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So Far I see the dance will be open at 10pm thursday but can anyone else confirm if the gaming hall
will be open that day, also is Swap meet?
All those hours grinding for enagrams, repeat missions, hopes
shattered in the crucible may lead to one heck of gathering. Ive never led a gathering before but interested
In participating in a Destiny gathering! People can either create their own unique Warlocks, Hunters, and Titans
Or even be inspired by the various loving Characters like the elusive Xur, agent of nine, the cryptarch, Eris Morn
or big baddies like knights, captains whatever the imagination asks!
Any one else interested? And if anyone wants to take over leading the gathering Im totally fine with that lol
You see I saw like one scorpian and my sister was the really awesome kitana you guys seemed to like on sunday! :P ha ha And she was kinda bummed there weren't more cosplayers, so I was thinking about starting a mortal kombat gathering next year, I just wanted to know how I'd go about doing this and if any other cosplayers were interested?
Ideas and Suggestions / I was just thinking
May 27, 2010, 10:34:08 AM
it would be kinda of cool if the forums had like a music folder where we generally talk about music.

I figure this out as I'm sitting here listening to music and ready to scream my head off for fanime funness! :D ha hahaha
I'm not a real expert but I have been making costumes since the 7th grade because I never have alot of money to buy the what I like! ha ha Right now I'm finishing up my gaara costume and it is blowing my mind how I only spent 7 dollars on the whole red trench coat and it looks so awesome!! ha ha I encourage many other cosplayers to try it making costumes at least once, not only is it like 100 dollars cheaper but the satisfaction after making it so uh-mazing! ha ha
How many of you guys made your costume for fanime this year and how much fun and pride do you put into it? ha ha :)
the gun powder treason and plot

I must say I do love V cosplayers at fanime!! And I found it odd to see alot of V for Vendetta stuff today so I started watching it on blu ray! ha ha

What did you guys think of the movie?
where can we store objects, do they even allow people to take stuff inside the concert hall? I'm asking this because with my cosplay comes a large piece that I think would be rude to take in a room full of people eager to enjoy a concert, is there a place with storage or do we gotta find some other way like any con event?
Things in the Universe / My icon
May 23, 2010, 10:38:21 PM
You love it!! O___O ♥

I'm not sure quite yet what I wanna do at fanime but I remember alot of stuff were open late so I was wondering what goes on during the night when everyone is gone also do people still walk around in cosplay costumes in the halls after hours?!?! ha ha