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Hello everyone and welcome to the 2012 Kuro gathering! ZeeVee, Chaosbark and I will be running different aspects of it. Right now the plan for timing is Sunday at 4:30 pm, which will give us time to settle in and take pictures before high tea at 4:45!

Day: Sunday May 27
4-5pm FCC HS
5-6pm CH2 WRH

Please Note: Fanime will be taking group pictures during the gathering. If you do not want to be included in these photos please step aside while they are being taken. By remaining with the group when pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Trancy Household
Alois Trancy: RikuCosplayer, DarkLotusRen,Death_Note_Matt,
Claude: DarkLotusRen's gf,  Nezumi84

Phantomhive Household
Pluto: ZeeVee-McGee, CheshirePhantom's friend
Sebastian: acostory, ruby19_4, otakuforlife, SuikaTasai's friend, animejunkie, CheshirePhantom's friend,Keiko7384
Ciel: TaiyoNoMonogatari,TwistedFayt, Pika-Ninja, heidipak's sister, DaizyLazy, SuikaTasai, Nyuunie's beau
's friend, CheshirePhantom's friend, Nyuunie, RitsukaUzumaki, ninagarnet, Nezumi84's beau, ninagarnet

Mae-Rin:amaya_JDB, PsychoticOtaku,SUISEISEKI~DESU!

Durless Household
Grell: Angelx624, Marisuga, Firemage1000,Ghetto Kitsune,SuikaTasai,CheshirePhantom,
AnonymousAnimeFan, ranma12

Madam red: whitexotaku

Middleford Household
Elizabeth: manik_semiramis,electrocute, sushie,heidipak's friend

Beast: Wolftale

Queen's Court
John Brown: chaosbark

Undertaker: SweetNiar, Duo Monkey,
Ash: koolcalcat1
Angela: SerenaDoll
Drocell: heidipak
Alan: yukiko_no_niwa
William: CosplayerJJ,CommandantCat
Lau: vietboy,Vasyenka's beau, woofles
Ranmao: Vasyenka, woofles
Queen: LadySnowBird