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Awesome! I'll add them to the list.

If you could that'd be great.  :)

I'll be there either as Sniper Wolf or Mei Long depending on how things go.

We are official!

Day: Friday, May 26, 2017
Time: 5 pm
Location: G10 (offsite - Cesar Chavez Park, by the snake statue)

Hope to see you all there.

They posted an official gatherings list on their facebook on 4/21, and I noticed that we are not on that list.  So I messaged them via fb to get an update on our status.  The deadline is tomorrow at midnight, so I want to know asap if my request didn't go through or whatever.

Just saw the updated 4/21 gathering list on facebook. I submitted for a Metal Gear gathering on 4/15, but I noticed it wasn't on the list. Just wanted to get a follow up on this since the deadline is approaching. Thanks in advance.

So haven't heard anything back yet. I'll give it a couple more days before I email the organizers and ask about our status.

I'm fine with wherever! Where offsite was it last year?

I wouldn't be a good volunteer for the facebook part since I very rarely use it, so unfortunately I can't help out in that way though :/

Last year it was at the snake statue in Cesar Chavez park. (Snake puns everywhere...)

You can see the photos here:

I submitted the request for Friday at 5pm. Backup options are Friday 6pm, Friday 4pm. Then Sunday and Saturday only if absolutely necessary.

For location, I requested the same spot as last year, the offsite location. Unless anyone has a better suggestion?

I don't have a facebook set up yet. Should I make one? Or can I get a volunteer?

I could put in for 5pm or 6pm, but 6pm is the latest time slot available.

Is Friday 4pm a good time?  I'm open to whenever on Friday.

Sure, thanks, that'd be helpful. Right now I'm looking for a Friday time slot, hopefully.

I think I'll put in for Friday afternoon or Monday morning, in that case. Last year it was on a Friday afternoon.

I may set up a facebook page once the time/location gets approved.

I made the topic:,21058.0.html

I have you listed as a co-host. I can submit the request in a couple days. Just want to see if I get any replies first.

Update 2: Our event page on facebook:

Update: We are official, please see time/day/location below. Please join us if you're planning to cosplay Metal Gear.

So...trying to gauge interest in another Metal Gear gathering for Fanime 2017. We had a good turnout last year, despite the host being MIA (I suppose I'll never live that one down). This year, we have zacknini volunteering to co-host, so that if I'm late, someone else will be there to take over.

If people are interested, I'm looking into either Friday, Saturday, or Monday.  Please comment to let me know.

Metal Gear Gathering 2017

Day: Friday, May 26, 2017
Time: 5 pm
Location: G10 (offsite - Cesar Chavez Park, by the snake statue)


zacknini - Kazuhira Miller (co-host)
Marodynamic - Dr. Strangelove
Eri Kagami - Big Boss
connor - Naked Snake 
kayla - Para-Medic
omega_drug - Sniper Wolf (or Mei Ling, co-host)

Photoshoot order:

-Group photo - all
-Group shot of characters from each game (starting from earliest release)
-All Snakes together
-All units together (Foxhound, Cobra, BB etc.)
-Support team characters
-Fights/Stealth/Action shots
-Joke shots (obligatory scenarios involving the legendary cardboard box, maybe, if I remember to supply one)
-Any other requests or suggestions

Legal Statement-Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

I was the organizer of the MGS gathering last year. If anyone is interested in having one for this year, I'll put in the request.  If it happens though, I'd like to have a co-host to avoid the mistake last year where I got lost and almost missed my own gathering. 


Anywho, just wondering if anyone got any pics of the Owari no Seraph/Seraph of the End Gathering?

There's an album here:

Photos by Mobius Photography

Things went fairly well at the gatherings I attended this year.  So overall, the experience was positive.  Just some minor comments:

1) A convention staff member misdirected me to the wrong area when I asked for the gathering info table (possible she just misheard me).  She told me to go upstairs in the convention center (I found out later that's where the gatherings schedule was posted), which meant I needed my badge.  I went to the badge line, found it to be out the door and snaking around the block.  I went back, and fortunately wandered by the info table by accident.  It cost me a bit of time and I was late to a gathering that I was hosting. 

2) At a small gathering at the G2 location, a couple attendees who were sitting by the stairs became incredibly upset when the staff photographer very politely asked them to move a little to the side so that they weren't in the shot.  They complained that the area was meant for people to sit down, not to take pictures.  The host explained that a gathering was taking place, and the photographer apologized to them, saying that it would only be for a few more minutes as it was a small group.  Still, they seemed angry and stormed off.  So I'm wondering if it would help to have signs posted at the gathering locations so that people know?

Besides those minor complications, things went well this year.  Good job to those involved.

Hi, all.  Just wanted to thank everyone for showing up. Also, have to apologize as the host for being late to my own gathering (got caught in Memorial Weekend traffic, then got misdirected to the wrong area while looking for where to check in). But I'm glad people took initiative and took care of things. By the look of it, we had a really good turn out.

I'll update this thread once the Fanime official photos become available.  And of course, if anyone took their own photos and wanted to share, please post them here.

No problem, guys. I hope to see you all there.  ;)

Updated info post to add link to a map of the area with the snake statue marked with a red star. Unfortunately, the statue itself is fenced off as of now. So the plan is to meet there and move into the main park. Hopefully any stragglers will still be able to find us.

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