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Panels and Workshops / Night at Newgrounds.
February 09, 2014, 10:12:20 PM
Been mulling this one, it'd basically be in a video room on like a Friday night or so and it'd be an hour of showing various animations from the animation site I was thinking maybe like at the 9 P.M. or 10.P.M. time slot.

As newgrounds has a lot of toons that have adult content, language mixed in them so a slightly later timeslot would be better for keeping the Young'uns out. Not that I'd be planning on selecting anything really risque, but it never hurts to play safe.

As a newgrounds animator, and having hosted a panel before I have some decent judgement. It'd basically be an hour showing off toons like these.

How many folks would be interested in something like this?
Incredible Stuff I can Make / Romanticide
April 22, 2013, 07:30:30 PM
An anime series I'm working on, well about as anime as a guy who isn't Japanese can make.

We need some DC Douglas at Fanime this year!
Looking for a roommate or two to bunk with myself and a friend of mine at the con this year.

We have a double room at the Sainte Claire, The price is somewhat negotiable($100 is the absolute minimum) I wont be using the bed and neither will my friend(we sleep on the floor).

You have to be 25 years old to bunk with us(I'm 32,my friend is 30, someone closer to our age group is preferred). Doesn't matter if you're a guy or girl, 25 is the minimum age.

The rules are:
- No smoking
- Drinking
- drugs
-drama, or "You know what". We wont be doing any of that either, just having fun at the con. If you want to stay out late that's fine, just be as quiet as you can when you return to the room.

I've bunked at the Sainte Claire, Marriott, and Fairmont and have to say the Sainte Claire is the best of the three. Yes, the Sainte Claire is across the street from the Marriott and isn't quite connected to the con...But a little extra walk isn't a bad thing.

Check out day is as easy and simple(The Marriott is a nightmare, trust me), the Sainte Claire has the better amenities(video cable on TV automatically available, free wi-fi, good sized bathtub and restroom) and overall its a very pleasant and calm hotel to bunk in.

If you're interested give me a PM and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Ok we had a last minute SNAFU and it looks like one person may not make it to the con and we need a 5th person to share the room with.

It's at the Saint Claire, no smoking, drinking, drugs, or sex. I'd prefer someone who is at least 21(our age group is 25-30, not really interested in having high schoolers, no offense to high schoolers)  who is polite, respectful, has a good sense of humor and fun to have around.

We can take up to 6 people in the room and there are 4 of us now. So that leaves 2 open slots, the room will cost $96 per, if we have 5 people. If we have 6 people then it'd be about $75 per person.

If you're interested, e-mail me at [email protected]