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Panels and Workshops / Japanese Tea Ceremony
May 05, 2006, 11:33:24 AM
Quote from: "Kegan_Flame"I am in japanese class in skool and i went to an actual japanese tea cerimony in monterey. It was soooo kool!! has anyone else been to an actual one?
You wouldn't happen to go to Monte Vista Christian, would you?
I have been to several tea ceremonies... Once with each of my highschools and when I was in Japan I stayed at a house of a lady who put on tea ceremonies :)
If I'm not working during this panel I'll go.
Live Programming and Events / Hot Yaoi Nights
May 04, 2006, 09:51:55 PM
Quote from: "Spiritsnare"I've heard a complaint that one of the hot yaoi nights started with a little game, courtesy of the Yaoi-Con hosts -- which is why the actual yaoi content took forever to start.

If the above is true, is that going to change this year?

It is true. Chenczen and I were waiting there forever and ever...and because i dont want someone bitching about me being nice i shall end it at there :3
Ideas and Suggestions / Ball
May 04, 2006, 07:11:33 PM
yeeah and if so, which night???
Quote from: "protocol7"
Quote from: "~~Loktera~~"
Quote from: "Tuplica"J-list is coming, huh?  Are we talking the -13 j-list, or the 18+ pron-infested j-list?   :P

Hopefully the latter... I promised my friend I'd buy her something... special...  You know... like a shoulder massager...

Of the Hello Kity variety?
i heard those things weren't very powerful
Quote from: "gmontem"
Quote from: "Charming_Dorian"My boyfriend and I need roommates. Our only request is that we get a bed.
thats about it...
Tempting but I fear I might not get any sleep with you two on the bed. ;P
we do have DECENCY you know. :P
My boyfriend and I need roommates. Our only request is that we get a bed.
thats about it...
Forum Games / The What If Game!
April 14, 2006, 09:29:08 PM
a few months later another gmontem would be born :P

What would happen if kin freon returned to fanime?
Forum Games / The What If Game!
April 14, 2006, 08:20:34 PM
it would be the tomato tomato revolution lead by some kind of markist leader? The ketchup party is getting unruly again...those damn reds...

what if women didnt get their periods?
General Anime Chat / Whats the craziest anime?
February 21, 2006, 01:48:24 PM
Quote from: "Rette"I haven't seen the others, but I'm going with FLCL....
...the eyebrows! :shock:
Anyway, aliens who go around beating young guys with Rickenbackers... crazyness.... :twisted:
im agreeing.
I've never gotten over the fact that they are cartoon characters or video game characters, but i did totally razz one girl for having this drawing of Squall from FF8 in a swimming thong in her locker in like 8th grade.

okay, so it isnt as funny as I thought, I'm not good with anecdotes i guess.
for sure:
Cammy from street fighter

Topo from Brave Fencer Musashi
I-no from guilty gear

Doing for sure but its a question of if i can finish it:
meh i wish i could do I-no for this but i doubt ill have enough drive to devote the whole of my winter break to this.
maybe. but my mom would be like "WHO ARE YOU KIDDING, you have no breastesses."
ero is for erotic, kinda like ero-guro. I first heard it on a gothic lolita forum and was puzzled myself, but they were all super helpful
Quote from: "DayDreamerNessa"
what i hate most is when i see girls claiming there being gothic lolita or lolita, yet there wearing low cut designed tops showing off there boobs, or wearing really short skirts/dresses, it's very rare that i come across anything like that in gothic lolita if ever.

There is however ero-loli
but the girls in the pics that nessa posted just look cheesey X_X  Its sad because there is so much crap like that floating around, they totally just miss the mark
Another good example of ero-loli is hilda form Shadow Hearts: From the New World.
General Anime Chat / Favorite Anime Hair Color
December 05, 2005, 09:48:33 AM
green or  black... but then again thats how my hair is now XD *voted for green*
cute avatar :D
General Convention Discussion / Le gasp! :O
October 12, 2005, 09:52:26 PM

Sorry, Dorian, but I had to do it. It's better as a link.-Ryu
i really want to buy at least one gothic lolita dress next year... and of course ill buy any cute plushie that i find :D i also need more moogles.. @_@
wah the link isnt working for me  :(
all i know that ill be doing now is cammy from street fighter.
watch out folks, im gonna be blonde! X_X