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General Anime Chat / Robots? Oooohhhh....
March 14, 2005, 06:55:06 PM know, you wouldn't think that I'd be drawing a blank like this for this question... but let's see....

Well, there's the obvious Red Man, from "Robot Carnival", though his robot-ness is quite small.  Then there's some old-school, like 8-Man or Casshern... gotta love Flender (*sigh*  Why couldn't a robot Flender have been in the new live-action film.  O'well.).

*thinks*  Justice, from the live-action "Hakaider" film was neat looking... but I guess that isn't really anime....

Oh, I know... I'm afraid that I didn't watch "Big-O" enough to remember his name, but that piano playing robot was quite intriguing to me.  ^_^

Mmmm... robots....
Things in the Universe / Cardboard is Harder Than Steel
January 30, 2004, 04:21:28 PM
There was actually a Cardboard Samuri skit in last year's Der Cosplay... and I believe there was another cardboard tube samuri also running around.  I say go ahead and make a Gabe costume if you want to.  ^_^
General Anime Chat / Definately much fun.
November 03, 2003, 01:35:20 AM
Never before had I thought to use a flying pig as a food processor.  Thank you, "Matantei Loki Ragnarok".

*smirks and laughs*
General Anime Chat / Looks good so far.
October 10, 2003, 08:26:22 PM
Well, I've read enough of the manga to decide that I was liking it... and the anime fits the manga pretty well from what I can see, so I assume that I'd like the rest beyond the first episode.

Besides, Al's voice echoing around in the suit makes me giggle hysterically.  ^_^

I do have to wonder how it is that he lost his left arm and leg... but it's his right arm and left leg that are metal later....  Perhaps I just wasn't paying enough attention to the beginning....  *shrugs*
Quote from: "Tendai"Constantly-angsting assassins would be dead assassins, ne?

I suppose that you're right... you'd just think that with the way they're killing people that you'd be forced to with deal with it or suffer a break down much quicker.  I just assumed that since they were super-duper assassins and everything that they'd been doing it for a while....  *shrugs*

...and no, it's not wierd to assign a gender to your computer.  In fact, my roommate's computer is named Fred Lowe... and like the "Outlaw Star" character of the same name, she claims that her computer is gay.  That's odd.
General Anime Chat / Wait!?
July 09, 2003, 06:02:06 AM
There was emotional suffering over killing people in the original series?  *blink blink*  I guess so... but I didn't really see it too much....  No, wait.  I can remember it... I just never <b>believed</b> it.  Think about it:  Aya kills people with a sword... probably the most human weapon used by Weiss.  Ken uses those claws... so realistically he's gotta be right up next to someone tearing them apart... that can't be pretty.  Yohji's got to strangle people with his little cord, which certainly isn't a nice way to die... expessially since with a cord like that it should bite into the skin.  And then there's Omi.  I can see the arrows, but his other weapons are darts, ne?  Are they poisoned?  I hope so... otherwise "death-by-darts" would probably take a while.

As much fun as most of the show was, stuff like that always bugged me.  Seriously... whenever one of them felt grievous about killing someone I would be like, "DUDE?!  You strangled someone to death just the other day?!  Why is it bugging you NOW?!?!?!"

Hmmm... now I want to know why exactly they were given such brutal weapons to use....