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Got my permit for AA, do I need one for Swap meet?  Worried I wont have enough time to get it.
While I understand if there was an issue and they didnt have the page finished right away it has now been over a week...
Any updates....?
Hmmm.... There are just so many things about this that make me unsure and nervous.  Sure the 10 min to sign up were stressful but at least I had the same shot as everyone else typing as fast as they can. 
I can see where the staff is coming from saying a judging would be fair but at the same time I see a lot of unhappy artists (lets face it though AA as a whole will never be completely satisfied.)

Here are some things I'm worried about:

Time.  We have about 2 months, some of us have to start getting orders in, which costs money, and if we don't get a table it just sits there, money wasted.  Also as some people have brought up hotels.  I believe the last day to cancel I was told was April 25 (Don't quote me on that!).  That's about a month away.  Don't get me wrong I would attend Fanime either way but I get a hotel because its easier for AA, I live fairly close so if all I was going to do was hang out with friends I'd probably just drive over for 2 days or something.Lets say registration goes up in 1 week.  Then according to the post I've seen the registration period will go on for 1 week.  It took two weeks to hear back from the old way we did registration, and they was just checking to make sure everyone was following the rules, now you need time to pick and CHOOSE.  And whats the number one thing we hear people say when defending staff on time?  "They only have so many people working for free".  "They have real life jobs to do too". I totally understand these defenses! BUT  Will Staff will be able to pull this off before critical dates the artists has? So even if we do 1 week+1 wee+2 weeks to hear back thats already 1 month!  And thats if it starts on like... Monday.

Portfolios.  We are going to need some VERY clear guide lines on what judges are looking for.  Quality, quantity, fan-art, originals... Wait I just thought of something, what is even considered good quality?  I've seen some beautifully detailed anime posters that belong in art books but I've also squealed in excitement to buy goofy stickers. 

Judging.  I already mentioned one thing but another thing that worries me is it will still technically a first come first server thing.  We already have X amount of people using one type of medium, so we don't need these other X amount. Or lets say they are sick of seeing one anime or show and decide that's enough, we don't need more artists doing this stuff.  What if the judges don't like your "style" of artwork but you've always sold just fine to the public?  Diversity to me was always interesting at Fanime.

New artists.  I can just see this scaring away so much new blood, I mean heck I would love less competition hitting the refresh button as much as anyone when the time comes but I remember my first year.  My art barely sold, it wasn't nearly as good as the other "professional artists"  But at least I got to try and improve and now I feel I do very well.

AA is very important to me, I've been doing Fanime AA for several years, but I have to be honest when I say I've never felt this uneasy.  I guess I was out of the loop when people were complaining about "quality" I mostly just say people complaining about the space.  Good for Fanime Staff to try new things, but this is a BIG thing and very close to the date.  I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed this works out for both artists and the con itself.
Gaming / Re: Need some pokemon experts (legendary)
June 11, 2013, 09:40:08 AM
thank you!  :)
really wish I had gone :(
I hope the small amount of people that got my picture see this. I think only about 7 people took my picture because most of the time I was working at my artist booth.

Oh Saturday and Monday I was Lisbeth from Sword Art Online.
I was not at the gathering.

Unfortunately I dont have anything to put me apart from the other Lisbeths there besides I wore my badge on the right side of my apron.

Gaming / Need some pokemon experts (legendary)
June 03, 2013, 11:54:32 AM
Hi Guys.
I've been browsing the internet for awhile without getting all the info I'm looking for so I figured the best thing to do would be ask...and because I already have a Fanime account and hate making one for a forum I will only use once I've come to find some pokemon experts here.

I need a list of all the Legendary pokemon with their respective regions.

The reason is I plan to make some art work for next Fanime AA and this was the best way I thought to break up all the legendaries (There are too many for one page).

Thanks guys!
Quote from: Lucifargundam on May 30, 2013, 05:00:05 PM
Quote from: crystalsoul on May 30, 2013, 04:46:06 PM
1. Lines sucked this year
Prereg::: construction/Fairmont staff
Quote from: crystalsoul on May 30, 2013, 04:46:06 PM
2. everything seemed less organized
Con staff needed help
Quote from: crystalsoul on May 30, 2013, 04:46:06 PM
3. i felt exhibit 1 was a complete waste of space. i mean come on, bring in more vendors or something.
"Panic and the disco"
Quote from: crystalsoul on May 30, 2013, 04:46:06 PM
4. sucked that the artist alley was not in the convention center. because of that i found myself going only twice where as i usually go visit it everyday. i felt as though the swap meet should have been in that building instead (swap meet is my favorite thing at con)
there has been talk of moving registration to that area instead.
Quote from: crystalsoul on May 30, 2013, 04:46:06 PM
5.there seemed to be less games in the gaming room this year, not sure if its true or just me.
seemed just as much to me.
Quote from: crystalsoul on May 30, 2013, 04:46:06 PMoverall is seemed less organized and lower budget despite the increase in attendees
Construction threw alot of things off.... more volunteers are needed. Feel free to help out next year :)

It would certainly be a big enough space if reg moved to south hall.  But I think they would either need to scrub the floors or put something down to cover them because it was very dirty and people like to sit in reg line.
well now I'm scared to click the link :( but I will flag it so it is taken down.  I just hope he didnt get me or my friends, hearing about this disgusts me.
I have to set up my art table at 10:00 but 'll try to get to the park in time.  :D
As I sit here waiting for my half day to finish at work so I can head down to the badge line I begin to wonder if getting there early even matters anymore.  I could get there 3 hours early and get through in about 1-2 later.  Or I could arrive nearly on time and have to wait to get through in 3-5 hours.  I've always gone really early but have started to wonder about this. So I'm wondering if the time pretty much evens out.

Has anyone experimented?
I will say this, it'll be good for AA because for awhile people were worried the tent might get hot.  But yes I agree the wind will be a pain. I hope my skirt stays down. :-X
Its getting colder.  Personally I don't like summer but I don't want to freeze when I go looking for food in my cosplay at night either.
So far Weather.coms forecast is...

Thurs 71H /48L wind 17mph
Fri 71H/ 51L wind 15mph
Sat 72H/ 53L wind 16mph 10% rain
Sun 71H/ 52L wind 16mph
Mon 73H/ 54L wind 16mph
Im confused on the may need/ may NOT need a permit.
I have a permit for AA/Fanime anyways so I'm not worried but my friend who is only doing Swap Meet has not gotten a response from BOE on her permit yet. I read over the FAQ's but it's a little confusing.  Will she need a permit if this is her only event and she doesnt sell anywhere else?
70% of the friends I meet at a con are lines/gatherings.
The other 30% are people talking to me at my AA table.
General Convention Discussion / Re: FanimeCon App
May 20, 2013, 01:41:28 PM
I think this is a great concept.  Having your schedule with you on your phone is a good idea. I dont even mind if I cant make alarms and favorite or anything, as long as I can look up events.  There as that one year that the didnt have enough programs and for me who didnt have a smart phone that was tough.  My friend had one and we used another app  called ConDroyd, but thats not up to date yet.  Last year and this year I have a smart phone and it has been very handy sense most of the time I either lost y schedule or didnt get one.
I bring a hot plate.... *Shifty eyes*.....and get non frozen pasta things to cook in it.  Also campbells soups because the cans have tabs for you to pull so you dont need an opener and I make everything in my a pot on my hot plate in the hotel. f I'm really lucky I can snag a frig and I walk down to the nearby safeway and fill it up with sandwhich things and soda...
Thats right lots of SODA.  Because if you buy from a machine at the Con or Fast food thats about $3.00 EVERYTIME.  I strongly reccomend bringing your own if you can.
gotta finish up all my arts stuff for AA x_x
Quote from: Rhornez on May 16, 2013, 02:05:03 PM
-raises hand- YOOO i would like to.

also update on my cosplay. im not sure if my cosplay will arrive in time. darn me for money constraints and worrying.
ugh I that when that happens. I missed out on a lot of off site gatherings waiting for Lisbeth to show up. Good luck!
I live only 15 min away but always get a hotel room because it just makes life a little easier as far as cosplay goes.  Not to mention Artist Alley and having to bring everything in and out.

This whole year will be interesting with the construction and things being moved.  Next year we should have all that new space though!