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Quote from: "Eurobeat King"
Quote from: "ChibiSerenaChan"heehee okies! as long as the dress doesn't shrink on me between now and fanime it will be allllll ggooooooooooood ahahahah i had fun last time >^.^<

Fanime's still a ways to go, so please take care of that dress (and yourself) until the con arrives. :)  We'll besure to take fighting-poses this time, and I don't mean just the co-operation pictures but the actual ones where we're FIGHTING each other. ;)  After all, J-Lee & L-Fang are rivals.. haha

oh yeah that's true XD i'll do my best!! =D
Quote from: "Moogleborg"
Yeps! ^_^ I got one of ya doing a fighting stance as Lei Fang. Once I find the CD which has the software for the digital camera I took it with, i'll upload it for ya! ^_^ BTW, did ya had any other costumes for Fanime? ^^

heehee yay! mew! >^.^< that would be cool. as for other costumes.. uhh.. oh yeah I did Tifa from FFAC but i didn't wear it all day because something happened in the middle. eheheh.... oh and i was going to do momiji but i didn't finish in time sooo i just dressed up as some random clothing.

Quote from: "Eurobeat King"ChibiSerenachan: I hope you wear your LeiFang again so we can take some pair pics together as L-Fang & J-Lee.  8)

heehee okies! as long as the dress doesn't shrink on me between now and fanime it will be allllll ggooooooooooood ahahahah i had fun last time >^.^<
oh hey Eurobeat king is on fanime forums! awesome! teehee

anyways it could be to early to be thinking about it but then again many like to plan ahead eheheh like i need to start saving money.... anyways hrrrmm i forgot what i was going to say

Moogleborg: you took a picture of me? >O_o< sorry i get amused to see how stupid i look in costumes XD
hah! i haven't died yet!!

anyways this past year i cosplayed as Lei Fang, and i might do so next year. Probably the same one, unless i see pictures of her in xbox 360 but i guess i'll see.

not many were at the gathering times this last year it was sad =(
lol hey no big!! last year i cosplayed as tifa!! from the MOVIE yes and well since it wasn't so known not many people knew but about a total of 3-6 can't remember recognized me so that was a shock >^.^< just did it for fun =D and i'll be cosplaying as tifa again this year >^.^< so i hope to see you around too!!! yeah!!!
#26 they have anime for a pretty good price. and i go to the common or other then that the rest at anime cons XD
General Anime Chat / Who's going to JTAF?
September 09, 2004, 12:09:13 AM
errr eheheh >^_^<;;; forced to the point
General Anime Chat / Who's going to JTAF?
September 06, 2004, 08:38:13 PM
weird >^_^<;;

hopefully i can go saturday!! if not sunday... *sigh* but first normally have all the good stuff!!
General Anime Chat / Who's going to JTAF?
September 05, 2004, 09:54:16 PM
oh pooo well lets see what happens!!
General Anime Chat / Who's going to JTAF?
September 05, 2004, 10:12:22 AM
money is my only problem XP
General Anime Chat / Who's going to JTAF?
September 04, 2004, 10:38:13 PM
*raises hands* me me!!!

well maybe >^_^<;; teehee
Quote from: "ChenCzen"web-manga would be the same thing as a web-comic, and I dont think I need to state the difference between 'comics' and 'manga' styles. I think it would be better to share my stories with drawings than with just words, but im not a talented artist at all.

Its in Vacaville Chibiserena.

Man, I really am going to have to start a 'get to know chen czen' thread, it seems like im always repeating myself. Im a nobody on here!

teehee it happens all the time on this board XD or at least i remember doing the same thing >O_o< last year when i started

so they're just comics on the web?? like scanned then put on a site?? ahahaha i'm stupid >>_<<

oo oo and i got with that last sentence!! i'd rather show my stories in drawings then words!! =3 well comics are both but yeah lol
Quote from: "ChenCzen"I wish I could draw better, because I would definitely start a web-manga.

It would basically be me sharing my many stories of the stuff that Ive been through. My stories were always popular at work, and its been suggested I should just write a book.

also, im a guy working at a hello kitty store working closely with an otherwise all female crew. isnt that one the most basic premises?

OoOo hello kitty store?? =3 where at?

alot XD thats all i can say >^_^<;;
eheheh.. i'm actually writing my storyline for my own manga/anime but i still have to improve my movements for action scenes.. other then just forward or slightly turned poses >^_^<;;

i haven't thought of a title yet... because i'm just still writing it... its pretty long for a story.. so its going to be weird turning everything into manga form or something hahaaha

let see pretty much its about different worlds of creatures... its a love/romance, action, adventure, magical, type of genre... >>_<< ahaahahaha i'm cheesy! main character is a princess from like half human half fairy world, who lost almost everything, parents, family, and home all for different reasons.. so she sets off in search of her missing dad, sis, and bro.. but in the meantime she was training away in some mermaid and some kind of bird forest, with her grandma... then the story just goes on and on and on and on

lets just say its about 4 pages of typed writting.... but its hand written right so its like about 6-7 pages.. eheheh.. and its STILL going >^_^<;; soo much detail anyways yeah! she meets friends from all over and adventure continues after grandma dies >^_^<;;
General Anime Chat / Yaoi? Chibi? Define plz...
May 22, 2004, 01:45:19 PM
teehee all the things i remember learning in japanese class XD wow
General Anime Chat / candy!!!!!
March 19, 2004, 12:56:20 PM
he's just a noob! don't be mean so fast!! >^_^<;;

Hiyas! welcome to fanime boards!

so you like anime too!! going to fanime?
General Anime Chat / favorite anime shows
March 10, 2004, 11:36:19 AM
everyone has about 1 or more of my fav anime's in their list!! XD

lists gets bigger and bigger >O_O<
General Anime Chat / favorite anime shows
March 09, 2004, 12:15:55 PM
i don't even want to bother writing what my fav anime's are... i'd just have a nonstop list.. XD maybe next time lol
omg! this place has become so disturbing!! >^_^<;; lol