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Hehe, was wondering if anyone was doing tenipuri cosplay and would be interested in having a gathering for this? =3 I made a post on cosplay.com too. ^^;

Cosplay.com PoT Gathering thread

I was thinking maybe Sat. evening for this gathering? around 6:30, so maybe people can hang out for dinner and stuff too? ^^ So anyone interested? =D

Here's the cosplay list I have on cosplay.com.

Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Location: TBA

Seishun Gakuen
Tezuka - ThePinkPanther


St. Rudolph Gakuen
Akazawa (?) - Milai Sapphire


Hyotei Gakuen
Atobe - Karisu-sama (?)


Jyosei Shonan

Rokkaku Chuu

Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku
Yukimura - yoshikochan
Sanada - Shadow Wolfwind's friend
Kirihara - lucathia (yoshikochan's friend) (?)
Yagyuu - lucathia's friend (?)
Niou - Shadow Wolfwind

Higa Chuu


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