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Ideas and Suggestions / Fanime PodCast
« on: August 10, 2008, 11:13:26 PM »
I think would should have are own podcast.There are a few anime convention that are doing it also..it would be a great think for fanime to do also.to keep fans informed and also new stuff and events also plus other Random stuff in the anime and game world to talk about on PodCast.

would be nice to here people's Feedback about it.

Gaming / Re: New Features, Cabinet Revealed for DDR X AC
« on: July 24, 2008, 11:12:37 PM »
I hope they won't rename it to "DDR:Turbo Edition" here. D:

If someone actually gets this reference I'll buy them a cookie/cupcake of their choice.

LOL this is not Street fighter DDR...Be Nice having the these song for play!

Gaming / Re: New Features, Cabinet Revealed for DDR X AC
« on: July 24, 2008, 12:04:01 AM »
DDR X will be out in Japan in Winter 08

The USA should start seeing it in Dec-Feb

Gaming / RockBand 1 & 2 Open mic
« on: July 22, 2008, 11:42:51 AM »
Need FeedBack  For Fanime 2009 if u guys & girls enjoys it!

I hope u did cause we are all happy we Set it Up! :P

Need Feedback for a Better Rockband Session!

What did U think of Open Mic @ Fanime 2008?

Would u want it to be back For Fanime 09?

What do u think of the idea of Doing a Battle of the bands for RockBand and u have to have a Group of 4 Members to Enter it?

How Many hours would u like it to run Also For Open Mic?

Gaming / RockBand refer to: RockBand 1 & 2 Open Mic Post
« on: July 22, 2008, 11:34:35 AM »

Gaming / Re: What game are you competitive on or working hard on?
« on: July 20, 2008, 01:34:35 AM »
Metal Gear Solid 4 : Guns of the Patriots

For the WIN  :P

Playing Metal Gear Online

just trying to get everything  and just better overall..Great game.

Hideo Kojima made such a great game and great series of them...even zone of enders was great also. hit gold on all of them.

Gaming / Re: PC-Gaming..will not happen this year!
« on: July 20, 2008, 01:28:09 AM »
well we will have alot of fun games for next year's pc gaming..be nice to have blizzard games there like starcraft 2 and diablo 3 would be great and have the common fps games to..TF2,unreal 2007,Tribes 2,counter strike,serous sam,etc

IN the works but we will see what happens and is plan when it hit's 09!

Gaming / Re: New Features, Cabinet Revealed for DDR X AC
« on: July 19, 2008, 01:24:05 AM »

Gaming / New Features, Cabinet Revealed for DDR X AC
« on: July 19, 2008, 12:51:42 AM »
Be nice to get this for Fanime 09

this is pic & info about the Arcade.
songs that will be on it also.

More info on DDR X

This mix will be soo sweet even i am so happy about it and can't wait to give it a try.


New Machine Design NEWDDR Revealed
Large widescreen monitor , satellite light units and "grade up" (i.e. higher quality) speaker system will be used.

LINK function included! Giving POWERUPDDR
LINK function as standard inclusion.
The to be released PS2 version of DDR X will give players to create original sequences. Using USB memory, they would be allowed to use them in the arcade.
Also, on the e-AMUSEMENT side, excellent player original sequences will be published around the whole nation and INTERNET RANKING will occur.

Many new functions and progression EVOLUTIONDDR is here!!
New sequence "shock arrow" is included.
This is a new gimmick where you cannot step on the foot panel.
Step's variations will be intensified.
Also, in COURSEMODE there is DANCE DRILL COURSE with 10 ranks.

Old great DDR and newest DDR merges!
Strongest previous songs will be added for SPECIALDDR.
Well known licenses, catchy originals totalling 60 songs or above will be included.
In future DDRs, there will be 1.5 times more new songs in volume.

Player section expanded for COMMUNICATIONDDR
Players that have never played DDR can join in using the WELCOME SYSTEM that is included.
Players using the e-AMUSEMENT system can use the FRIEND REGISTRATION FUNCTION that is included.

10 footer scale expanded to 13 footer scale.
Shock arrows look like lightning arrows. (These are mines)

1. Every SuperNOVA2 (PS2) (Japan) exclusive song is in the game. (ミーヤ)
2. Series categories have been revived. (ミーヤ)
3. EXPERT songs and under, level 1-10 in yellow, 11+ in red. (ミーヤ)
4. UP/DOWN buttons added. (2ch)
5. FINAL STAGE EXCLUSIVE: SABER WING / TAG (4/8/10/13/-) (ミーヤ) (Notes: TAG is a GF&DM artist and does has done stepcharts on previous DDRs)
6. Fascination MAXX SINGLE EXPERT = Level 17 (2ch)
7. Pluto Relinquish SINGLE EXPERT = Level 17 (2ch)
8. Shock arrows cause combo breaks and life damage. (2ch)
9. A bunch of old songs use generic videos. (2ch)
10. Old licenses and deletions not seen yet. (2ch)
11. Dance Celebration / Bill Hamel feat.kevens / BPM 130 (2/4/8/11) (5/7/10)
12. Dance Floor / neuras feat.Yurai / BPM 120 (2/5/6/9) (-/-/-)
13. Flourish / sonic-coll. feat. frances maya / BPM 152 (2/5/8/10) (-/-/-)
14. Inspiration / DKC Crew / BPM 147 (2/5/7/9) (-/-/-)
15. Party Lights / Tommie Sunshine / BPM 130 (2/4/6/10) (4/6/9)
16. Taj He Spitz / DKC Crew / BPM 107 (2/4/7/10) (-/-/-)
17. Tracers (4Beat Remix) / Ruffage&Size / BPM 140 (2/5/7/10) (-/-/-)
18. SAGA / Veeton / BPM / (-/-/-/-) (-/-/-)
19. The flower in your smile / TACOS NAOMI feat.小久保裕之 / BPM / (-/-/-/-) (-/-/-)
20. TimeHollow / Masanori Akita / BPM / (-/-/-/-) (-/-/-)
21. FINAL STAGE ONLY: SABER WING / TAG (4/8/10/13) (8/10/12)
22. Slip Out / Harmony machine / BPM 95 / (1/3/6/9) (-/-/-)
23. EXTRA STAGE: On The Break / Darwin / BPM / (-/-/-/13) (-/-/-)
24. Fight of the phoenix / Jena Rose [SHOCK ARROWS] / BPM 145 / (-/-/-/7) (-/-/6)
25. Max 300 SINGLE EXPERT is rated a 15
26. The Legend of MAX SINGLE EXPERT is rated a 15
27.dazzle / kobo feat. kr:ague BPM? SP1/4/7/10 DP-/-/-
28.Malacca / nc ft NRG factory BPM? SP-/-/-/- DP-/-/-
29. bag SINGLE EXPERT is rated 14
31. Ticket To Bombay/Jena Rose BPM? SP2/5/7/10 DP-/-/-/

What is your Favorite game and Tournament game also For BeatMania II DX!
u can vote twice.

4Chan Owns All!

Arcades Suggestions-Feedback thread for 2008 & changes for 2009 to make better.

what new arcades would u like to see for arcade 2009
or arcades they should bring back cause there alot of fun.


it sucked they had no pop n music Fever Until monday.

E-Gaming 2008 Feedback...Possitive and negitive please..what would u like to see again for 2009 or change for 2009..


what new idea's would u like to see happen next year 2009 or bring back or change it abit..

what did u like or dislike about the room.

Again e-gaming was pretty good this year i felt.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Airsoft or Laser-Tag Events?
« on: May 14, 2008, 10:52:10 AM »
yeah Laser-Tag Events are cool and alot of fun..

back in Fanime con 99,2000 if i am quoting this right but i know we had it in 2000.

It was called Frasers laser Tag...aka Frazer tag.

that was alot of fun..wish sometime we could bring laser tag back to Fanime 2009 if alot of people where into it.

Gaming / Re: the Ultimate Otaku Gamer
« on: April 29, 2008, 01:31:50 AM »
Fanime 2008 Ultimate Otaku Gamer Tournment Rundown         
Preliminaries (Friday and Saturday)         
ROUND 1      Naruto 3 (Import Gamecube)   1-on-1 matches; winner is decided best 2 out of 3 rounds
      Raiden (TurboGrafx-16)   Winner decided based on highest score after level 1
      Super Swing Golf (Wii)   Winner of 2 player VS. match on one hole
ROUND 2      Mario Galaxy (Wii)   Winner decided on most time left on clock after a speed run level - those who fail to complete are DQ'ed
      Pacman (Xbox360)   Winner decided on who completes the first 3 levels the fastest - those who fail to complete are DQ'ed
      Contra 3 (snes)   Winner decided on highest score by end of level 1 - campers and those who fail to complete are DQ'ed
ROUND 3      Super Mario 3 (NES)   Winner decided on highest score in 5 minutes
      Columns (Genesis)   Single 1-on-1 matches in which a winner is decided
      Halo 3 (XBOX360)   Two top scorers are chosen from a timed 4 player FFA match
ROUND 4      Castle Shikigami II (Dreamcast IMPORT)   Winner decided on highest score by end of first stage main boss
      Marvel VS Capcom 2 (Dreamcast)   1-on-1 matches; winner is decided best 2 out of 3 rounds
      Dance Dance Revolution  4thMix (Psx Import)   Contestants decide level of difficulty - winner is decided on highest score
Finals (Sunday)         
      Guitar Hero Legends (XBOX360)   5 songs selected on HARD difficulty - winner decided on highest score
      Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)   Winner decided on best 2-out-of-3 four-player rounds + final elimination tiebreaker
      Goldeneye (Nintendo 64)   Winner is chosen from a 10-minute match
      Mortal Kombat II (Genesis)   Winner is decided best 2 out of 3 rounds
      Super Puzzle Fighter II (Saturn)   Winner is decided best 2 out of 3 rounds
      FINAL GAME   
      sin and punishment(N64)   most points in the 1st level

Gaming / Re: Grand Theft Auto 4
« on: April 22, 2008, 12:48:57 AM »
We  will not be running GTA4 in the E-gaming room this year cause it is a Rated M title.Most likely next year cause it has to have it's own room like COD4,Halo 3.

aka people of the age of 18 can only be in the room and a ID check is required.

Sorry these games just have mature people. 18+

Shouldn't it be 17+ instead of 18+ for M rated games? 17-year-olds are legally allowed to buy M rated games.

yeah u have a point.

Gaming / Re: Grand Theft Auto 4
« on: April 21, 2008, 01:35:50 PM »
We  will not be running GTA4 in the E-gaming room this year cause it is a Rated M title.Most likely next year cause it has to have it's own room like COD4,Halo 3.

aka people of the age of 17 can only be in the room and a ID check is required.

Sorry these games just have mature people. 17+

Gaming / Re: Official E-Gaming Tournament list/ rules
« on: April 20, 2008, 01:05:02 AM »
yea but i've been to tons of bemani tournaments and its usually always the same guys who win. Same applies even for Guitar Hero.
Well I do Agree with u on that..Since MGL & SVGL,CVGL.
Most of the Hardcore Beatmania Players go to Fanime con every year still..So there could be some major Tournaments still at Fanime like  DDR,POP N Music & Beatmania II DX..
that would go very well around here still.

Gaming / Re: PC-Gaming..will not happen this year!
« on: April 05, 2008, 04:05:35 PM »
:/ aww. I wanted to play team fortress 2 but oh well.
to let u know..we been trying to get valve's ok to let us use there games at fanime but how i understand u have to have internet or it is a no go but u also have to buy copies from valve run at fanime only.how i understand..so it is a pain. 

Gaming / PC-Gaming..will not happen this year!
« on: April 04, 2008, 11:11:15 AM »
Fanime 2008 will not have PC gaming for this year.
but we are working on finding a solution for next year to bring it back.For next year.
all the pc's for last year where all staff pc's we where using last year..to let u know.

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