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Live Programming and Events / Re: Price Ranges for artist's alley?
« on: February 03, 2012, 11:06:18 AM »

A friend of mine uses Costco to print her posters and she really likes it. As long as you're not printing on really cheap card stock or printer paper, people will buy prints.

I second Costco! I really really love how they print. And it's cheap!

Live Programming and Events / Re: Price Ranges for artist's alley?
« on: February 02, 2012, 12:46:33 AM »
Do you get your things printed online or printed at a local store?
I want to know a place where to print things for cheap but its hard to find one.
Man you have a lot of prints O__O
I need to hurry up and make some!

Also do you know a good place to print buttons? I can only find 100 buttons for 100 dollars and that is too expensive for me D:

Honestly the best way to go if you plan on selling buttons as a main part of your wares is to invest in a button maker. The parts for buttons are so cheap! (I get like 1000 for $60). Obviously that is not much of an option right now, but it is something to think about!

In the mean time i would suggest zap creatives
They are located in the uk but they give a discount to customers who are not from the UK. They are great and I would recommend them :)

Live Programming and Events / Re: Price Ranges for artist's alley?
« on: February 01, 2012, 06:01:43 AM »
Im from Canada eh, and for prints we usually charge $10 - $15 per print, but im not sure what the price is here in the states. 

That's about what we charge here! For 8.5 x 11 prints good cardstock people usually sell them for about $5 - $10 USD. For 11x17 usually $15-$20. You can adjust your prices from there. I always suggest that for your first AA you undersell yourself just a TINY bit (not by a lot!) just to gauge how your products sell. Obviously you still want to sell them to make a profit, but honestly the best way to price your things is by trial and error and by experience. Good luck! :)


Lol, I was going to say maybe it's an East Coast thing, all of the cons I have been to are in the Mid to North East (along with Nan Desu Kan in CO) and I've always seen a majority of double-sided displays. I just did Neko Con a couple of months ago, my most recent one, and there were about 30 artists with PVC display and about 20-25 of them had double-sided displays. Of course this is an estimate, not exact numbers, but I certainly did notice a majority of double-sided displays. Some artists in the same block as me even told me it was a clever idea and that they would be doing it at their next con!

It's not Mid west cons or North East cons either. I live in Chicago and my main cons are here in Chicago, so.... nope. I've been to these cons you both are talking about and the numbers just aren't adding up... I really don't feel like arguing numbers anymore, because I'll say it's not a majority and you'll say it is. I know from my experience and my own eyes that it's not a majority. And go to a good Comic con someday and see if any of the artists there do that kind of thing -- they don't. They don't think it's clever, they don't think it's good business, they think it is unprofessional.

So let us agree to disagree and wait for input from the staff.

I have been to conventions all over CA and Sakura-Con 1 time.  Unfortunately working full time limits me from traveling further.

I can say I have been to the following and all of them had a majority of artists that did double-sided displays with no complaints from other artists (to my knowledge):

Anime LA, SacAnime, SacCon, AOD, JTAF, Ani-Jam, Pacific Media Expo, Anime Expo, Sakura-Con

I'm just going to go ahead and say that it must be a west coast thing, because on the eastern seaboard you don't see any of that.

...Obviously I'm joking, I'm not going to judge a region as a whole :P But really, having been to cons in all regions of the US and some Canadian ones, this is not generally a well accepted thing. You have say 200-300 tables in the AA and maybe 10 or 20 people have double sided displays. It's not a majority. I mean, whether or not Fanime allows double sided displays or not, my final word on the issue is that if you sit behind me and you do it I will ask for you to take it down. I will also ask an administrator if that fails.

To the director and staff -- would you be willing to ask artists to take back displays down at the request of the artist sitting behind them if they do not like it?

I have to say that I am *not* a "newbie". I've been selling at 5-12 cons a year for six years. And this is very much not a new issue. I had this same discussion on the Anime Weekend Atlanta forums two years ago.

Also, I use a PCV pipe display, as do most of my artist friends I generally like to sit by and sell with, and they do not do this.

Generalizations like "newbs only complain about this" and "90% of people with PVC pipe displays do this" are not going to help your cause , because it is just untrue. Perhaps you should travel to more cons and see for yourself that not very many seasoned con artists do this.

I'm also not going to just put up a display that covers the one behind me if they do double-sided. This causes problems. If the artist behind me wants to display pictures on that side they are going to do it, and if I cover it up it's starting drama. However, if I ask them to take it down, or ask the director to ask them for me because it very much bothers me,  I would rather do that. Can you see how constantly covering up each other's display can start a dispute, or worse, a fight?


Overall, I have never heard any artists complain about double-sided displays until I saw this thread. I know tons of artists who do it and I have never had anyone say anything bad about it. In fact, all the artists I know agree that it is great for business. I don't find it rude in any way, shape, or form.

Great for your business. Great for business for those who do it and encroach on others' territory. Bad business for those who get their art confused with yours. Don't you think that you have never had a problem with it... because you do it? You don't find it rude, but you can tell by the responses in this thread that while you are doing at a con, others' will most definitely find it rude and generally not like you for it. I know I don't find very much respect when I see people doing it at cons. I just can't see how this is oh so shocking, that advertising behind someone else's table is rude.

I wish cons would just ban it already. There are already some that do.

Edit: I should add that when someone has displays facing backwords behind me, I tell the director about it. Usually they will ask the person to take it down. If this happens to you at *any* con and it is not outright banned, don't hesitate to ask an administrator. It's not right for them to get free advertising from the booth you paid good money for. I am usually way too shy to ask the artist outright to remove it, so  I got straight for those in charge who are generally understanding.


To be honest though... I get the feeling that those complaining also have their displays on both sides, but their skill level may not be that high and they are probably just jealous and want to hurt the sales of the others who are at a higher skill level than they are.

Are... are you kidding? The age old "They don't like it because they are jealous" comment? I agree with Laggy, that is pretty rude in and of itself. I can assure you it is not about skill, but I can also say that the person who was hanging posters double-sided was also not higher in skill level. In fact this artist has been banned in a lot of alleys for bad practice (if 14 tables at Otakon rings a bell, you know who I am talking about).

And you are giving a lot of con goers credit here for being able to see differences in style... I sat next to a buddy of mine at Youmacon last year who was selling buttons and I was selling things vastly different from what she was. All weekend people were trying to hand me money for her things and vice versa. And at the end of the weekend when I had a clearance on prints, people were trying to buy HER prints at my price, which is frustrating to say the least. Some people just don't know the difference. Is it there fault? Maybe not, a lot of artists share space and that can confuse them. But when you are spending much of the convention telling people that the print they want is actually not yours and that you should go see the person on the other side for whatever it is they want, it gets more than just a little tiresome after a while.

By the way, I don't hang my posters double sided, since you assumed I do?

My personal stand point on it is that I think it is downright rude rude rude. What else would you put picture on the back of your display for than to direct customers to you from the other side? What does that do to your neighbors behind you? I've had it happen to me before, and when I asked the AA directore to ask her to take them down and he did ask her, she got in a huff and was sour to me ALL weekend. So yeah, if you do decline, they may get very upset with you for hte rest of the con. And I'm one of those people that has a hard time saying no when confronted by people in that manner...

Live Programming and Events / Re: Artist Alley Signup Question
« on: January 28, 2012, 01:14:47 PM »

Perhaps the verbage change would be a good idea though from Step 1 through Step 3. Making sure it's evident that you're place isn't on hold, and you need to continue would be good for returning AA'ers and newbies.

I agree with this. I did complete mine in time to not get waitlisted, but honestly it could have been very close and I could have just as easily gotten waitlisted. I finished registration completely at 2:05, I *think*, but being new to Fanime this year and not being totally sure how the reg was done, I was not aware the I needed to complete helper info before being officially done.  I got extremely lucky but I can for sure understand others' frustration at the wording...

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