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I really liked the SJ area until I ended up in a bathroom emergency. I had to go so bad all of a sudden and every blocked had "out of service" or "employees only" bathrooms. So I literally ran for about a mile, and within that mile I was called a whore, felt like I was almost raped (but no one touched me, just looked at me with hungry, creepy eyes) and found a starbucks two miles from the actual con. I went in and a dude commented on me and I was super angry. I had a panic attack because I was very overwhelmed.
And no one, except my friend, asked if I was okay.

It was my complete mistake for going so far from the con, alone in a revealing cosplay. COMPLETELY my fault. But that was just absolutely horrifying for me. I am from a town where if you walk in the streets in cosplay, people just laugh and carry on. It's relatively safe where I live, and ive been there my entire life. So being at an unsafe city was a huuuge eye-opener for me, as I am naive.

I guess reality is so different in different places.
Did anyone get photos from this gathering? I cant find them anywhere.