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Gaming / D&D version 3.5
August 30, 2010, 08:20:45 PM
Anyone wanna do that next year?  I'll bring the mountain dew.
General Convention Discussion / Con Sickness
June 05, 2010, 08:25:55 PM
Anyone get it? A couple of my friends and I did, I think it's just from being around all the people at con, then sharing food/drink and squishing together to sleep.

If you did get sick, my sympathies. 
General Anime Chat / Doraleous and Associates
May 23, 2010, 10:04:57 PM
This is for all the DnD people out there, as well as anyone else who's into wizards, knights, elves, dwarves, Christopher Walken, stuff like that.  Here's the link to the page with all the episodes:

New episodes every Thursday! 
Ideas and Suggestions / Ballet things
March 28, 2010, 07:20:06 PM
For starters, this might be better off in the panels/workshops subforum, idrk.

Anyways, there seem to be a lot of princess tutu cosplayers, and so I was wondering if perchance there might be a chance to hold some sort of event for ballet in general? 

Idea #1: A posing workshop.  If cosplayers have pointe shoes but no pointe shoe training, perhaps it would be beneficial to have a workshop.  I have the knowledge and training, and would love to help people, if they want help, with some techniques that are neccessary to staying safe and protecting your ankles and feet.  Pointe shoes can be very dangerous.  I DO want people to wear them for the accuracy of the cosplay, but I DON'T want people to get injured and have a miserable con.  Plus some cosplayers might want ideas for poses, and with a few tips, you can pass for a trained dancer.

Idea #2: A beginner ballet class.  This is much less probable than Idea #1.  But there are ballroom classes, why not a ballet class?  Perhaps some people can't take ballet class due to time or money (that's my situation with ballroom, so it was really nice to be able to take classes at fanime last year) or perhaps they just want to try it out.  Also there is open floor a couple times throughout the con, so maybe any advanced or professionals can keep their groove on (it's definitely hard to take a four or five day break sometimes if you're trying to get in shape) so maybe we could gather and run a fun variation or something.  Plus it would be sooo fun to dance around a bit with fellow nerds.

Just being optimistic, and I totally understand if these ideas don't fly, since ballet has barely anything to do with fanime.  If you need my credentials as an instructor I can provide them, and I also have friends who are at an advanced level and can help out.
...let's brainstorm one! 

because seriously, almost everyone hates the fact that bathroom privacy is nonexistent at the Marriot.  if we could think of a solution, a lot of people would be much, much happier.

i don't remember the configuration of the door, but i was thinking maybe we could think of a way to rig some sort of locking device from the inside of the bathroom, that would be cool. 
Hey this was just a random thought... what if there was a costume repair shop at fanime?  I mean, all you really need is a table and a sewing machine or two, and some other repair type things... it might be really super helpful to con-goers if they tear their costumes or need a button or something. 

I'm not saying I'd be the one to do it, but if there are any ambitious costume gurus out there who think this is a good idea, you can have it.  You could make a little money, so... win?
SO, I've been trying to think of someone to cosplay for Fanime '10 and I really really really can't think of anything.  I mean, hypothetically I could be anyone, but I'm trying to find a costume that I could either construct myself (without it looking too crappy, i.e. zelda is hard because of the armor, etc.) or buy for somewhere under $100.  Hypothetically, I'd want to cosplay someone who is widely known/recognized, and it doesn't have to be from an anime or manga.  For example, my friend cosplays as Sweeney Todd and that's always a big hit. 

I'm pretty tall, so it wouldn't really look good for me to do some cute little lolita girl because it would look awkward.  I don't have a big chest... but I'm very very skinny.  I have medium length brownish reddish hair, but I know that a wig can take care of that. 

So if you have any ideas, I would be really grateful to hear them!  ^__^ Thank you so much!! :3