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Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: [WTS] Xbox 360 + stuff
December 06, 2009, 09:43:20 AM
*back from the dead*

JERRY!! When you say refurb, is it a gamestop refurb or a microsoft refurb??? my friend is interested, he's just worried if it craps on him he can't return it. =/ well for the system only that is. (you know with one controller, and the cords yadda yadda yadda) heehee >^.^<
Quote from: KitsuneOniko on June 03, 2009, 03:04:26 PM
They said pretty much what I was gonna say too lol... hmmm for humor sake should we do a few silly ones like "What happens in Fanime... STAYS in Fanime"? Plus from a lot of the complaints we've had this year bout those hug me/glomp me ppl n lines I think we need to revive our "glomp/hug control group" ;D

apparently i've been getting half half complaints and comments about those hug/glomp me line.  so some helpful tips on being a little less dangerous would be good for this one don't you think? XD

oh and, if you would love hugs and glomps, please be sure you smell nice and clean. not many would like to hug and glomp with someone that has BO that might stick to them.  :-X had friends who had that happen to them. >O_o<
i'm posting again because i love Mr. Wendell =D and and i have to represent stage zero! wheee!!!

ideas ideas... well i said all my ideas during staff meeting so HAH! it will be a SECRET!!! you'll wait till FANIMECON to see what you'll get!! AHAH! yay! =D

Hoping for a better Stage Zero this year!!

What cosplay's should i do this year? any ideas? what would YOU like to see XD jk
Nice Sean! group looks awesome!! lol its funny you erased "that guy" heehee anyways

Yuni does sound like more fun if she became a hostess. but that leaves Mr. Wendell as the Pimp of the group. lol though i don't think he minds =D maybe you should do like a little questionare/interview type thing when you want to find out who might be a good host. to find a way to see the type of personality they'd show on stage, just because of the fact of what happened the this year and last year. i still miss ray ray =D (did i spell his name right >O_o<)

wasn't there a lot of choices of games that were named on the staff board? i was wondering why we didn't go with some of those. jan ken pow is stilla must to bring back though because people have been asking about it.

btw neechan did the whole para para again this year and she did it friday and saturday. and i think sunday too?? (don't know memory retarded) anyways yeah though its always night of fire. i did bring other para para videos we could use those for games too. because i saw plenty of people doing para para in the arcade who knew how and there were para paralists in the crowd. i know night of fire is popular, but i still suggest using the other songs as a challenge ya know?

i don't mind going to a few group meetings for just stage zero, but isn't it kind of hard when it comes to like 2 or 3 of the staff members? because everyone lives far now from fanime including Sean right?

oh and Keys made a good suggestion about showing upcomming events on the screen and verbally saying it that way it makes it easier for those who don't have a program guide and such.

neechan be prepared, i'm going to be buying a purple noodle this summer just for next year's fanime!! bwuahaha!!!

sadly enough, people's been saying i look older than being cute now since i don't have braces anymore =( how can i pull off cute now *cries* jk lol i'll come up with something like usual =D bwuahaha!!! XD
i still say there could still have been better prizes, because people kept comming to me asking if this is all of it. and not many like vhs tapes anymore. plus i think there was a flyer that wasn't even supposed to be a prize. yet people got it anyways. though i know prizes are hard to come by. me and jo will probably help by donating artwork.

we still should have gotten more games going on, though different ones thatn we usually use. i was wondering how come we didn't do any of the other games we mentioned. quick draw is popular, and jun ken pow (sp?) was actually really popular last year. people were asking if we could bring it back. the dance off turned out great so we should definately bring that back. and we should actually try the games that were mentioned before. we only did the balloon popping once, more times would have been better huh?

well we're still building the success of stage zero, and its been going great because of you sean!!! =D heehee yayness!!

anyways that's my say so far just prizes and games. panels are always good. except for the one where the 2 girls were doing the 'how to pick up girls' on the last day. some people were actually telling me that they didn't like what they were mentioning. especially girls that were around hearing some of it, they came to me when i was walking around and asked if they were really the usual people who do that panel. weren't they just random members who wanted to do that panel because the original people who usually did the panels before ended up not happening? i dunno. just wondering. not to mention people fell asleep while they were up on stage. eheheh. i feel bad for them.

anyways yeah that's all teehee. so sean have i done better on stage than i idd last year?? >T_T< tell me the trruuuttthh!!! lol okie bye byes

sadly i was taking a nap backstage that i didn't get to watch all of it. but it was sure funny as hell when i was awake for the last half =D
awwww what about me?!?! i worked hard too!!! >T_T< *cries*

i'm just kidding i still wuv ish you jason! *glomps* cause you gave me an opportunity to start working on stage as my first staff job! teehee >^.^< this year was far better than last year that's for sure =D
Quote from: "HeeroYuy135"I was there from Friday afternoon to Monday afteroon.

Shoutouts to everyone who staffed at Fanime (especially the Stage Zero crew!), everyone who took pictures of me, everyone that I met for the first time at Fanime, and everyone else that I missed!

woohoo!! we've been named!!!

i'd like to say shout outs to all those who made stage zero an even bigger success this year! we've had more games and more people joining our contests and going on stage and enjoying themselves! thats a lot of 'ands' anyways, just wanted to say hi to all those who actually went to stage zero to hang out and have fun, and enjoy the music videos as well as games, we had for them. you guys were great! we hope to see you all next year! make it an even bigger success! we're always open for suggestions so send a message to any of stage zero staff you see and we'll make sure you've been heard =D
Quote from: "KitsuneOniko"
lol But it was awesome of you to come up on my stage! Us Stage Zero staff applaud you and thank you very much for the entertainment n volunteering for one of our games ^_~

its not just your stage XP its wendells and mines tooo. actually its sean's since he runs the place XD

Quote from: "KitsuneOniko"
lol funny (or sad?) to say I know each and everyone of them cosplayers... and the last one with the balikbayan box? That was mah family friend/ "lil bro" JT... He was wearin that last year too XD And dancin on mah stage... ^^;

again not your stage. can't you just stay stage zero? XP lol love you neechan. and you met jt through me so blah XP lol than again i still found it funny that he decided to do that again.

Quote from: "KitsuneOniko"lol Hey yo, Oniko from Stage Zero staff n yes one of the hosts ^_~ I would have to say Fanime is always crazie for me every year, random fangirls n fanboys and tackle glomp attacks as usual though some of these fangirls of mine seem to be gettin bolder n more forward with me randomly XDDD A friend and fan during the second/third day of Fanime saw me as I was patroling the registration lines during my break from hosting when they gave me this gift bag with this cd marked "Cream...Lemon" (I haven't put it in my laptop yet to see what it is though I am rather hesitant ^^; hmmmm....), a lesbian mini poster thing of the famous lesbian girls "kiss"ing poster, and (my personal funnie fav) this really awesome red beanie that said "ORGASM DONOR"  with the white medical cross on it! LMAO!!! Also gettin tackled off the side of the stage sometimes from random fans and cute girls n hot women while I was hosting... hmmm... lots more but those are the ones that come to mind at the moment ^_~

uhhmmm didn't people already get the hint from the first 2 post that you're a hostess on stage zero?? lol neecchhaaann!! your doing it again!!! and on the boards! but i still love you!! =D


my craziest thing at fanime would have to be the time when i was handing out posters on stage zero after a game, and 3 girls who were sitting in the front row said to me when i handed out posters, the first said "your pretty! i like you!" then the second said, "I LOVE YOU!!" and the last girl said "WILL YOU MARRY ME!?!?!" with a big hug enough for me to not breathe >@_@< after that they were like "we love your friend too she's pretty like you" and they were talking about one of our guest hosts that only comes on one day of fanime and helps out on our stage. her names yunie btw.  and they did the same thing exactly to her when i called her over! so after all that me and her were just standing there looking at each other and looking at those three girls and thinking "wwhoooaaaa" because it was unexpected >X_X<

yeah i never got an i love you and a will you marry me, ever since i worked for stage zero >@_@< so i'm kinda surprised lol and from girls to boot!
Quote from: "KitsuneOniko"Thanks GS though it seems most ppl got photos of my co-hosts Wendell and Seanie a lot D: No one seems to have gotten any of me ^^;

ya know your forgetting that you weren't there most of the time because you were sick for like a whole day and you had work XP

ya know i wasn't expecting this picture

oh neechan i found you on stage zero!

Quote from: "phoenixphire24"I'm pretty sure that's bare skin with a "thong." You don't have to sew the pants that way of course. You should only have to cosplay what your comfortable wearing. You'll have the captains jacket over it anyway.

true, but with my friends they say i should take some pics without the jacket since she takes it off during battle anyways. I have no problem with wearing a string for underwear and all its just that i'm picky and rather have what they wear in the anime. people tell me the thong part is fanart type stuff. so yeah
there's just something i wanted to be clear about soi fong. the slit on the sider of her hips. its not bare skin right with a thong looking thing right?? its supposed to have a sort of undergarment right?

anyways thank you for all the pictures its really useful!! anyone wants a simple chibi of whatever they want?? i can have my bf draw it and i can color it real quickly =3 just a small token of thank you?
my friends are planning to do a group bleach cosplay. maybe we can join the gathering as well? =D i'll be going as soi fong.. hopefully if i get the costume done on time
Surprisingly, my friends wants to do a Bleach group cosplay, and well they kinda forced me into the group. so anyways i suck at finding reference pictures. Well for one thing i barely watch bleach, i only watched till like episode 60ish. But don't worry i'll watch more bleach to know more about the person i'll be cosplaying as =D for those who are bleach fans i don't want to dissappoint you guys ya know?

And well i stopped, but my friends really really really want to do bleach, so they stuck me with dressing up as Soi Fong (i believe that's how you spell her name.), just because they say i have hair like her's anyways. so can someone find me good full body reference pictures of her so i can make her costume. i've tried searching but at times like this i'm horrible for searching, and all i see are mostly half body.

if you help me i'll highly appreciate it!! and i'll probably have my boyfriend draw you guys gift art for your help. since i have no clue how i'd repay anyone. >T_T<

this is my hair, this was when i first had the hair cut back in july, but i've been cutting it every 3 months so the tail part has grown to mid back, and the short hair well its always shorter around chin length and the color is pretty much dissappearing too, so by fanime i'd probably have pretty much the exact hair (honestly i didn't even realize that i had the same hairstyle as them since i watched most of bleach in december >^_^<;; )

but anyways yes i'll be cosplaying as her. so i'll need pics of her usual clothes, as well as the captain's jacket she wears. i need all the help i can get!! thank you!

oh btw i might need pictures for my boyfriend's character too. he's going to be kisuke urahara in the group. and yeah i'll mostlikely be making his costume too. sorry for the trouble!! if you want to see our artwork for gift art in return for your help please check it out =D just so u know what we do. DeviantArt

i'll be doing other cosplays but i'm still unsure of which. my other friends wants to toss me into some burst angel costume or yami to boshi to hon no tobibito. but yeah who knows. XD but for now i know i'll be doing bleach with others
Live Programming and Events / Seller's Permits
March 02, 2007, 11:11:02 AM
i read over the form too just recently and i want to know how i'm supposed to be filling it out.
Live Programming and Events / Artist Colony 2007
March 02, 2007, 10:51:13 AM
wahh wow.. i guess i better send in papers for the temporary sellers permit then.

i'm just a little confused about everything overall.. but i guess i'll manage what i can till i get confused

btw, staff badges count as full con badge right???? because i'll be on staff but will it be a problem if i'm not at the table sometimes?
i'm for sure going, more like i have to go because i am part of stage zero. lol

don't know who to cosplay as yet but my friends are for sure shoving me in a soi fon costume from bleach (although bleach is overdone...). don't know how that will be but okay. lol

now gotta find another good costume lol
Quote from: "Mr. Wendell"
Quote from: "KitsuneOniko"Anyone get pics of some of the staff at Fanime outta curiousity? Also anyone get shots from Stage Zero? XD

I, too, would like to see if there were any shots from Stage Zero...

me too me too!!! HI WENDELL!!!!! *hugz*
Quote from: "go2sleep"Here's some of my pics. Sorry most of them is with me and my friends but yeah, I'm also looking for pics that other people took with me (zack) in it too. Please! thanx.

uhh can't see your gallery, goes directly into "please log in" and i'm assuming that's your log in name as well. just to let you know
i'll post up my pictures up soon, my boyfriend didn't take much pics with my camera cause i've been busy working on stage zero, so obviously i couldn't take pics myself... eheheh but anyways i'll post it once i get the chance to upload all the pics on my camera.

btw its nice to see pics of me and my bf when we were doing cloud and tifa duo =D i want to see the funnie shots we did though! i wonder who has them, >O_o< anyways =D laterz