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Quote from: Mi Feng on May 09, 2013, 05:09:02 PM
Original Joes has some pretty bomb Italian food. It's a family owned place and the servers are really friendly towards con goers. However the menu can be a bit on the expensive side (not sure what your budget is) but if you have the cash the pasta is sure worth it! :) It's also right next to the Saint Claire if you are staying there.
Not to mention the portions are huge at OJ's.  I always split with my boyfriend, or we get a doggie bag and eat the rest later for dinner or the next day.
Gaming / Re: Slenderman
May 15, 2013, 08:33:04 AM
no nope nope nope nope nope nope *walks quickly in another direction.* x_x
I was looking up songs for them last night.  They seem like an awesome band.  I was also trying to find info on them, are they pretty new?
Quote from: Chibi_Haku on May 13, 2013, 08:43:59 AM
I just found the times are 8pm-1am for Friday and Saturday, but I still would like to know what time we can set up.  What happens if we're late (I have work until 9pm that day).  Thank you for your help! :)
I think you mean Thursday and Friday
considering it has been stated multiple times by staff and con goers and I think I even read it in either the rules or agreement form its safe to bet that yes it will be in south hall.
@Chasing Shadows: Aw thanks ^^;; Theres so many things I would add in my ramblings or take away after hearing my own video so many times but you know we're all sort for time right now.
I say only that many prints for a first time because you never know how things will go.  If you end up doing really well there is a Kinko's about a block away.  Yes it can sometimes be a bit pricey but if your find out a print or two is selling it wont hurt to buy some more copies when your running low.  So I recommend backing up your prints on a USB to have near by :)
I actually made a quick video tutorial a few months ago. Heres where it talks about prints = After prints I take about other types of products, the commissions, then into prices and onto actually setting up your table, so skip ahead if you'd like.
I can only assume the sales are good.  Considering tables sell out within the hour or less.  For me Tables are great, I pay for everything at a con due to the table, 4-5 nights at the room, dinner, goodies I buy from dealers hall.

And why would you hope not to stand on a table?  I'm not sure if this is a joke or in reference to something else o-o;; but your not allowed to do that.  Your not even allowed to stand on a chair.

I think the new people are being made to panic over the vets that are upset or complaining about things.  Yes the changes to the rules are painful for some and should be talked about, but overall the rules are not that hard to follow, trust me I'm a paranoid person and have never had an issue with them.  Most of the rules are common sense or just answers to questions.

It's not like the staff is going to run over to you with a 2x4 and start beating you.  They will probably give you a warning.  You know unless someone does something really out in left field like start a fight, then there would probably be no warning.
You forget they are renting out a larger space for us.
Plus I wouldnt be surprised if the center did raise the rent price to pay for their remodeling.  It happens a lot in malls anyways.
tomorrow!  A whole new type of nervousness setting in.
You can actually google maps the convention center.  If you were inside the con facing the main street then it's kinda to the left?  Anyways its that big blue dome tent just to give you an idea.
Never linked google maps before, hope this helps,-121.887576&spn=0.003258,0.003133&t=h&z=18
I have never done commissions at a Con because it eats into what little time I have.  That being said these are just some ideas I have on the subject.  I'm going to be assuming some stuff just based on other artists I've known to do commissions and commission in general even outside a con. Please don't take this as expert advice,  its more things I think you should consider.

I would think that you can request anything of the artist to draw.  The problem is if the artist is willing to do it.  Every artist tends to have their own sets of rules of "wills and will nots".  Some have them listed at their tables, others you might need to ask.  I would generally think it would be easiest for artists to do fan art because they could look up all the reference they need. Then again I've known plenty of artists to do original work.
Onto your reference.  If you could try to draw your reference I think it would help the artist.  If not then you better have some really big descriptions ready.  In fact I would have it as a print out for the artist to remember, because it sounds like you want multiple characters in a certain setting.

As far as pricing I have no idea what to tell you.  Every artist will obviously have different prices.  The price will vary based on their skill.  It'll also vary with medium... sketch, ink, copic, watercolor, etc.  Also this sounds like 3-5 characters? Plus setting/background? What is your budget if you don't mind me asking because your going into a more expensive end.

Commission at a con are special because you get to keep a actual copy unlike most online commission that is a digital copy.  You also have to remember that the more work that needs to be done for a picture the more time the artist will need to finish it before the con ends. I would recommend trying to make a deal with an artist near the beginning of con before their waitlist fills up or they simply don't have enough time to fill a large order.
Live Programming and Events / Re: NO HANDTRUCKS?!
March 30, 2013, 12:12:43 AM
Quote from: Yuu- pon on March 29, 2013, 11:30:42 PM
Quote from: Oniko on March 29, 2013, 11:25:28 PM
Quote from: Yuu- pon on March 29, 2013, 10:58:41 PM
Does it have a limit as to how many people may carry item? If not just have multiple persons help you. Perhaps multiple artist can come up with a time where youcan meet up and all work together to unload. That should more than enough.
But I think it's only one helper (maybe 2? ) per artist.

If a large group of people are unloading at the same time it would be impossible to keep track.
but thats the point of the helper stickers. And when you sign in if your helper is there they also have to sign in.  I would think that staff would tell anyone else they have to leave, unless they were letting people go before. They also strictly tell the artists they are not allowed to go to their table before signing in.

Editing: Unless you mean during open hours, then anyone with a badge could technically enter.  Before opening hours only artist and their helpers with a special sticker may enter.  At least they stopped my friend from entering last year because they had not claimed a helper sticker yet.
Live Programming and Events / Re: NO HANDTRUCKS?!
March 29, 2013, 11:25:28 PM
Quote from: Yuu- pon on March 29, 2013, 10:58:41 PM
Does it have a limit as to how many people may carry item? If not just have multiple persons help you. Perhaps multiple artist can come up with a time where youcan meet up and all work together to unload. That should more than enough.
But I think it's only one helper (maybe 2? ) per artist.
I've never been to South Hall now that I think about it.  It will be interesting.  I google mapped it to find it and it defiantly seems big.
Live Programming and Events / Re: NO HANDTRUCKS?!
March 29, 2013, 02:39:02 PM
Its all about red tape.  I dont think Fanime can do anything about this because it is probably a Convention center rule or city rule.
The best thing would be ballpark dates, but with it being so close that's pretty much like telling us when it'll open anyways. Unfortunately at this time I think that is the only thing that can be done to help with some of the nervous people like myself. Or maybe if we could understand why it is taking so long?  This isn't meant to be a bashing of the staff, this is just genuine concerns.  I guess all that can be done right now, besides a date, is give ample time next year.
Yeah I'm normally that person that says "hey guys they are doing their best just be patient" but this is the latest I remember it being and I'm getting nervous too :(  I know they will have an AA for sure, but I don't want to start wasting money on product if I don't get a table and if I wait too long I wont have product ready in time. We are down to 2 months before Con.
Hotel and Facilities / Re: safety at night
March 10, 2013, 11:23:16 PM
I wouldnt think a young teenage girl walking alone in the city anywhere is safe.  I dont think you'd get jumped or hurt in this particular area, but doesnt mean some people might not try to trick you to get off the streets.  Just be smart.  I remember being young, guys trying to talk me into hanging out with them.  They might have honestly been really nice guys, but alone at night I'm going to keep walking.
Yes it is fairly safe, though last year I did see a big buff man almost get into a fight with a convention goer outside the burger joint. Nothing violent happened, but the man was sure yelling a lot as the guy was trying to walk away.
I would just ask your friends to walk you, better safe than sorry.  It's not that far anyways and your friends should understand and be concerned for your safety.
I honestly think of it as dont ask dont tell >_>;;;

Also Chibimonster about your comment on collaboration I'm not sure it's right.  I was part of the Anime Angels book going around last year and we were asked to take it down due to (as far as I was told by staff) proxy.  Not all 60 artists from the book were present so we couldnt sell it.