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Hello, it's been a while since I posted on the Fanimecon Forums.

So recently I've been catching up with the latest anime to ever come in 2024 on Crunchyroll and I might have ran into some nice titles to add to my list.

1. Solo Leveling
2. The wrong way to use healing magic
3. The Witch and the Beast
4. Fluffy Paradise (Really cute one)
5. A sign of Affection
6. The Foolish Angel Dances with the Devil

I am thinking that "Solo Leveling" will be the best one to even come out of 2024, "The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic" is sure to make it on the list and The Witch and the Beast is very likey to have a chance to be one of the most popular animes next to Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan.

So what do you think about what I am watching and have you seen these animes yet?
Hi people, I know I haven't been on here for a while now but I just need to get this out. I can hardly sleep right now.

So I just noticed that Sword art online : Extra edition on both DVD and Blu-ray and K-ON! limited edition from Sentai filmworks are no longer available on Right

Just why I was looking forward to getting the K-on limited edition and Sentai took my dreams away.... Same for Aniplex too..... They took away my anime dreams. I am still looking for a job and my dreams have been crushed to bits and pieces.... Why does God do this to us? Why can't he give us something to begin with....? Why couldn't he give me the chance? I'm a poor anime fan, and I have little little bit of my own income. My parents say I can't use too much of their money for these limtied editons. And I can't enjoy these animes on my shelf at home with out those limtied edition home media sets. I mean the stuff they come with have items that look like they came from the anime and artbooks that show you all of the character's outfits, items and the lore of the story. I mean these animes hold up to the current day, it dosen't have to be that retro....

What am I going to do if I want to support the creators if I retail no longer sells these limited editions?

Please I need some advice, I am so alone right now and I don't know what to do at a time like this....
Hello I just have a question here.

When they said that fanime won't download video files above 300MB and tell us to compress our work. Can we send our music video files in a .7z file? I mean if I want to keep my video file with the best quality I would have find a away to compress it. And 7-zip that I use is the answer. So I wonder if the person who downloads the FMV music videos can allow .7z files that contains the music videos.
Hey people. I have something creative for the fanimecon music video contest to tell you for a long time.

Myself has been wondering if we can have like a TV show intro catagory. Like the only thing we have been doing for parody in our video programing is Trailers at the FMV showings. You know mashing up clips from anime and syncing the trailer audio from the movie trailers. Parody the characters of the movie depending of what anime character's personality and such. And use what anime that is fitting for the type of trailer.

So why not make a TV show intro catagory. Like have some clips from anime which may fit the tone and what the show is about. Like I would use clips from a yuri anime for a Goof troop parody intro. Or make a English USA edited version of an anime for laughs.

That's all I know for my new creative catagory for the FMV contest.
Dealers Room / Dealer's hall vendors
May 23, 2016, 07:56:15 PM
Hello I would like to know what the vendors is coming to fanime this year.

I just like to know because I really want some money so I can buy alot of stuff at fanime because I am receiving my "Savage dragon" issue#1" from 1993 comic that is certified by CGC (Comics Guaranty LLC) and it is coming on Friday. I would like to find a multi-pop culture store at the dealer's hall that can buy it from me during the convention.

I'll give you updates on the value when it arrives.
Welcome to Nameless Anime!
For all of you Anime fans in Santa Clara CA wanting to find a place to make friends with the same interest as you then come on down to NAMELESS ANIME ! We are a local Anime programing organization that meets at the Santa Clara library on 2635 Homestead Road, Santa Clara, CA 95051 on the second Saturday of every month. We serve snacks, show anime in Japanese and do raffles. Who ever gets the most stamps on their card wins a prize at the end of the year.

The New Year has arrived and our meeting is January 10th in the Edinger room.
It's been one year since we started the club up and running and our New years resolution is getting more members to join our club.

Hope to see you there !

The schedule for this month is:
Spice and wolf II # 11 12:00pm
Natsume's book of friends # 11 12:30pm
Kaze no yojimbo # 12 12:50pm
Tsuritama # 12 1:15pm
Break and Raffle 1:40pm
Dragon half 2:25pm
Scrapped princess # 14 & 15 3:15pm
Princess Jellyfish # 3:40 pm

Times listed for shows are approximate and are subject to be shown a little earlier than listed

As always, located at the Central Park Library: 2635 Homestead Road, Santa Clara, CA 95051.

Check out these links: