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Quote from: "daneoncloud"i have the Lionheart from Squall if that counts....i could not finish my outfit in time though  :cry:

I am sorry to hear that. Maybe another time. There are lots of con in the year. Hope to see it then.
I do not think anyone will mind glasses. *smiles*

Anyway, I have finish Athena. But I am also about to have Vice done. Man four KOF costumes.... WHICH ONE! I do not know. I will try to show up though. *smiles* I guess that I will pick a costume when I pack for the con.

See you all at the con!
Oh thank you. I really hope to have them made. I always wanted to make a moogle costume and I think Gurdy is so cute. I will let you know if I do manage to get them done.
Sorry everyone. I know that I have not been on latly. You all know how it is. Just to much work. I will try to be on more to update.

Can not wait to see you all at the con and all the cool costumes!
*smiles* What a great idea! I will have Siren done and maybe I can talk Shiva to come out with me. I will even try to make a minimog, pupu, and carbuncle stuff animals. *smiles* But if I make my BF and mine Moogle costumes, then I will show up and Gurdy and he will be Nano. Both of the moogles are from ff 12. Hope to be there.
well every year there is a large Capcom vs SNK. I was Angel this year and Mai at 05. I know Athena will be done soon.... but it is all a matter of how small the capcom side is will decide which side I will be on. Well see! *Smiles*
well I know some one that will be going as Diablos.

I still do not have any takers on characters. Come on I know you have the costume hiding in your closet. Dust off that dust and join us for one of the greatest *oh my good* gatherings for fanime.  :D
I wanted to start this gathering as soon as I could.

Day: Sunday
Time: 3 pm
Meeting Place: 1st Floor Convention Center

Character list:

Squall Leonhart:
Rinoa Heartilly: KyraEnsui, Raedyn
Quistis Trepe:
Zell Dincht:
Selphie Tilmitt:
Irvine Kinneas:
Laguna Loire:
Kiros Seagill:
Ward Zabac:
Ellone: ???Karisma Black???

Badguy character:

Seifer Almasy:

GF character:

Shiva: BSaphire
Siren: Youko_Kurama
Carbuncle: Youko_Kurama
Jumbo Cactuar:
Tonberry King:


Minimog: Youko_Kurama
Pupu: Youko_Kurama

Thanks for joining!
Well I will have Hollow Ichgo done by then... I just hope that I will have the sword and eyes for the costume by then. That is if I do not find another character that I just must dress up as... Ummm some thoughts come to mind... but anyway I should be Hollow Ichgo for the gathering. Yay I can not wait.
I was able to find every thing.... well also because BSaphire is my mother. But most every one knows that.

I am sorry that I was not able to help my mother this year. I had lots of work with costumes and on top of that a very timely, hard working job. I still feel as though everything is spinning.  :-&

This year I will be taking on the end of the gathering list. I hope to do a good job. See you all next year.
.... Are you guys having a gathering? Well I have a friend that is taking Tsubaki again and well my little sis is cosplaying Inu..... And I was also thinking about taking Naraku just for the hell of it.

So please tell me that you are haveing a gathering.... at least one so that my little sis can join. It will be her first gathering.
I have already set up the gathering. I just want more people to join my group. so Please join us. Here is the info:

Day: Sat
Time: 11:30
Meeting Place: 1st Floor Convention Lobby
Location:Fountains In Front (by convention doors)

Character list:
Aya Natsume: Me
Maya Natsume:
Little Maya Natsume: Sister
Nagi Souichiro: Videogamefanboy
Masataka Takayanagi: friend
Bob Makihara:
Chiaki Kounoike:
Mitsuomi Takayanagi:
Bunshichi Tawara:
Emi Isuzu:
Shin Natsume:
Mana: Fire Hiei

And many more characters then I care to list.

I hope that I can at least have the main group for the gathering. I am still missing a Bob and older Maya. PLEASE JOIN!
I am cool for monday. I have nothing planed for that day anyway. So works for me. So what time do you want to do it at.... and lets meet at the fountains then move it to the children's discovery park. How does that sound?

And three or more makes a gathering.... on top of that, if anything I can at least walk around a little with someone else dressed as Suikoden character.
Lets do this on friday. I only have two gatherings on that day and well as long as they are not set on their times it would work the best for me. I am in the Fruit Basket and SNK vs Capcom gatherings. I have most of the day to do what ever. What do you think? We need to plan it soon.
Well I have bad news.... Kisa and Hatori can not make it this year.... And well it also looks like Kyo might not make it as well.

But Aaya and I are still a go. Shigure is almost done.

So has this gathering set where we are meeting. We need to do that soon if you want it to be listed at the con. My mother is waiting for a reply from the highter ups to put the gathering list in the con program. So the sooner the better. I am up for anywhere.
Welp I think I can join you all. Sadly Ritsu will not be done for fanime. He is planed for Yaoi con.... But anyway my Aaya talked me into Shigure...
Here is the list of people that are in my group:

Yep I think that is about it... not really sure if there is any more or if Kisa and Kyo will make it. But I hope that we can make it to the gathering. *smiles and starts writing a new novel, while singing "High School Girls!"*
Quote from: "Imari-chan"Anyone still interested in the gathering? And anyone have a idea of what day we should do the gathering?

I want to.... oh I am doing jean instead..... and well no Watari. *tear* anyway I do have a friend that is thinking about doing a new costume or bringing his old one. So do know that there are some of us... ok only us three.... oh but I am trying, and if another one of my friends come to Fanime he might bring hero. At least I hope so... I do know that with Tactics just out, there will be more to join us. I know so. I just saw a way cool one at ALA. But anyway about day, well anytime is good for me. I really am only set to a few gatherings. So all cool to me as to when.
As for an update... well Dizzy and Female Sol are kinda on their ways... I just have not had the time to work on them.

Oh does anyone know a great CHEAP online store where I can get some thigh high boots like Female Sol's?.... I am not having a good time looking for some.

Oh also would anyone have any good ideas on how I should make Dizzy's wings without having straps showing? I want to make her look as close as I can, which means having nothing on the shoulders. So any help?

Thanks guys.
I was just wondering if any one really, even, knows about Female Sol?
Because i am making the costume.... If You all do not know of her, here is a pic.
Quote from: "hakudoushi"you have a sister? say hi to her for me. :P

*gives bandaid*

*then pokes your mom*

*and gives her a bandaid too* >_>

A bandaid..... what do you have sharp finger nails or something? Anyway I buged my mother and she says that she will get started on it. Thats about all I can do for you. Maybe you should bring it up with her.

Oh for all those that want to see me or mother again, before Fanime, can see us at JTAF. It looks like we are going for sure. Not sure if it will only be one day or both, so tell you all later.