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Hotel and Facilities / Room Available - Fairmont
May 09, 2017, 03:42:09 AM
Intro: Hey, I'm a 24 year old guy who's found himself with extra space in his room. Since I'd like to lower the costs for the weekend, I'm willing to take on some roommates. I'm pretty outgoing and friendly; I love meeting new people. Bonus points if we like the same anime shows!

Hotel Info/Cost: Fairmont, there's 2 double beds. I've got Friday through Sunday night (thats 3 nights). The overall price for the weekend is about $475; I will divide the price based off of the number of people who end up staying in the room. Hopefully I'm not dividing by one. Also, I will require payment over Paypal about a week out - this is because I'm not going to stand for last minute cancellations or people refusing to pay on Fanime weekend. If you are interested in rooming but are concerned about this, please message me. I'm just another big anime fan, and while money is not necessarily a huge deal - I do hate being cheated or otherwise left out to dry.

Requirements: Hey, this is going to be a little specific. While I'm up for meeting new people, I do want to ensure that everybody gets along and that there won't be any personal problems. So, requirements - please have PROPER HYGIENE, be RESPECTFUL, and be RESPONSIBLE. If you're interested in rooming with me, please message me via email if possible (will include at bottom). Additionally, I'd like to see your Facebook profile - this is for personal identification purposes. If you wish to view me in return, I will provide you with mine. Again, I'm more than happy to speak with you, or Skype if that will help with any concerns you have.

Contact: my email is "". If you need further details, contact me there first.

Misc:  Please, no arguments/BS. I'm pretty easy - I want to have fun, not a headache. If anybody is making trouble for other roommates, that won't be tolerated. As room leader, I will ensure that anybody making trouble WILL be kicked out, without a refund. You've been warned. Let's make it a fun weekend! Also, I'd be happy to set up some room events like a dinner or something as an icebreaker if you'd like that - I'll be driving there, and can accommodate a little bit.

Room has been filled.
Need a Room!

Hey all. I'm Spencer...if I attend, this will be my first Fanime ever. I recently got into anime large part because we don't really have them back home on the East Coast. Anyway - I'm 22 years old, male (if the name didn't give it away), and pretty cool. I love reading manga and watching anime; I'm hoping to make my own cosplay outfit as either Roy from Fire Emblem (one of my favorite game series) or Future Trunks (my favorite anime character). I'm pretty cool and outgoing; I'm looking to go out and party at night, but at the same time I'm not looking for drama or headaches either. I guess this goes without saying, but  I'll say it anyway: polite, respectful, good personal hygiene. I don't mind sleeping on the floor at all, especially if it lowers the cost.

Hotel Info: I'd like to stay at either the Fairmont, Hilton, or Mariott (in that order). Price is not necessarily of object, but I hope people won't try to price gouge me just because I said that :/ I'll be looking for room Friday through Saturday nights.

Contact: Please text or call (but text is preferred) at 347.288.3612 ASAP!