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Things in the Universe / Fanime Hangover
May 31, 2010, 10:54:45 PM
That's right.We all get tired from the 4 days of concert,masquerade,meeting old friends and chatting all day,singing in karaoke and dancing,watching anime and music, events like "Look for Momoi",and celebrating the one thing that brings different people from different race and culture together

So how do you guys recover from all of that once it's all over?My neck is still sore from the FLOW concert and my legs are sore from walking and dancing.Thus I am sleeping more and drinking water and powerade while meditating to control all that energy I had in fanime.
Registration / Adress change in personal info.
October 31, 2009, 06:06:19 PM
Long story short, i'll be moving to a new house soon.By the time Fanime hits, my adress would be completely diferent.I want to register right now but it wants my adress and when fanime comes, my adress would be different. My Driver license says it has my current adress so is it ok to use that when fanime comes even thought I'll be living in a different place?And is there a way to change my adress when fanime hits close.
And since it's the secong Manga I have ever read in my life(The first being Kurogane Communication)...I must say it was very good and entertaining. I finished Vol.6 and I think I might buy other Manga's now.

Am I th eonly one who likes this series or am I a loner like always.>_>
Live Programming and Events / Night time stuff...
May 04, 2009, 11:44:59 AM
ALright.So this year is my first and may be able to go to Fanime in the morning and at nights.
WHat happends in the mornings?I may stay their until 12 and then go back to my town and do some play for my college. Will I be able to see the opening ceremony?

Then I might go again at night.(yes,I'm planing on staying awake for a LONG time :( )
Around the 11pm to as much as my body can take. Then sleep for like 2 hours.

Saturday stay their for like 12 and then go back to my town and attend another play again.
Come back to fanime at 11pm and stay in fanime all night(I may stay up all day =| )

And it will be sunday morning and go home at around 2pm since many people say thats the time every one leaves and goes back to their normal lives.

WIll I miss allot or will I experience a good amount? That's my plan and yes, I will have a badge so I can party all night in the dance places the main page says they will have at nights. Thanks.
OK. First I read the google map for directions on how to get to the convention.

At first I felt lost.Yesterday was my second try and I think I found it.

I drove for 2 hours looking for the streets(I saw the clock so yeah, I was somewhat lost)>_>.

Anyway,I saw a building that said convention so I think I found it.It had a giant Duck on top and had a big field next to it.

So is that the place the Fanimecon is held or am close?I know the street Almaden blv so I think I'm close. I heard its close to SJSU and I did see a big field with Baseball players practicing and big signs saying San Jose Giants. So was the place with the giant duck it or am I way of? Thank You
Registration / I think i'm ready but...
April 22, 2009, 12:23:39 PM
I looked up my payment status and it showed a badge number. I remember I heard I need to print it out once I get it. I never received a e_mail saying it was ready. I just saw it today. I want to know if I need to print that page out and give it to the dudes that give the badges out. It showes my adress and so on so I think its the right one. Do I take that one or still wait? It's my first year going to a Con so sue me. :-\

And where do I go to turn the paper and ID in?Is their a sign that says "Badges available here"?

And I heard that you can get it early. Can I get mine soon or wait until may 15 to get it.Thank You.:)
Registration / Badge/sword question.
January 26, 2009, 08:04:56 PM
I've paid for registration and it says I can get in with a special badge. Its my first convention I will ever attend so I'm nervouse as heck. Its Jan. and I'm still scared about it and still new to the rules and registration.

Now that I paid,How do I get the badge? Do I go to a special booth and pick it up when they day comes? Do I give them my name with a I.D? And do I need to have a special number with me that was given to me when I paid.

And about my sword. Its made of real metal but not sharp. I have the protective thing for it (I think its called a shelth or shelt?)
It has a sharp point but I don't mind putting it in the shelth/shelt for the 3 days.

Thank you.