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Panels and Workshops / Ask A Kuroshitsuji Character
July 29, 2011, 02:06:27 AM
Ok, we were just approved for a test run of a panel that IF SUCCESSFUL, we'll try at Fanime. But we need a little help.

I just got the approval for an "Ask a Black Butler" panel for Summer Sac Anime, Sat 1pm-2pm. What the panel is, is at least 4 Black Butler cosplayers, acting as the characters they are portraying, fielding questions from panelists.

But we need some help filling the roles.

Ciel Phantomhive: *OPEN*
Grell Sutcliff: (Filled)

So if you are planning on attending Summer Sac, are cosplaying one of the characters we need, and have some acting/improv skill, and LOVE Black Butler, WE NEED YOU! If you agree to join and sign up, please commit. The last thing we need is someone backing out at the last moment.
I came across this picture when one of my friends posted it on Facebook, and I have to disgusts me.

I am a Hetalia fan, I love the show. And I wouldn't mind cosplaying one of the characters if given the chance. But from what I understand, Hetalia fans acting in the way that the ones in the picture is NOT out of the norm. Let me state however, I have not experienced or seen them behave stupidly like this IN PERSON...but the photo shows that at least SOME Hetalia fans DO act this way. I figure I'll ask a wider community than just my Facebook friends. Is behavior like this normal amongst Hetalia fans?
If you Pre-Regged, pray they actually HAVE your badge and/or are willing to do their job. I had paid for a Pre-Reg badge but they said they were having trouble finding mine. They had my name in the system as well. And apparently they didn't really care to look for my laminated badge, so they made me get a normal Early-Reg badge instead, which was NOT what I paid for. I was just so tired and wanted to go home so bad I just put up with it. But yeah...hope that the Reg people are willing to do their job because there's no guarantee. Next year I'll just get Early-Reg, since paying for Pre-Reg didn't do me any good.

Did anyone else have badge pickup issues?
Live Programming and Events / Yamaga-San Party?
May 10, 2011, 11:12:54 PM
I noticed that in the announcement of Hiroyuki Yamaga returning, they mentioned something about the Yamaga-San Party. Are they planning to hold that again? If so, what is the schedule for that going to be?
Gaming / Birthday Gaming
May 10, 2011, 02:34:16 PM
Well, me and a friend are CELEBRATING (Meaning our birthdays are close, but not during the weekend) our birthdays Friday night of Fanime. And of course, we have our gaming list. Marvel vs Capcom 3, Halo (CE, 2, 3, Reach), COD: Black Ops, Super Street Fighter 4, Smackdown vs Raw 2011, UFC Undisputed 2011, and Mortal Kombat (9). We'll also be playing these games throughout the con during downtime. But join us for the party!
Gaming / Marvel VS Capcom 3 Thoughts and Opinions
February 15, 2011, 06:44:48 AM
I picked up my copy of Marvel VS Capcom 3 at a midnight release at Gamestop on Curtner Ave. After playing it for a few hours, I have to say, I'm thoroughly impressed with the entertainment value as well as the overall quality of the gameplay. I was just wondering if anyone else has positive and/or negative feedback about the game itself?
What was your favorite moment at any anime convention? Could be Fanime or any other. If you have video of it, post it! Or if you have an interesting story, post it! I'm not sure if this thread is already created yet.
Panels and Workshops / GOJIRA PANEL
June 12, 2010, 06:45:33 PM
As someone who's very well versed in the lore of Gojira, I got to thinking that more people should have the oppertunity to be educated in the Gojira franchise. From beginners who only know about the horrible American remake, to those who only need minor clarifications on the name of Gojira's son, or what the original Gojira suit was made of. I was just wondering who would think this a good idea for a panel.
Incredible Stuff I can Make / My first 3 art pieces
June 10, 2010, 06:26:12 PM
Hey, Friday night at Fanime...I'm planning to have a birthday celebration. Although...not sure how many are ACTUALLY going to come. If you're interested, you're welcome to show up. Just ask me how to get in contact. But if you can't make it, no worries, enjoy Fanime!
Registration / Early-Reg & Swap Meet?
May 16, 2010, 01:37:19 AM
Hey, if the Early-Reg can pick up on Thursday with the Pre-Reg, can Early-Reg also attend the Swap Meet? Or no?
I'm posting ideas for party ideas. I posted the Big Bang Theory thread idea. But I want to see if anyone would also want to have a get together @ Fanime to watch "Avatar" on Blu-Ray. How bout it? Pizza, drinks y todo! ^_^
Anyone interested in a gathering to watch a marathon/mini-marathon of The Big Bang Theory? It'll probably be sometime during the late night hours of Fanime when there's not much going on.
Things in the Universe / FF13 Out of Curiosity...
March 15, 2010, 01:26:37 AM
Well, Final Fantasy 13 is out, and I like it. I also found out, Ali Hillis is going to be at Sac Anime. It got me to think, what would merchandise be worth, say on eBay, if it was autographed by someone that was part of it?

I got the Xbox 360 copy for $60. How much would it be worth AFTER she signed it?

Another thing, I found the PS3 Final Fantasy XIII bundle with the lowest price I found being, approx $600. About how much do you think it would be worth if Ali was to autograph the console and the game inside? (I HEAR the console is region free and can play both Japanese/American PS3 games. I could be wrong. If you know, tell me.

That's all. I was thinking of at least buying 1-2 additional copies of the game (1 Xbox360, and one PS3), have her sign my original to me, and the other two with just her name so I can sell them on eBay. What do you think they'd go for?
Lol. Apparently this is good enough for UCON, but Fanime has higher standards than to allow this blasphemy.
Mod edit: Rules

This is a potentially inflammatory topic and so I will be monitoring closely and zealously editing flames. I continue to reserve the right to lock this thread should the posts not comport with the mood of the Fanime Forums. Good luck.

your friendly neighborhood mod,

What about the idea of doing a comedy sketch where someone does a simple 30min-1 hour "Baptist Revival" like sermon, but all completely anime-themed? It would have...(albeit psychotic) a positive message about life, and citing examples from all different types of anime. All sermons would pretty much just be stories from different animes or mangas.

For example:
"Reading from the Book of Toriyama, Tezuka, and Akamatsu..."
"Praise be to Mangad." (Pronounced "ManGAHD" like praise be to god, cept manga. Just throwin em out there)
Or less offensive...
"Praise be to Desu." And they reply, "And also boku"

We could even have a "Anime Communion" where instead of communion wafers, we use sticks of Pocky. Instead of the "blood of christ" we use Ramune.

My original thought would be to do it on Sunday...but that MIGHT be asking a lot. I'm serious about this idea, it could be funny as hell. Just totally off the wall, goofy action.
Things in the Universe / Ethical, or Not?
January 31, 2010, 05:16:58 PM
I know there's a..."small" chance...that buying bootleg movies is illegal...(lol) there a time when it is...ethical?
Buying bootlegs or downloading them by themselves is wrong, legally, and ethicly in my opinion. it ok, when you have every intention of buying the DVD whenever it comes out? Or when they say "only in theaters?" Personally me, I only download movies when I know that I'm already going to buy the DVD, or am going to see it again in theaters.

For instance, I had seen James Cameron's Avatar twice in theaters, before downloading a bootleg copy onto my computer. Of course, about a week later, I went to see it again in IMAX. And I'll probably see it again in theaters, and will DEFINATELY buy it on DVD/Blu Ray.

I think in that's OK to download a FREE bootleg of the DVD. But not quite right to BUY a bootleg of it, because I'm still seeing it in theaters, and going to buy it. What's your opinion?
Video Programming / DBZ Abridged
January 30, 2010, 07:32:13 PM
Hey, since we had and apparently are GOING TO have another Angry Video Game Nerd Marathon...why not have something, like a Dragon Ball Z Abridged marathon, with all the specials and everything?
Team Four Star has come back swinging, and Season Two of Dragonball Z Abridged IS FINALLY HERE!

How long have we waited for this? They teased us with their "Special" Episode "Nappatisement,"  but at least they whet our appetites with "Bardock: Father of Goku Abridged." But eventually, that wore off and we were still waiting. Then out of nowhere...Season 2 began! Since I'm such a huge fan, I'll post links to the new videos here when they come out. I'm not sure about which section this would belong in, "Happy Things," or "General Anime Chat."

Also...if I'm not allowed to post the links to the episodes here, I do apologise.
Serious Business / 10 Commandments Have Staying Power
January 19, 2010, 03:06:32 PM
Hmm...good or bad?|search3|dl1|link5|

I think the 10 Commandments staying up on the basis of historical right. Its an example of one of the first set of laws in the world. And having them on a Courthouse wall...makes sense. What's your take?
Serious Business / Mom Cusses out Principal
January 17, 2010, 01:34:28 PM
I came across this AOL article, and honestly, I side with the mother on this one.|search3|dl3|link5|

After all, does it matter what UNDERWEAR you're wearing if you get "pantsed?" But another question, why did the mother not file charges against the boy for "assault" or hell, "sexual assault" if you want to take it that far? And the boy's a minor, so his PARENTS would have to be sued, yes?
Forum Games / Name The Catchphrase
December 19, 2009, 11:31:16 AM
We've heard many catchphrases, but do we remember where they're from or who said them? Try to guess, then leave a phrase of your own!


Post #1
"Yo homes, to Bel-Air!"

Post #2
Answer: Will Smith-"Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

"Gotta catch em all!"


"It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum...and I'm all out of gum."

Thankfully anime is becoming more in the norm now. But of course, the popularity isn't escaping the American movie industry. And although there are faltering attempts like the live action Evangelion movies, and the horrible Dragonball Evolution movie, are there some we can look forward to? Or are we scared to death that they're going to ruin our favorite animes like they thought Michael Bay did to Transformers?

Avatar: The Last Airbender
OK, technically not an anime from Japan. But I've seen A:TLA cosplayers at Fanime. When I saw the trailer for...oh wait, it doesn't even have "Avatar" in the title, does it? ::Flips off James Cameron:: I was...well, speechless. I was almost excited...until I saw the name of the lamest hack of all time...M.Night Shamalan. Dear god...the entire series they tried killing the Avatar, and Shamalan is actually gonna do it. The only movie the he did that was anywhere NEAR good...was Stuart Little. Isn't that a little sad?

Cowboy Bebop
Honestly, I'm not SCARED, but more so, nervous as to see what will happen. I haven't seen much of Cowboy Bebop outside of the animated movie, so I don't have much emotion invested in it. But the fact that Keanu Reeves was confirmed to be playing Spike Spiegel has me a little on edge, and interested as well. I swear, if they make Spike go "Whoah..." I'm gonna killem, XD j/k. I swear, ever since Bill and Ted, isn't that the one line he's known for? lol
Serious Business / Fanime or Sac-Anime?
December 06, 2009, 02:18:50 PM
This should be one for innocent debate. Which do you prefer, FanimeCON, Sac-Anime, or do you like them equally?

Having attended both conventions, I enjoy BOTH to the extreme. But I started to wonder to myself...what's good and bad about either con? They both have positives and negatives, and I just want to talk about what my PERSONAL Pros and Cons for the cons are.

FIRST...My Experiences.

Sac Anime (Sacramento, CA)
I had found out about this by chance. I was suffering from delayed "post Fanime blues" and was looking for a possible convention that could fill the void between FanimeCONs, so I wouldn't have to wait an entire year for the next FanimeCON. That's like when we were kids and the entire year revolved around Christmas, it never comes quickly enough! SO I found out about this little convention, and figured I could drive up there easily enough. Me and a friend got together and it turned out to be one of the BEST convention experiences in my life! I got to meet the two main voice actors from Resident Evil 5 (Roger Craig Smith and Karen Dyer) and got a picture with them. I even got to meet Alyson Court, and got her to sign my DVD copy of Sesame Street's "Follow That Bird." (She played the little girl Ruthie) It was epic! Now I have only attended this convention once, so all my Pros and Cons here will be based off that time.

FanimeCON (San Jose, CA)
The first time I had found out about FanimeCON was when my dad showed me this advertisement in the San Jose Mercury Newspaper for "Fanime 2K," when it used to be hosted at the Westin Hotel in Santa Clara, next to Great America. He knew I liked Anime and dropped me off one evening to check it out. I was hooked. In those few short hours, I had decided that I loved Fanime to death and would be coming back every year. And since then, I have showed up every year, except for 2005. A dark year indeed. I've had great experiences and made a lifelong friend whom I'll call Rei. Every year, as a tradition, we've always met up and booked a room at the Marriott, to be right in the middle of the action. Of course, we've made more lifelong friends throughout the years, and have always had a great time. the serious business...PROS AND CONS

* Every hotel room is air-conditioned. (The rooms at the Marriott don't get cold at all, lol.)
* Much more intimate atmosphere.
* No elevators. (Everything on one floor)
* Not as much walking distance to cover to experience the whole convention.
* Panels and Autographs are well organized.
* One narrow hallway for everyone to squeeze and walk through.
* Gets VERY HOT outside in the Summer.
* No space to take pictures indoors.
* No Anime Music Video Contests.
* Registration is rather chaotic.
* (PERSONAL) 3 hour drive to get there.

* Lots of things to do whenever you desire 24/7.
* Dealer's room is EPICLY large and plenty of room to move around in.
* Plenty of space and room to walk around in.
* Plenty of space to take pictures in.
* Has deep and rich history.
* Registration is totally organized.
* (PERSONAL) Is located in the same city I live in.
* Marriott's rooms has lame air-conditioning. (Dunno about Hilton, never stayed there)
* Elevators are a TOTAL MESS before the wee hours of the morning. (When everyone's asleep)
* Protestors...who aren't protesting anything, they just want attention.

Well, those are the Pros and Cons of both conventions that I can think of at the moment. If you have your own Good or Bad opinions about either convention that I haven't put up yet, post it. Also, if you want to talk about your FIRST experiences at either Convention, post that too! And...if you think that one convention is better than the, but also give your explanation why you feel that way.