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I had a great time at the shoot and I hope everyone else did too :)

Here's the official photographer photos: As of right now, I only see three photos of our gathering for some reason. Fanime unfortunately was not very organized with putting the hosts in contact with the official photographer. Our apologies for the lack of photos.
Feel free to link your photos on our Facebook event page too!
Did anyone get photos of me?  I was the Marceline (What Was Missing version) helping host the shoot.I would love to see pics of my costume so I can improve it :)
Here is the link to my photos: Let me know if the link does not work- i'm not sure if non-friends can see my photos or not.
I'm so excited to meet everyone! Only 11 days to go until our gathering! How are everyone's cosplays coming along?? I can't wait to debut my Marceline :) Be sure to join our FB event if you haven't already!
If there's sufficient interest, I may be able to host it, however this is my first Fanime so I am unfamiliar with the con.
Hi all,
I was wondering if there was a meet up/photoshoot scheduled for Adventure Time in 2014? (feel free to direct me to the appropriate place if this has already been posted.)
If there's no event scheduled yet, I may be able to help lead one. I'll be Marceline on Saturday and Sunday (maybe casual on Friday).
What are you all planning on cosplaying? I'd love to hear your plans!
Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from my fellow AT cosplayers!