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I know this answer is super late. But here are or were two suggestions.

1. If you lost it at the convention there is a chance you might find it at lost and found.

2. There have been cases you would get a temp badge if you have proof of purchase.
Host gatherings are posting out a QR code as a collective compendium for all photos being taken as Fanime 2024. I believe it will all be available eventually if it was taken.
Time has been updated.
New updated time and location.
New updated time.
Time and location updated.
Time and location is updated.
Quote from: Rick-Deckard97 on April 02, 2024, 05:15:32 PMHere we go again. Thoughts on WB shutting down RT

Honestly not sure what to think of it. But I'm leaning more towards sad since the IP now is in limbo and the story is now stalled and just when there was now hope again. So the only options I'm aware of is someone buys Roster Teeth off of WB or someone buys the IP for RWBY to continue the story.

However that alternative presents it's own issues if whoever takes up the mantle can tell a better story.
Bump of the month.
Bump of the month
Well let's see how this turns out.
Here we go again.
Well let's see how this plays out this year.
Confirmed, neat.
Got confirmation. Neat.
Quote from: Rick-Deckard97 on April 02, 2023, 11:43:09 AMI think DC is going with Teenage Clark who's powers weren't fully developed yet. And Batman now has super powers

Yeah that would work in 'nerfing' Superman. But not so much as the rest of the justice league. Wonder Woman has always been peak condition. Green Lantern is based on will power. An experienced Flash can draw as much power from the speed force as they need. And Batman because he's Batman, but now he has super powers.
Does anyone actually know what a gil looks like? Furthermore, are they the same across the series or different looking for each one?