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"Justice Gakuen" 10th Anniversary Tournament

Illustration: Kurogane Owaru-san

Game: "Project Justice" ("Moero!  Justice Gakuen").

Date: 12/1/2007.  Signups are at 1:30 P.M.  Tournament begins at 4:00 P.M.

Location: Japan Town's Farout Toys.
187 Jackson Street, Suite 1
San Jose, 95112 (It's on the corner of Jackson Street and 4th Street.)

Fee: $5.

1 - 60% of the pot + "Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney" ("Gyakuten Saiban IV")
2 - 25%
3 - 15%
4 - Matsuura Aya-san's "Double Rainbow"
5 - "Welcome to Pia Carrot 2!! DX" mook ("Pia Carrot e Youkoso 2!! DX")
6 - Pinky Street figure
7 - Keroro doll
8 - "Justice Gakuen" figure
Allll righty then! Thanks to some help from princessblade, i've been doing some thinking and now i've decided that i'll hold a gathering for all of the Final Fantasy Creatures! ^_^ Hopefully at the same time as the regular FF gathering.

Originally, this would be another Moogle gathering, but since last years Moogle gathering was a bit lackluster due to lack of planning, which is sadly my fault for it, but this year i'm hoping to make this one even more better! ^_^

So come out from the caves all of ya Moogles! And hopefully bring some Chocobos with ya! ^^ Any Cait Siths?! Bangaas? Moombas? What about Bombs?

Yes, even summoned creatures are allowed, so lets bring in some Shivas, some Ifrits, hell, even Knights of the Round if someones willing to dress as them! ^^ From staple beasts, to summons, to even boss characters, lets bring in some Final Fantasy Beasties everyone! :D

Heres the list so far:
Youko_Kurama: Siren (Final Fantasy VIII Summon), Gurdy (Final Fantasy XII Moogling Moogle) (possibly)
Youko_Kurama's Boyfriend: Nono (Final Fantasy XII, brother of Montblanc) (possibly)
Well...despite the lack of moogles that appeared for the gathering last year, I should say that it had a little bit of success....however, hopefully for Fanime 2007 there shall hopefully be a lot more moogles! ^_^

Not everyone in the gathering should have to be in costume....even a nice little moogle hat is nice enough! ^_^ And I have seen some awesome moogle cosplays from this years Fanime, although its  sad that most of them didn't show up...

But anyways, i'll once again hold a moogle gathering...any other moogles coming!? :D Lets all band together and represent the Moogle! :D Kupopo! ^_^
General Anime Chat / King of Fighters: Another Day
October 07, 2005, 07:05:23 PM

As a KOF fan, from what i've seen from the trailer, I think it is gonna be pretty sweet! ^_^ However, I don't know much details about it gonna be an anime series or miniseries or something else like that? ^^
Well, I was walking around Fanime 05' and along with wearing my new Moogle hat around, i've saw a small amount of people with either Moogle caps around or dressed as a Moogle! ^^ (I've even seen a Sephiroth moogle over there....sadly I couldn't take his pic...)

But then recently it hit me...why not have a Moogle gathering at Fanime 06?! ^_^ Either dressed as a Moogle or a character with a Moogle Cap on, i'd love to see us gather around and represent the Moogle! ^_^ Kupopo! ^_^

Anyone up for it?! ^^ I might either be Vergil from Devil May Cry 3 or Shin Akuma from Street Fighter, but i'll carry my Moogle hat around for the pics! ^_^ Come on out from the caves fellow Moogles and represent the Moogle! ^_^