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Quote from: Glitch on June 27, 2013, 04:54:33 PM
So when does the Alpaca attack on the Llamas start?

When Lucifargundam or PinkHairSasuke dies. One of them is the Llama overlord and you know it.
Left eye? I know.
The queen is some old chick?
America makes movies that suggests that strength is the power to kill. How sad..
Replacement was a victim.

Then the abducted a Kappa.
^*ties him to a chair, duck-turtle style, tosses in river* Adeu!
Replacement was a whopper malt ball.

Then they abducted a squirrel.
*coughs* excuse me
Replacement was this second page.

Then the abducted a weeaboo...
^took the cake from the fridge
attack the tummies!! (invader zim voice)
replacement was the brony bandage on my finger.

then the abducted ironman.
Quote from: 01 on June 24, 2013, 09:45:43 AM
In Vallejo.

Waddyah mean "Wut"? Clearly i traveled through the electrical current to almost the otherside of the Californian's land.
Replacement : not available

Then they abducted a reindeer ..
You go sleep on my bed, i get yours.
No mas Pepsi can.
Replacement was poop.

Then they abducted the next poster.