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i decided to go I'm planning to drive since it looks like taking bart is toooo much of a hassle
Quote from: Runewitt on November 09, 2009, 01:52:38 PM
Is this the costume? Beatrice Dress i'd suggest trying to find fabric the right color and cutting it into thin strips and stitching that onto the outside of the dress to make the design.
Yup that's the dress

I haven't heard of bias tape before but i'll definitly look it up I would prefer sewing  but i'm just happy to get any suggestions
I'm planning to cosplay Beatrice from Umineko and I have one BIG Problem... The gold lines...

I would prefer using ribbon but it would be very expensive and not the right color.

I have heard of painting it and i know i can mimic the pattern with freezer paper but I'm worried this will stiffen the fabric too much

So has anyone put gold lines on their cosplay and if so How?

I know some sakura cosplayers did a beautiful job creating their gold lines... i really want to know what you used..

Thanks for any help

if anyone needs the address sent a message to me or jerry.  Hehe I'm excited I've got to go shopping tomorrow for some food to bring down. Lol and i won't be bringign cake (be cause i'm already having 2 this week alone) so I'll probably make a cherry dessert instead XD
there's going to probably be a battle of the sexes match I would love to do a few group games as well
Quote from: Kazuko on July 10, 2009, 12:16:58 PM
Quote from: edendreams on July 10, 2009, 07:08:29 AM
Quote from: Kazuko on July 10, 2009, 01:53:21 AM
Oh Shi- The VAMPS concert is on that day, seeing as I have a ticket I gotta bail on this one sorry x:
no prob it's cool

I want to hold it more than once a year but we'll play it by ear
Oh okay, well let me know~ by next month Im moving back to the city so it would make it easier rather than Tracy

of course because then i can just pick you up at the fremont bart station XD
Quote from: Kazuko on July 10, 2009, 01:53:21 AM
Oh Shi- The VAMPS concert is on that day, seeing as I have a ticket I gotta bail on this one sorry x:
no prob it's cool

I want to hold it more than once a year but we'll play it by ear
Quote from: Steve.Young on July 06, 2009, 01:31:22 AM
I was thinking of designing an ultimate game night t-shirt and having my buddy who does screen printing make me up some shirts for like 5 bucks each
ooh that sounds cool I would love to see the design
Quote from: Sunara Ishi on July 06, 2009, 01:17:51 AM
Unless he puts on something disturbing like a chainmail bikini. ~shivers and hides~

I am only going to play. I'd rather run through a brick wall before I DM. D: It is not my cup of tea. We should just start at lv.1 or whatever level needed for the game the DM wants to throw.
actually they have that in munchkin XD My character got that card the other night lol
haha i forgot to post rules. I'll do that later. XD should we try to do mafia this year or just try some old classics?

I was also thinking of planning a casino night as well (not a real casino) but just for prizes and have cad games like blackjack, poker and roulette but that would be a later date
Lol Ok I'm updating the main page!! I'm bringing some new games as well and i'll post rules up! (it's just to make sure things go well)
Quote from: azor12 on June 27, 2009, 09:04:25 PM
This definetely sounds up my alley. I too would like to be apart of this. I can do a D&D 4.0 Game or if people are interested Maids RPG. So lets try and get this organized

haha actually i know loktera would love maids XD he has it
Quote from: BrightHeart76 on June 26, 2009, 01:08:12 PM
well that;s the reason for the thread is to determine the best date
Ok so I was getting asked "when is the next ultimate game night?" ... since the day after the last UGN.
So Here goes....


well if you're thinking it's about video games You are WRONG!
UGN is about Board games/card games!
It's about interacting with the people around you!
Being social and Having the best laughs!
Last year's UGN was the very first and hugely successful attempt at this.
Jerry was so sweet to open up his home to all these wacky people
is sweet enough to have again offered to open up his home.

So here's how it works:
Bring your board games/card games

(make sure they are well marked as yours)
Bring a friend
Bring food!(finger food preferred)

the last one lasted almost all night so bring a sleepover bag if you want to!
But remember


I'm sure there are lots of fantastic memories people have of last year so don't be afraid to share them here as well. I still want to plan when we'll have this so I'm thinking in august like we did before.

Haha the games i had the most fun playing were:
The circle game
Mafia (me messing up was probably the most fun)
Battle of the sexes
Fanimafia Guess who

I'm really looking foward to this year's UGN! I hope you are too
Me and my friends snagged pictures of their car on monday they parked over by camera 12 I'll try to post some later on
haha i would say i enjoyed the black and white ball it was my first time going and i had a blast I was even in cosplay but that made it more enjoyable when people recognized what cosplay i was doing. ^-^ it's fun doing obscure anime's
lol this kind of stuff brings back memories of when it happeend to me I usually see the guy every year at fanime now so if not on here then maybe at next years con you'll find them.
whoops... i got so carried away with work on the cosplay and work in general i forgot about this thread...

haha i appologize

I would have loved this image but i know it's my own fault for not replying sooner
Aww wow i would love to have another one. I'll have to get a picture in mind i'll try to get one tomorrow ^-^
GAH!! so last night he decided to be a little devil and leap out at me from every corner of the bed i got close to. all i would see is claws flying towards me. >< i swear kids if you're scared of a monster under your bed it's actually a kitten being a devil