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Bump as rates and availability have been updated!
bump as available times for shoots have been updated.  ;D
Live Programming and Events / Re: Autograph Sessions
March 24, 2019, 10:09:07 PM
Echo that, wanting to know info and if more organization is planned. The lines in 2018 were pretty bad.
Is there going to be an Ita-Bag meetup at Fanime 2019? I saw last year's thread here (,21483.0.html ) and thought it sounded amazing. I'd be a new bag maker/owner and would love to gather with people who know how to set up bags or want to show them off.
I'm excited! :D
Here's to hoping your hotel booking went well!

Since you mentioned JRPGs, do you play the Final Fantasy TCG? Or want to try playing it? I'm seeking opponents to play against during Fanime since I know almost no one who plays it in my area.

Are you up for co-op play on any of the video games in the gaming room? I'm super casual and don't do well against tryhards, but it would be fun to play against someone casual on the dance games or co-op on Action RPGs (thinking about bringing my Switch for Hyrule Warriors or Diablo III, in case they don't have offerings like that there).

Honestly, I'm in a similar funk as you when it comes to Fanime. I get all hyped up and then end up quiet at panels or shy on the sidelines at the gatherings, then "resting" (hiding) in my room when there's no obligation to be out and about at the con. So you're not alone, and there's a ton of people at the con to talk to and interact with. Just gotta come out of that shell.
I'm excited to offer my photography skills to anyone looking for a photographer this year. This is my fourth Fanime and every year has been awesome to get to collaborate with amazing cosplayers. My hope is that my decade of fashion, editorial, and advertising experience will be of use to you in photographing your awesome costumes!


Shoot Time Availability:





-currently no available slots-

Shoots will last 45 minutes, You will receive at least 30 digital negatives within one week of the convention's end, from which you make your selection of a top 5. Those top 5 selections will be edited and sent to you within two week of the convention's end. My shooting style is to get the photo right in the camera, so your negatives will be top quality. However, I have no problem if you edit any of your photos or add in special effects later. Once we shoot and I deliver your photos, they're yours to do with as you please.

45 minutes of photography for $60, for solo.
Group or team shoots are $20 per additional person beyond the first.

You can pay cash in person at the time of your shoot, or via Paypal.

Book a time by contacting me via message. When you do, please send me the following information:
QuoteName / Day and time slot you're interested in booking / Contact info / Character and series / Are you booking a solo or duo or group shoot? / Any extra info I should know, especially if you have a preference for outdoor or indoor shoots

EDIT: I will update this thread with more times later, but will increase rates in order to reward earlier bookings.
Hello everyone!

I'm a photographer going to Fanime for my fourth year. Working for cosplayers is always awesome. Normally I charge for sessions but I also do trade projects if the shoot is of benefit to both our portfolios.

>Glad to shoot: Night, mornings, streetscape settings, any weather
>Properties interested in shooting: Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Dragon Quest, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Marvel Universe, DC Universe, Battle Angel Alita, Full Metal Alchemist, The Expanse, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Star Wars, Star Trek, Hellsing, Orphan Black, Battlestar Galactica, Disney Universe, Steampunk

My background is in journalism so I'm used to location shoots and getting a shot in any condition. I don't edit up shots, as I get the shot right at the time of the shot. That means if you want an awesome location shoot, let's collaborate! But if you want special effects edited in, I'm not your guy. You can view my photography here:
Fanime seems like the perfect place to meet others who play the Final Fantasy TCG or want to learn. I play the game but know very few people in my area who play. So if you play and are looking for an opponent, let's meet up in the gaming room table area (so far I'm available every afternoon to play some cards). Or if you want to learn, I'd be glad to bring some learning decks.

Anyone up for some Final Fantasy gaming?
Everything you mentioned sounds awesome. I'm way looking forward to seeing more info about using mailing lists for most effect and how to get them rolling.
Still plenty of openings in case anyone wants to book. :D
Does anyone know what the boffer requirements are for the Dojo's all night boffer war? They recommend bringing a weapon, so I want to make sure I have the right weapon construction when I show up.
Just updated the schedule with many more openings. :D
A couple new updates, including today's new video about emergency kits for cosplay photo shoots.
Update: Feedback on Facebook has caused me to consider a series of two workshops. One night workshop and one daytime workshop, with each focusing on the type of lighting you would use in each setting.

How does this tentative lineup sound?
Night workshop: Friday night.
Day workshop: Saturday morning.
This thread is to gauge the interest level in Cosplay Photography Lighting if it were held as an independent workshop (or even series of workshops).

You can control your photos to create amazing art right at the time of the photograph, and all you need to do to enhance your skills is learn a bit about lighting. Things like flash, natural light, reflectors, diffusors, etc. All with beginners, budget-conscious, and portability-minded photographers in mind.

I'd show why and when you'd use different lighting techniques, and what you can do on a budget.  Probably bring in a cosplayer model to practice techniques.

Why is this workshop being considered? Well, Fanime asked, "Are you interested in holding your own panel? Do you have a great idea for a particular workshop?" I said oh absolutely! Here's a Cosplay Photography Lighting panel submission! And got waitlisted...So why not make it into an unofficial workshop?  8)
Very curious if this was accepted. I'm an older fan myself and this would totally help to not feel quite so alienated among the Fanime crowd.
Quote from: JoAser Cosplay on April 08, 2018, 09:30:25 PM
Do you have a group together? Because, I think my group is looking for some peeps

No group. Just my friend and I. Though my Barret is delayed by finals and graduation. But she's got her Tifa well underway.
Wanted to cosplay Russell from Up, and it seems to go here. But I hope to attend both this and the Disney Prime gathering on the other day.
My friend's got Breath of the Wild Link while I am doing a pirate mashup of Wind Waker Ganon.