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Ill be cosplaying as Kinji Takigawa/Starninger for the gathering  :)
Hey put me down to be kamen rider #3 from the new movie as well. Im planning to switch from drive to him since they wear the same thing essentially.  :)
(a) Angelx624 I already have to do drive and chiaki so If we do den-o and ryuki I need a way to switch from drive to shinkenger to den-o to ryuki.  :(
Put me down as Shinnosuke for Drive and Chiaki from shinkenger. Gonna have to figure out a way to switch out super fast in between photos XD
Hi, ill be going as Yosuke for the midnight king's game though i wont have the wig in time so ill just put on the rest of the cosplay if thats ok?
went to wizard comic con as Naoto Takizwa and it looks like it might need some fixing so i will be switching my other sentai cosplay for the gathering to Yuki Gai (gokaiger spirit version) from jetman.
just a quick update, but i will be Naoto Takizawa/TimeFire for two of the days at fanime and hopefully if i can switch during the gathering.
just letting everyone one know, ill be at the gaim mini meet up too as Hase Ryoji team raid wild's leader. 
Hey i was the Souji from the kyoryuger group last year! Gonna definitely be there for sure. Gonna be Utsemimaru for the gathering along with my team of 10, though ill also be 2 other 6th rangers on the other days XD