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General Anime Chat / Which anime harem?
« on: July 13, 2009, 05:58:15 PM »
Which anime harem would you like to be in or happen to you?
Such as Clannad, Shuffle, Love Hina, or even School days o.O?

For me, I would love to be in Da Capo and La Corda d oro...though its for girls. @_@


Forum Games / This or That?
« on: May 11, 2009, 10:27:58 AM »
This or that game.
Choose one of the following choice from the person above you.
Then ask a this or that question.
And then it goes on...@_@
I'll start...

Carrots or Onions?

General Anime Chat / Basquash! Robots playing basketball?
« on: May 09, 2009, 09:52:04 AM »
So many good anime came out this spring and the one that got me so crazy and unable to
keep calm was Basquash. Not only the music and story line that got me interested but the whole idea
of Big Foot playing basketball and the CG effects. So what do you guys think of it? Opinions? Like it? Hate it?

Come and lets gather around in a circle and say happy and nice things about that person. ^_^
Even if its made up or a lie as long as its nice >_>

Things in the Universe / First thing you eat at Fanime?
« on: March 26, 2009, 10:20:28 AM »
What do you think will be the first thing you eat on the day at Fanime?
For me...I might be munching on my leftover lunch since I pack a lot to eat. (>;__;)>


Welcome to the Tales Series Gathering of 2009. This gathering will be base on all the Tales Games and the anime.
Banner and image change once ever week or two. If you would like to create a banner or an image for this thread, it will excepted and much appreciated ^^

Tales Series
-Tales of Phantasia
-Tales of Destiny
-Tales of Destiny 2
-Tales of Eternia
-Tales of Symphonia
-Tales of Symphonia 2
-Tales of Rebirth
-Tales of Legendia
-Tales of the Abyss
-Tales of Innocence
-Tales of Vesperia
-Tales of Hearts

If I do miss any, please do tell me >.<

The gathering time and day will soon to be announced after I get thing settle down and see if there is any attendee. So stay tuned!

If you are cosplaying and attending the gathering, please post the character who you are or might attending as. And some idea and event if you have any in mined. Other than that, please feel free to stay and chat and have fun.

xXunyuuXx: Arietta the Wild from Tales of the Abyss
Jei: Anise from Tales of the Abyss
AmazingKenchan: Kelee from Tales of Eternia

General Anime Chat / Who is your anime lover?
« on: November 24, 2008, 09:23:58 AM »
For the fun of it and random moment, who would you want as your girlfriend/boyfriend or lover from an anime. Name your top 5. You you can't pick...well I don't see a problem to go all out. xD Make sure to name the anime so we can know since some anime has the same name as other character >.>

Here is mine...
Shinn Asuka from Gundam Seed Destiny
Kazuma Yagami from Kaze No Stigma
Athrun Zala from Gundam Seed
Suzaku from Code Geass

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