but for me it was like an after-the-sex sleep.  :wink:

bottom line, it was freakin' A!

forget the after-the-sex part, i'm awake now.
would there be posters of J-idols or Talents?  :wink:

i want a yuko ogura poster, dang it!  :mrgreen:
General Convention Discussion / video programming
May 15, 2006, 10:17:36 PM
sniff. nosebleed. :oops:

more of those.... nosebleed :oops:
whoa! and we'll see people with laptops and gathering around watching YouTube clips!  8)
you know what, nobody mentioned anything about fastfood or restaurant west of san carlos. isn't there like a donut store somewhere? i dunno if that counts.
i dunno.... i guess....

coz i know i buy more stuff during WonderCon and/or Comic-Con than FanimeCon and/or AnimeExpo.

that's weird.
Dealers Room / J-List
April 28, 2006, 07:10:22 PM
for real?
time to save some cash if there gonna have some magazines.
there's like tons of magazines that are a pain to acquire.
Quote from: "Eri"Anyways, Lee's gets the fourth vote. A couple of their sandwiches have saved me from starvation during them incredibly long staff meetings ^_^

those sandwhiches saved me also from starvation like last year's con. i guess it happens when working long hours as staff.  :wink:

maybe we should petition Lee's sandwihces to open on later nights during the con.  :idea:
oh yeah, that new shopping center right behind the san jose arena. i think that place has some, i guess. since it opened like a month ago.

but for more decent grub, i suggest head towards Stevens Creek, where Valley Fair and Santana Row. well it is also good if it's far enough or away from the con.  :wink:
Hydration is like on the other side of the campus.  :?

but hey! Peanuts is also OK! off course, we'll expect more sjsu students there since it's the graduation week.  :wink:

Super Tacqueria is on 10th street but that's like way east of the con.

anything south of the convention? well there's wendy's down there.  :shock: fuuuuuuuuuu~~~~~~~