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Registration / Fanimecon does new Steampunk con
December 21, 2011, 02:27:09 PM
A friend of mine from the Steampunk Federation recently sent me this:

A few questions, first I'm not sure if there's much room left at the convention center for another convention.  Also other cons going on Memorial day weekend like Baycon and Kublacon I thought handled Steampunk stuff?.  Also is this part of the reason why reg is taking so long to be posted?  Usually reg is posted the day after Yaoicon ends, it's been almost 2 months now ~_~  Is this going to raise our con rates higher than before as well?  Usually con prices are lower earlier and then increase in price but we're closer to con now as well as I guess our pass will pay for both cons?
Ok, so the whole "did you see me" thread has had me thinking over the last few weeks.  The method of just sending a few pictures at a time here and there to a few people is kinda slow and doesn't help in finding pictures in the future either.
I've already started contacting some people who are active on the forums who still are looking for pictures.  But it seems to me this whole thing would make more sense for those of us with facebooks to tag everyone we know in the albums we look at, and then have those people tag the people that they know in those albums.  Each person then does a small amount of work and many people are able to find pictures of them and their friends and everyone can be happy.

If you have a character that is recognizable enough and agree to look through every album I tag you in for people you can tag, I will look through my list of 250+ facebook albums from Fanime and tag you.

I'll start looking through them all again from top to bottom in about a week, so hitup this thread in the meantime if you want in on this 'project'

questions, comments, etc fire away
I know quite a few people are linking to photobuckets and other galleries, but I think it would be also nice to have links to facebook galleries so people can tag themselves and their friends easier, also makes it easier to find new friends we've made at the con but whose name we forgot :P Especially for the galleries that are public but people are not signed up on the forums and don't post the links here.

So yeah, make sure your photo gallery of fanime is set to public and stick up the link if you can.

Here is mine

I'll try to update this main post as consistently as I can
Ideas and Suggestions / Traveling to Fanime
July 02, 2009, 10:00:50 PM
Hi, I was wondering if the con ever thought about cutting deals with airlines and stuff like other conventions and conferences sometimes do?  I know people who travel far to get to the con would appreciate it and it might even make us more accessible to some who want to come but haven't been able to in the past because of the cost.
It seems most airlines will give between 5 and 10% off, I think someone official with the con or whatever just needs to ask them about it and have some info about attendance numbers, projected amount of people, demographics so that the companies will be more willing to give out discount.
I've done a bit of research into it and have links to conferences and stuff that have done it, I'm not sure if they would for fanime or not, but I'm sure we've got a demographic they're into, and playing the whole getting brand loyalty while people are young.
Hell I'd negotiate with them myself but I'm in no official position with the con, just think it would be neat for it to get rolling to help cut people's cost and maybe allow people to make it out who otherwise wouldn't.
Ideas and Suggestions / Carpoolin' Idea
May 28, 2009, 10:16:54 AM
I noticed near the end of the con that there were a few people who were without rides back home and I felt bad that I had no way of helping them back besides asking random people at the con if they were headed the same direction and had space.
I was just wondering if it would be possible to just setup a table or have the people at the info desk run something about this.  Like if you've been ditched at the con or for whatever reason have no way home that you can drop off some info like phone #, where you're headed and how much stuff you have.  Then if people have extra space and they wanna meet you before end of con they could call you and see if they'd wanna give ya a ride?
I'm sure the idea could be refined more, but I thought I'd put it out there since I dunno if it's been discussed before.  in b4 not enough staff