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Good news! The gathering is officially happening and it will be on Saturday 11AM, see you there!
Bump for support!
Good evening everybody! We are approaching March and that means most of us here will be con crunching and getting lineups ready! We are happy to announce that our chessmaster sign ups are open for those who are interested in controlling the board and moving the pieces! Even chessmasters are included in our participant raffle to win our awesome prizes! Our prizes includes, one set of DnD dice, one of two autographed Legend of Zelda posters, and one set of Kingdom Hearts pins. But, more prices will be announced at later dates! Thank you!
This gathering is confirmed for Sunday 11AM located at G7 (The Slab)!
There seems to be a typo in the email that I have received, however I will post an update once they give me a clarification
Good afternoon everybody! So, the gathering got approved, but it's outside of the timestamp that I had asked for. I may or may not change the date due to other plans at the con, but anyways.

The date for the gathering is Saturday, May 23 located at G7 (The Slab)
As much as I love to accommodate to your needs, I just believe that I can't make any promises right now. I'm in the midst of planning another gathering and 2 panels and those just take a lot of planning. The days that I have already listed are the best that I can.
Good evening everybody! I have an announcement for today! We are almost halfway through the board, but we will need more people to sign up! The link will be posted below! And another announcement which will be made separately on a different post is that we have some of the prizes for the raffle! Stay tuned!
List of Chess Members:

1. Zack Fair (Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core)
2. Oogie Boogie (Nightmare Before Christmas)
3. Antonio Calamero (Splatoon)
4. King Triton (The Little Mermaid)
5. Will the Wise (Stranger Things)
6. Naofumi Iwatani (Rising of the Shield Hero)
7. Nero Claudius (Fate Grand Order)
8. Fem!Dio Brando (Jojo's Bizarre Adventures)
9. Vacation Vergil (Devil May Cry)
10. Vacation Dante (Devil May Cry)
11. Deemun Norman (Tales of Zestiria)
12. Reno Sinclair (Final Fantasy 7)
13. Ursula (The Little Mermaid)
14. Suzaku Kurogiri (Code Geass)
15. Delivery Moogle (Final Fantasy 14)
Hello everyone!

Fanime Cosplay Chess 2020's theme for the performance is magic, however, even though it's highly encouraged to cosplay from any fandom with a magic theme, we are not restricting it!

The performance will be announced at a later date and chess pieces should arrive an hour early for last-minute rehearsals before the show.

Cosplay chess is an immersive, full-scale chess game in which the pieces have come to life and are fighting for their team! It is an exciting new way to enjoy a classic, time-honored game. As we are a performance, sign-ups are required before the convention starts. No need to know anything about chess to participate, just be sure to keep an open mind and be ready to have fun!

There will be raffle tickets for prizes for both chess pieces and chess masters, which we will announce what they will be!

Chess Pieces
Chess pieces are the bread of our show! They compromise a majority of our members and play as rook, knight, or pawn on the board. Some of them may have speaking parts, however, we will ask first if you are comfortable with it. Characters are paired in the most hilarious of ways for battle!

No auditions are required! Characters are granted on a first come first serve basis, and once we are full we accept reserve characters to fill last-minute dropouts. We accept all fandoms and cosplays, however, we ask that they be a published character (NPC characters are ok). All pieces must write a short, 2-4 sentence description of their character to be used when we introduce each piece. Please have in your description the following: The first sentence should be a vague introduction of your character, followed by a second sentence containing your characters name, and what fandom they're from. (see examples below)

"The hero of the video game of death, he's the beater who wears all black! It's Kirito from Sword Art Online!"

Heels are ok so long as they are thick, but stilettos are not allowed as they have the potential to ruin our board.

To sign up as a chess piece, please click:

Chessmasters are the butter of our show! They lead their teams into battle with wit, charm, and stage presence. They have prominent speaking roles and are required to attend at least 2 online rehearsals. We use Discord for all online rehearsals and communication. (Chessmaster signups will be announced at a later date)

There is a mandatory rehearsal on the Friday of Fanime at 7 PM, so please build it into your schedule. This is your time to meet everyone face to face, as well as the chess pieces you will fight so you can create a short, simple fight choreography. If for any reason you cannot attend the meeting, please email us so that we can discuss it. (Previous years, we've had rehearsals at 9 PM, heard everyone's input and decided to change it to 7 PM, to make it easier for everyone)

Contact Us!
Email: [email protected]
FB Group:
Due to planning other things than this gathering, the gathering might be Friday 4PM (like last year), Saturday morning or Sunday evening. Will still keep updates
Oh my, right? I'm probably going to start saying Deadweight instead of Nero from now on. XD
Final Fantasy Cosplay Gathering!

It's that time of year! Last year, we had to move to the swap meet building due to the weather, let's cross our fingers and hope for better weather next year!

Day: Sunday
Time: 11AM
Location: G7 (The Slab)

Photo Order: TBA

Link to FB Gathering:
Devil May Cry Cosplay Gathering!

It is that time of year again! Even though last year had a shaky start, next year will be a new year!

Day: Saturday
Time: 11AM
Location: G7 (The Slab)

Photo Order: TBA

Link to FB Gathering:
We have a full board! Thank you guys for participating! See you at the show!
Updated as of 5/14: ONE MORE SPOT LEFT! :O
Due to unfortunate circumstances, we were left with three spots to go, but one of our pieces dropped and left with four spots to fill
Hello everyone! As some of you know, there's the yearly cosplay chess panel which is on Sunday at 1PM located in SJCC Room 230! There are 32 pieces needed in order to become a full board, however, I am three short! So if anyone is it interested in signing up, click in the link to fill out an application!
Four more spots to go! Keep it up!
Hello folks! This week we've received some prizes that were donated to us and will be added to the raffle. These prizes include four posters which are Noctis and Prompto from FFXV and three donated (artist/fandom unknown)
(Unfortunately, we don't have artist information) and set of pins from the anime Mob Psycho 100. If you recognize any of these prints, let us know and we would like to give credit where credit is due. As always, we are still accepting sign-ups!