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So I finally dug through some cd's I had of all my DIY projects, and my recent files of DIY projects. Good and not so good here, I make things randomly and on the spur of the moment. I hope you enjoy.  

left hand guantlet. Craft foam, pringles can.

Pringles can and craft foam. Counter is made out of eyeshadow case.

Blades out of craft foam. (cardboard center)
 I FORGOT TO PRIMER THEM!!! FSCK FSCK FSCK!!! oh well, next time.

^finished product

Resin cast garage kit helmet, primered and painted.

Shin guards.

Pualdrons and spaulders.(Shoulder armor and upper arm armor)

^Parts of my predator costume. Made out of pringles cans and craft foam.

Costume pics:

Banged the blades before this photo. They looked all cracked, 'cuz I didn't prep+primer them before I painted them.

Mini foam top hats.

Painted up squirt guns. (wip)

Gun arm. Pringles cans, craft foam, litre bottles, dowels, string.

Unfinished eye piece. Plastic juice container top, mesh, platsic cap and upholstry material.

Gave this skirt a bustle.

kitty face mask out of upholstry material.

Stuffie named Ghoulie

Crown to fit a dollfie

Leather crafted+tooled bracelets.

Face Mask.

Meetings, Gatherings, and Get Togethers / Canceled (please delete)
« on: May 30, 2009, 01:10:10 PM »
Canceling the gathering/camping trip. Some medical issues came up, and it's better if I just stay home. It's nothing serious, I just need to take it easy so things can get better by my next appointment.


If you have lost something at the convention, there are a couple of resources to try.

During the convention, Lost and Found items were normally turned over to ConOps.
At the end of the convention, items that were not picked up have been turned over to the Lost and Found team.
  • If you have lost something of interest, like a camera or ipod or phone or wallet, contact us at, with all the details that you can provide.  In particular, if you can give the color, model, etc. that would be helpful.  If it was a camera or a wallet, maybe describe some of the pictures inside of it.  This helps us get to a unique identification.
  • If you have part of a costume, contact us at  Please be sure to describe the item in question as best as you can.
    • If you can find a picture of a similar item online, please include that with your report.  We can use that as a reference picture.
    • Please assume that we don't know anything about anime.  If you write "I lost something, it looks like Orihime's necklace"; that will not be helpful.
  • As a last resort, if you lost something in your hotel room, you may want to contact the hotel's lost and found department directly.

If you are local, we will try to directly deliver the items.  If you are further away, we'll see if we can mail them out.

I cannot respond to lost and found reports in the thread or via PM; you will need to email them.
If you have questions about Lost and Found, you can reply here.

Lost and Found team
FanimeCon 2009,

(p.s. if you are going to any cons in the future, put a little "this backpack belongs to J. Smith, 123 Main Street, Anytown, CA" card in one of the pockets.  We get a lot of backpacks, purses, and luggage that can't be traced).

Things in the Universe / For the Ink Fiends out there...
« on: April 29, 2009, 10:10:08 PM » is a site for tattoo artists and fans. I would like to throw this site out to those who are interested. It's an awesome site and people are quite friendly. Right now there is a referral contest, with the chance of winning a free tattoo from an artist. This competition is open to everyone around the globe.
I referred a friend to join up when the site wa sin it's infancy. Help me beat him!!! He already won a free tattoo in the last competition. BUM! lol

Please be sure to type in who referred you...otherwise it won't count on the ticker. ;) 

Happy Things in the Happy Universe / Music!
« on: April 27, 2009, 01:24:37 PM »
What are you listening too?

Feel free to link music too. :)

X-Junkie (Snarph Remix)
The Devil Is Female

Things in the Universe / MOVED: Ponies and unicorns!
« on: April 03, 2009, 11:50:28 AM »

Happy Things in the Happy Universe / Happy Thoughts.
« on: April 03, 2009, 11:15:37 AM »
Happy Things is just like Things in the Universe, but so very HAPPY!

Post your favorite sayings or philosophies here. Feel free to discuss the postive and uplifting Words of Wisdom/ Encouragement. Share happy stories, and the outcomes of positive thinking too!

Happy Things is just like Things in the Universe, but so very HAPPY!

Game Rules:

-Say something about the above poster.
-This is a Happy Place, so keep it positive and nice.

Let the ego strokage begin!

Things in the Universe / New picture thread and location. ;)
« on: March 13, 2009, 05:37:29 PM »,11803.0.html

The new picture thread is now located in Happy Things in the Happy Universe! Happy posting, happy comments, happy, happy, happy!!!

All member picture threads will now be held in that forum. ;)
Happy Posting!


Things in the Universe / MOVED: Member Pictures 6.25
« on: March 13, 2009, 05:33:38 PM »

Happy Things in the Happy Universe / Happy Member Pictures Thread!!
« on: March 13, 2009, 05:32:50 PM »
Here is your brand spanking new Picture Thread! Please abide by all the rules of this forum and
Happy Posting!

Here is a link to the rules of this forum. Just a reminder, since the rules are quite different:,11607.0.html


Gaming / Wii
« on: March 09, 2009, 12:33:09 AM »
So I FINALLY got to play the Wii yesterday.
I only found out about it becuase my neighbor bought it, and didn't really know anything about it. So I visited his duaghter, who was setting it up...and we were playing all evening.

And I really liked it.  All I did was bowling...but I am easily entertained.
I liked the 'swish' sound the controller made. X3 It was fun waving that thing around, to see what would happen.
I didn't realize it was that compact, compared to other gaming consoles. I've never got to see one up close or to play one. I am pleased. I'd like to get one for myself eventually, when I have expendable income again. X3


Incredible Stuff I can Make / XpHoBiaX's DIY project and other stuff
« on: March 05, 2009, 05:00:51 PM »
So I had this skirt from Rampage that was sort of blah, and I gave it a touch up.

The back of the skirt, on me. ;)

Things in the Universe / What is a "Flip Mino"?
« on: March 05, 2009, 01:37:15 AM »
And does anyone really use this thing?
Is it like a camera?
Is it even good?
I just wanted to know...

Things in the Universe / Map of Counties in Ca.
« on: February 23, 2009, 12:49:48 AM »
Okay, so I was a little peeved and decided to look up counties. It drove me insane to not know where humboldt was. No offense to anyone who lives in the circled counties. If anything, I just want to educate people. I was just wondering where the hell people are located.

I live in Amador, wich is the red circle, next to sac.

I've had a few people turn down invitations to visit me, becuase they didn't know where Amador was, and that it was too far. Yet the same people will drive waaaaaay farther then where I am located, or to the neighboring counties. Mostly not knowing the county I lived in was right there. ;) I hope this helps others, and adds some clarification.

Things in the Universe / Things in the Single Universe.
« on: February 13, 2009, 11:56:58 PM »
Rewrote the title to knock around a few lolz. Enjoy!!!

Hey guys, this is the studios' 5th annual toys for tats toy drive.

Donate new and unwrapped toys to us, and we will give you double the amount you paid for the toy in tattoo work. You can donate as much as you want. All tattoos need to be completed by July 1 2009. So that gives you a lot of time to get your tattoo.

Studio price is $50 an hour. So if you bought $50 in toys, you'd get $100 in tattoo work.

Amador Ink is located @
Lake Camanche North
Shore, 4240 #3 
Camanche Pkwy. No. in
the rural area of Ione,
Calif. 95640.
209 257-4739

Things in the Universe / MOVED: Psychology or English?
« on: November 06, 2008, 11:19:25 PM »

Things in the Universe / So Obama has won
« on: November 04, 2008, 08:11:41 PM »
At least that is what the TV says.

Discuss! ;)

Things in the Universe / MOVED: Boys and girls of every age
« on: November 02, 2008, 09:33:22 PM »

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