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May 03, 2018, 04:42:42 PM
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I sent 3 emails and a message on here that I cannot get pass step 5 because it tell me, my information doesn't match. I been waiting all day for a reply I'm so frustrated and scared that I won't get a spot. I need help, I want both nights.
I need help I can't get pass step 5:
Registration Status:
Badge Information Does Not Match
[update badge information]
It tells me that they don't match which is not true
Just curious if we are having a swat meet this year??
I have a few questions: Can I wrap my M rated manga in plastic wrap? I probably won't bring it, just curious.
And does anyone know if Pokémon cards sell? I have all mine that I brought back in 1999(I think.) And how much do you sell them for?
Can I use shrink wrap on my Josei manga if I don't want to put in a box? I mean like in plastic wrap that you use for food.
Can I use my suitcase it's a rolling one, it's not really big, to bring into South Hall? And how does Thursday night work this will be my first time doing Thursday night and I don't want to be late because of badge pick-up, I didn't see a time for when that happens?
I a question about money exchange, I not comfortable getting 100s or 50s dollar bills from people, fearing it may be counterfeit. Not saying it is but to be safe is it ok to refuse that person? I don't see anything in the rules about money, just want to be sure.
I would go to Swap Meet - Best Practices topic on the second page of this form. Lots of good information there
I might have a friend help me out but does she need a badge? This will be Friday night, she's just wants stay help me if I need food or need a bathroom break or be my human calculator.
So I got the email that says that I'm in process. Does that mean I'll get a second email saying I'll get spot and maybe what number I am from the spots you have? Or even a list that has our names on it to see if we even got a spot?
So now that we are in May are you going to tell us when sign up's are happening? I hate not getting any information, and I been checking everyday like 10 times a day to make sure I didn't miss sign up's.

Also side note: Why do I need to fill in three questions before posting?
I want to know if there is a list of what we can or can not bring? Is non-anime items allowed? I have Funko Pops!, blind boxes/bags, some super hero items, and non-anime related video games with me.
I have not been to Fanime for 2 years, but I'm back and want to sell my items. So my questions are is there still a sign up day like before where I put my name down or first come, first serve? Any new rules that I should know about? Like what we can and can not bring or do? I can't think of anymore, so thank you for your time.
Hi, first time poster,
I was wondering if it's still okay, to sell cosplay outfits and other items? I know people have so in the past