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Hello! Is there any info or updates as to when the karaoke contest sign up for this year will be open?

Hi! We were wondering what the mic situation will be like this year? Will there be any wireless mics, and if so how many?

Anyone know when online sign ups are open? :)

I'll be there as Rem from Final Fantasy Type 0 along with the rest of the Type Zero group.

Hey, for the Dark Hour/Midnight Channel gathering, would anyone be down for playing King's Game?

I second it~ ^o^

I'll be cosplaying as Dark Signer Misty from 5D~

I'll be cosplaying as Homura and my friend is Madoka.

I'll be Kanako Brigade version from Star Driver~

Big Event Showcase / Re: Official 2011 Fanimaid Cafe thread
« on: January 31, 2011, 07:36:48 PM »
So........I know I can make it to a "try-out" but what day(s) of the week can we expect the "meetings" to be ??? We cannot really make a real commitment without knowing when this meetings will be  ;)

The date has been posted up there~
February 13, 2011 and March 12, 2011. The meeting will begin at 11:00am and end at approximately 3:00pm. ^_^
You can chose to attend one of those days.

Hi~ I have a bit of change. I'll be going as Naoto Shirogane instead of Yosuke. Thanks~

Omg yes Shin Megami Tensei <3
I'll be Yosuke from Persona 4~

At this point I don't who to be for the gathering any more since I made a lot of costume from PH >< Echo, Alice, Sharon, Lotti, and Gilbert. Lol Gil is the only guy...

According to one of the staff or whatever in the commentay part, they made Vampire sparkles comparing them to marbles because marbles are perfect...I have marbles in my bathroom, they are shitty looking and not perfect. Bella the actor is a former model or whatever has no facial expression. She tried but her face and expression is always the same. Idk...just saying what I kind of remember since most of my girls are Twlight Geeks

I'm done with Echo costume a week or two ago~ Debut it at Anime Expo >< I'm going to make Sharon next now, lol at this rate, I won't know who to be for the PH gathering during Fanime ><

Whoot~ Add me for Echo~ I'll see if I can fix my Alice and get new wigs and such as well.

@Mymidnightaffair: Well if you use clear straps it should be fine. Its clear and barely visible and holds quite well. I understand how parents are anal because they are just over protected. Can be annoying sometime. Trust me I know *.*

@Suiseseki: YaaY~ Okay~ Keep on watching then~ i really love Alice from TOS 2 and Marta >///<

You only watch Symphonia? Dx
I thought you played it ;-;
The anime for TOS was quite old and it wasn't even done yet. There is so much more to it then how they end it but thank gawd they are continuing because Presea and all the other character hasn't shown up yet. Watch Tales of the Abyss since it follows the game precisely. Then Tales of Eternia and Tales of Phantasia. Eternia is about 13 ep and Phantasia is another OVA about 3 ep. >w<

I hate it when parents gets in the way of little things like that. Its not like your running around in a wild outfit or anything @_@
We can set up a gathering but its still a little early but we can. For Tales like I said, there is already a person who host it every year and its call the Tales gathering. Been running for quite these years now.

Actually I think we should all do a Tales of Symphonia Cosplay! ^^ I think that'd be cool!

P.S. uhh...people are alrdy starting to set up next years gatherings :O Should I do pandora hearts and Tales of Symphonia, u think?

Actually you should do a Tales gathering in general because Tales is a big series just like Final Fantasy and such. Would be weird just to do one part of a big series like for an example a Final Fantasy 7 gathering when you can just do a Final Fantasy gathering. Btw, there is already a Tales gathering every year so we can just join in. There was one this Fanime which I was in too.

TOS has such cute cosplay, I'd love to be Sheena for  few days..
{But Nu! I have to stick to Izuna.. >o<}
and Colette's seems like such a sweetheart, & Presea reminds me of a tough chic from Gintama :o

Presea is my girl >W< Yes she is tough but she is also quite adorable~~~ >///<
I love Sheena as well~ You should do Sheene someday~ The outfit is simple enough.

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