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Quote from: angeljibrille on June 06, 2013, 10:44:39 AM
Hi everyone~

My team and I ran the FanimeCon Masquerade from 2004 - 2012, before taking this year off due to some RL family issues. I told Fanime that our team would be willing to come back, but there are others applying as well, and they are having us interview for the job. I had several people write to me asking me to come back. Feel free to share any similar sentiments via PM so I can send it to Fanime for when we interview.

If you have general questions, just PM me here.

Thank you for your support!
Marisa, Casey, and the Cosplay Team

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So now we're editing other people's posts? How nice indeed
Well if you want to talk to some fans of anime you can go on Rizon IRC to #fanime  we have members all over the Bay Area and go to alot of the cons.
There are a few other local groups as well that hangout from time to time:
Norcal cosplayers is one of them.
No-name anime watches anime every 2nd saturday of the month this year at the Santa Clara Library.
There's a few that hangout around from local clubs, or people that gather just at the Japantown festivals in SJ and SF.
There have been various other chat group and meetup groups through the years.

I've been a part of an irc group for the past 3-4 years now, we hangout and cosplay together and such at Fanime and other cons in California.  IRC is quite an old system so some people don't like to use it, but if you want you can join us whenever.

#fanime on Rizon
Quote from: PLUMPKIN on June 03, 2011, 05:21:10 PM
I stocked up on groupons, living social coupons, and a San Jose Entertainment book before Fanime, so everything I ate was essentially discounted or cheap.  My meals consisted of the following:

-Free hotel breakfast
-2 $6 for $12 worth of Sonoma Chicken Coup coupon
-2 $7 for $14 worth of The Cheesesteak Shop coupon (split with someone)
-One buy one get one Tandori oven coupon (split with someone)
-One $10 for $20 worth of Poor House Bistro coupon
-One buy one get one Johnny Rocket's coupon
-La Victoria's (no coupon)
-Cookies and ice cream from donating blood

Food was great :)

My friends and I do the same thing with the coupons everywhere also :P

It's nice to get more variety of food during con than the typical fast food all the time, and in the end it works out to be the same price for 2 people with the coupon too :P
I hope all this extra work isn't going to waste and the people that complained about no LGBT option will actually participate to make it worthwhile and grow the next year.  As it is, from my perspective at least, alot of speed dating has people already in relationships that are doing it more as a lark or for fun than for serious, wasting everyone's time involved and taking up slots that could otherwise be filled by people honestly looking for companionship at con.

However I don't think there's a way to stop people from doing that, so you can ignore me  :P
I think people thinking that there currently aren't ANY guests of honor is kind of stupid.

I would be very very surprised if Gilles Poitras and Ric Meyers aren't coming, as they've been coming for years now.  There are also some other guests of honor that usually return every year.  But I suppose most people are wondering about the musical guest or any major different guests from the usual.

But yeah, keep that in mind as well.
I think this is a cool idea, especially for late night at con. Lots of people are sorta randomly around con late night playing their handhelds and this should help them be able to gather together, meet new people, and have some fun. ^_^

Without the designated area I know it's hard for some shy people to come up to people at the tables in gaming hall and talk to them or try to play together. ~_~
If it happens as it usually does, we're some of the last people to get accounts. Should be in the next few months but the latest it's been is a few weeks before con.  It can be a little stressing, but they always come through in the end, so it's ok.
Quote from: MPLe on December 28, 2011, 02:56:15 AM
As a forewarning: I'm keeping this topic open (I generally hate locking threads unless they *have* to be locked), but please keep the discussion rational and do not flame or flamebait.

Just wondering, why did you *have* to lock my thread?  You didn't even answer any of the questions I or others had in it. Your post was a complete non-answer.  :(
Registration / Fanimecon does new Steampunk con
December 21, 2011, 02:27:09 PM
A friend of mine from the Steampunk Federation recently sent me this:

A few questions, first I'm not sure if there's much room left at the convention center for another convention.  Also other cons going on Memorial day weekend like Baycon and Kublacon I thought handled Steampunk stuff?.  Also is this part of the reason why reg is taking so long to be posted?  Usually reg is posted the day after Yaoicon ends, it's been almost 2 months now ~_~  Is this going to raise our con rates higher than before as well?  Usually con prices are lower earlier and then increase in price but we're closer to con now as well as I guess our pass will pay for both cons?
Looks like some more interesting news "...the hotel will reopen as Hyatt Place San Jose Downtown in January 2012."

So it should be open before con even if there are holdups with renovation of a few months I'd think. Wonder how the reputation or price will change.
That includes the cost of the return trip as well or $31 for one way?
Really the lack of schedule wasn't TOO bad, but if we had been informed ahead of time that there would be no schedules that would have helped.

Fanime should have made a post on the front page that there would be no printed schedules provided, then we would have known to print them out ahead of time or write down what we wanted to attend, would have defused some of the frustration at least and people would be more understanding.
Quote from: heartless on May 31, 2011, 11:51:50 PM
Hey if you're on facebook post your urls here. Also I took a bunchhhhh of piccys maybe you'll find yourself on mine!

You'll wanna make sure your albums are public if you don't directly link to them here also.
Which scorpion? There were several, what armor and what did he look like?
Service was fairly quick, it was good to see the cafe mostly running even when you were away doing an event and that there are enough maids now for a stable amount of staffing.  Good games as usual, also nice that the maids could bring things to the table again.  As usual the food was so-so at times, no big complaints there, expecting more interaction with maid and less quality of food.  Overall though good, when we went there was like no wait at all and we got an awesome maid  ;D
As usual alot of the late night programming was good to help people pass time, especially some of the game/quiz show types.  I was surprised some of the larger events and things were on stage zero as there isn't much capacity for people and it congests most of the middle of the convention walkway.  I suppose it is only indirectly related to stage zero but possibly a way to position more seats in that area and work on some crowd control as well.
Anyone ever figure out who did it or what happened in detail?

This is not something that needs to be repeated in future years.
We had no problem at all using the discount at Psycho Donuts, worked perfectly
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Schedule Please!!!
May 30, 2011, 03:16:55 PM
Quote from: FanFicGuru on May 30, 2011, 03:09:14 PM
This. A million times this. The small booklets from last year were so convenient and awesome and we were bombarding Fanime with such praises for it last year I was honestly baffled when I found out that not only did they not make a comeback, but there were no printed schedules at all. As I mentioned in the feedback thread, I got the idea that a LOT of people were just wandering around aimlessly because they had no idea what was going on except for the main big events.

I think from all the complaints that Fanime has gotten and will receive going forward regarding the schedules that they will make a comeback next year.