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Hotel and Facilities / Re: 2017 Roommate Thread
May 20, 2017, 02:19:00 PM
I have an open room for you!!!!! :) :) :) :)

+ Introduction Hello my name is Demetrius (Or call me Dtron 3000) and I have been to Fanime since 2008 so this will be my 9th year straight. I'm pretty chill and consider myself a super friendly guy

+ Details/Breakdown The room is at the Fairmont hotel, so just a 5 min walk away from the con. The room is booked from Thursday-Monday. There's a total of two people in the room as of now (A friend and I)

Costs The cost per person for room space will be around 85$. This price is NOT negotiable and here are a few reasons why; The price is a GREAT one because of the location and the quality of the hotel, and what I'm paying out of pocket for the hotel. I won't even be breaking even from what I've paid for the hotel. The price is for the whole stay.

+Contact It would be best to contact me as soon as you can. Here is my email: this is where you should send me a copy of names who will be in the room over the weekend (If multiple people).

+ Note I want this to run smoothly as possible. I want to make this event as fun as you want it to be with little to no worries of where you're going to sleep. Think of this as me giving back to fanime for tons of great memories and we as fans from those great memories together! further questions please email me as I check my emails often

Room with bed available at Fairmont hotel.

Hello there you can just call me DTron. Because of last minute flakes, I'm looking to see if I can get up to 3-4 people in this room. There are two beds; one for me and my girl, and another for who wants the bed. You can put up to two or three people on there or someone can sleep on the floor. Looking for some cool chill applicants to share a room with during Fanime. We have the room until Friday-Sunday (Noon). We've been to Fanime since 2008 and always booked at the luxurious Fairmont hotel which is only 1 min away from the convention site. Again, since this is so last minute I will put the price bracket down so you'll know EXACTLY how much your paying.

Room Price with 3 (Me and my girl + 1)= $108.00 (For the Weekend)
Room Price with 4 (Me and my girl + 2) = $ 81.00 (For the Weekend)
Room Price with 5 *Ideal situation for me* (Me and my girl +3) = $65.00 (For the Weekend)
Anything more than 5 people I'll have to consider, but will be open to conversation about it. Male/Female must be +18 or older. We don't care about the shade of your skin nor sexual orientation. We're pretty open and a chill back couple.
If you're interested PLEASEEEE call or text me ASAP (510)-695-6143.
I have an open room for you and your friends!!!!! :) :) :) :)

You heard right I have an extra room for you and your buds. I resevered one extra room on accident and instead of cancelling this room, I would like to give it to a well needed group. I was inform very late of this and so is this offer.

+ Introduction Hello my name is Demetrius (Or call me Dtron 3000) and I have been to Fanime since 2008 so this will be my 6th year straight. Like the header says I have a empty room I am willing to give to a group of at least 4 people 85 dollars each. I myself will not be in this room because I will be rooming with some close friends in the same hotel.

+ Details/Breakdown The room is at the Fairmont hotel which by the stretch of the imagination is not far from the convention. It's walking distance in a very convenient location. The rooms are book from the Friday (May 23, 2014) to the Monday following (May, 26, 2014) By Monday noon you'll have to have your belongs out of the hotel for me to check out. Also the room is a single bed

Costs Like I said before, I'm looking for at least 4 people 85 dollars each. For the sake of time and security for myself if flakes happen, I would like the money before Fanime. The money can be a check, money order, or through paypal. Two things if you want to go the paypal route 1) I ask that you send it as a "gift" to so the fees associated with it are handled on your end.  Any other way, and they can take a serious chunk out of the hotel money. 2) I will have too make sure my paypal is correctly up and running. I had problems with it the past so if you do decide to make payment that way I'll have to confirm with you first everything is alright.

+ Rules I will need to have one person from your group as a leader. The leader is someone I can call at most times during the day and check in to see if the room is fine. I will also need the leader to provide to me the list of people that will be in the rooms This way I can make sure no one who don't suppose to be there WILL NOT be there. Another important note: I will drop by randomly to check on the room. Does this mean I will just roam in freely? No. I will come though and knock on the door. If no ones answer then I will call the leader of the group.
If these rules are broken in any way shape of fashion there will be a warning.
Here's a list of things that you will get warnings or evictions for:
  1) Having people in the room who are not on the list= 1st offence is a warning, 2nd offence is removal from the room. (Note: This does not mean you can't have people over to visit you. This just mean they can NOT sleep in the room)
  2) Using and/or reconfiguring the fridge= 1st offence is a warning with payment that comes with the hotel charging me because something was taken out or move in the fridge. 2nd offence removal of the room.
  3) Any damage to the room= Immediate removal from the room
  4) Do not order any food to the room they will charge me for those expensive meals (Trust me they are) If I find out that you have ordered food from the hotel= 1st offence warning with payment that comes with the food you ordered 2nd offence removal from the room that comes with payment that comes with the food you ordered.
Please remember to be courteous to your neighbours, the walls are not sound proof, and if your making tons of noise, they will complain to the hotel which in turn will get you kick out.

+Other rules I need the leader to also be 21+ or at the very least 18+ no younger than that. No drinking or smoking

+Contact Since this is a last minute adventure for me and you, it would be best to contact me as soon as you can. Here's my cell: (510) 695-6143 if I don't answer please leave a message. Here is my email: this is where you should send me a copy of names who will be in the room over the weekend.

+ Note I want this to run smoothly as possible. I want to make this event as fun as you want it to be with little to no worries of where you're going to sleep. Think of this as me giving back to fanime for tons of great memories and we as fans form those great memories together! further questions please call me or email
Hotel and Facilities / Re: When is Housing?
December 11, 2013, 01:36:37 PM
You have to play it by ear usually. Make sure to check out their website when it's up and running. Also check here and make sure that you go on facebook or twitter and follow. Good Luck!  :D
Quote from: chanocular on April 23, 2009, 08:24:57 PM
dances are Friday night, saturday night, and sunday night correct?
Yes sir. Oh and there might be professional break dancers there as well. Like last year (They kinda stole the show last year... -.- )
I would like to hear some Hardstyle, a tad bit of hardtrance and some happyhardcore wolud be nice. Oh and some nightcore as well.
I really hope those @ssholes don't come back this really ruins everything in the area thats fun. I mean yea they have the right to protest and all, but someones you must know that know one is going to listen to you. In the end, there just wasting there time.
This will be my second fanime and I've been counting down this one since the last one ended!!! So's soo close now I can almost taste it!!! *mmmm fanime
Quote from: Rhornez on April 17, 2009, 11:45:56 PM
yeah i said  that too atleast i have found comrades in a messed up city
Lol True. only if it was a way to get all the stupid ass people out (Meaning those whom choose to murder and steal, etc..) and more otakus, it'll be a dream come true.
Quote from: PyronIkari on April 17, 2009, 10:27:18 PM
Quote from: BumbleB on April 17, 2009, 09:39:54 PM
I would NEVER wear a GLOMP ME sign. I'm only 5 ft tall!!! If any tries to take your picture, like every one says, KEEP WALKING. Or if you have a hood or a cool hat. Wear it. If this keeps happening tell the security. If they ask for a glomp or try to glomp you, go to a safe place (ie bathroom) and tell someone immediatly.

Wait huh?

You can't tell security because someone is asking to take your picture. Just like you can't tell security if someone takes your picture without permission, as much as you may not like it, they have every right to do so. You have to be young... you sound like you're repeating something parents tell their kids about strangers.

Realistically, you can't do crap. Just leave and continue on wherever you were going. ONLY IF HE CONTINUES TO FOLLOW YOU, can you do something. And really, that something isn't much, security would just tell him to stop following you. If it gets worse, then you can do something if he's totally stalking you. Chances are, that won't happen... the person will more than likely just ask some other girl, because frankly, you're not special and he doesn't care who it is.
True and true.
Yea I live in oakland as well. didnt know so many otakus actually live in oakland.
Quote from: RaddaX2 on April 12, 2009, 08:05:30 PM
somehow I thought this thread would be heading in a different direction
Lmao. Your not alone my friend, your not alone..
What the hell?! a reason?! you mean he wants a freaking reason to go to Fanime!!!! Apperently he has not went before... >:(. Well lets put it like this...fanime is the holy ground for us otakus. For me it was a three day Non-parental supervision hella fun, raving to anime theme songs type of event. Not to mention the free hugs and glomp you get (Ahh that never get old. Ack nose bleed!* :-X) And you get to see your favorite Final fantasy character all dress up in little skimpy outfitts....Another nose bleed  :-X* I don't think the question is if he has a reason to go, more of, why WOULDN'T you go type of thing. Fanime is something to experience on your own so you can get your own personal saying in it. I just feel that everyone thats into anime should go to Fanime 09!!!!  :o
Quote from: ewu on January 18, 2009, 02:37:20 PM
as listed on the housing webpage:

Monday - Friday, 6am - 6pm (Pacific Time)
(800) 924-4232 (US & Canada)
(415) 979-2282 (International)
Thanks dude for the help.
Yeah same here. I'm trying to find a way to pay (Or just reserved) for a hotel right now but do know what number to call or anything. If anyone call help me then please contact me when you get the answers.
Quote from: LordKefka on October 30, 2008, 12:22:20 AM
I'm hoping to get two friends to fly over from Iowa. I'm even willing to pay for their stay and food and stuff. Man, I just want them to experience a major con since they've only been to Anime Iowa (not to mention it'll be fun with them at the con)
Aside from that, I plan to:

Have some fun with Rock Band 1/2
Play MvC2 lots
Melty Blood lots
Pig out at the swap meet
Get drunk lots
Check out the maid cafe again (looking forward to more improvement every year)
Check out stage 0 for their auction (fun/ny last previous times I went)
MusicFest! w00t!
..and more

I'm just hoping I can make it on Thursday since I have a dental pathology final the same day at 3PM (then scramble to catch a flight the same day less than 2 hours after it)..-_-;

It's a good thing there is at least a 3 hour difference from here to Cali =\
OMG Dude I hella miss the maid cafe!!!>.< Argh! man and I heard that it was really cool..I have to go to the maid cafe this year.
Quote from: Kawaii_the_ULTRA_chibi on October 27, 2008, 04:51:36 PM
*hides in corner* Look what i've started XD
kukukuku....... Yes Ms.Kawaii look what you started now I need you to dress up as misa for '09 con cosplay so I can take a picture and hang it up on my wall, and think about you FOVEVER!!!!.Lol just kidding
General Convention Discussion / Re: Your Fan Name
October 26, 2008, 04:37:42 PM
Oh and my Fan name is Tenkimo Tsuki. I think it's cool.
General Convention Discussion / Re: Your Fan Name
October 26, 2008, 04:36:31 PM
Quote from: Kawaii_the_ULTRA_chibi on October 23, 2008, 07:46:44 PM
Because my friends say sence im the only girl that hangs out with them I have to be a Loli. And Desu? It needs more NO EXCEPTIONS!
Watch out for a perosn that'll be cosplaying as kouga from inuyasha. He's my friend...and a Loli snatcher!!!!Just kidding he loved Loli though.
Quote from: Mr Anime on September 03, 2008, 06:47:37 PM
Last year was the first time I attended Fanime and ended up spending aroung $1,200 for everything.
.....You...spent how m-much? :-X