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Hi lovely people! I'm planning on cosplaying Utena at Fanime this year and am looking for an Anthy or any Utena cosplayers to cosplay with! A couple or group cosplay would be a dream! ❤️
Hi friends! I have a zentai bodysuit and I need to add shoes but my problem is this: I want to have wedge heels. Now I've seen tutorials with people that glue flat shoe soles to their suits or make a hole in them and put normal high heels in them but I can't find tutorials on how people put wedges on the zentai suit. I've seen people who HAVE wedges on the bottom. My question is, is it practical to glue like platform/wedge flip flop sandal soles to the suit? Will they stay glued? Will they be dangerous? Any tips please help me *cry face*
I'll be cosplaying Nepgear this year at Fanime and would love to meet other Hyperdimension cosplayers and make some friends! I know not many people are into that game but I hope I can meet at least one person to become friends with haha.