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My understanding that it is first come first serve.  However, it's not based on when you make the reservation, it's based on when you actually arrive.  Usually a request for a rollaway on a reservation is just that, a request.  The hotel can't be certain that you will arrive and if you do that you will still want that rollaway.  They make money from the rollaway so it's in their interest to rent them out as quickly as their requested so they make as much money as possible.  I would suggest contacting the hotel you choose a few days in advance of your arrival to talk to them about the fact that you want a rollaway.  They might be able to put your name on one then.   
You realize that this myth has been around in one way or another since the internet was new, don't you?  It is exactly that...a myth. 
Just when you thought Carameldansen was dead.  Does anyone here watch Phineas and Ferb?  Yeah, they did a painful carameldansen bit...PAINFUL.
Quote from: Chosen_Entity on July 27, 2010, 11:55:37 PM
I also thought I heard something about a convention starting in Reno? Might hit that one, too.

That would be SNAFU on October 22 and 23 here in lovely Reno. 
Things in the Universe / Re: Pet Peeves
July 25, 2010, 12:15:30 PM
I e-mailed a store for a dress I need on a really tight schedule.  I recieved back an extremely rude reply that asked me if I had checked local stores.  Nah?  Really? 

My pet peeve here is people who think that because I ask them for help I am therefore an idiot. 
There are people who spend the entire weekend at gatherings.  Doing quick changes and running to and from the hotel between them.  Now THATS either crazy or make the call.  lol.

Can you guys believe that it's almost August?  Good gravy what happened to summer?  I feel like I missed most of it.  What are you all planning to do with the remaining weeks of summer? 
Awesome!  First Hokage...doesn't that make you my Grandpa or something?   :o

I do not have any kind of go ahead from the powers that be to start organizing our time.  However, after last years insanity I'd like to start that discussion earlier rather than later.  We can always make changes if we need to.

We do not know what fanime events may be going on Fanime Saturday this year.  However, we do know that we have our official Gathering, picnic and Eerie-chan's gathering on that day.  Not to mention all of the other fun / insanity that seems to pop up around the Naruto Gathering.  Also, I'd like to try to set our time before we wind up head to head with other large gatherings like we did last year with the Hetalia group.  I know several of our cosplayers had to miss either Naruto or Hetalia because of this. 

That being said I would like to propose that we make a tentative decision on time now, with the ability to change in the future if we need to.  Agreed?

I would also like to propose that we choose between 11 a.m. and noon.  My reasoning for this is that it is late enough in the morning that people who stayed up late partying / doing the music fest thing can sleep in a little before the gathering.  Also, if Registration keeps their traditional hours it gives people registering that day a chance to get that done before the gathering.  It's also early enough that people doing masquerade shouldn't be inconvenienced and the heat shouldn't be too bad.

I'm not going to put up a poll.  This time I would prefer if you would post your opinions and any ideas, questions or concerns in a message.  I'll tally them later. 

Please, discuss..debate...make silly jokes. It's what we do best here in the Naruto Gathering.   :D 

I vote for 11...cause it's cooler.
Just as a note to help with timing.  We will be having the picnic again this year, it's always right after the official gathering.  This really leaves you two options if you want to have a time connected with the official gathering.  (At least as far as I see it.)  1. You can go before the official gathering.  2. You can go during the picnic.  Now I dont' mean miss the picnic, I mean come over to the park with everyone, do your photos and everything in the park then join the lunch / game fun of the picnic. 

There are pros and cons to both of those ideas, and you can still pick a different time.  I just wanted to give you that information.  Also, I can just about promise you that the Naruto Gathering will be at 11 or noon this year, I'm leaning toward 11 because by noon the day is getting hot and people start melting in their cosplays (case in point I was litterally falling apart this year for the noon gathering). 

I hope that helps some.  It's still so early in the planning stages that everything is up for debate.  It's going to be another GREAT year.  Your gathering will really add to the fun.   :)
hmm...I don't have anything that's actually Steam Punk.  However, If you think about it Howl's Moving Castle is fairly Victorian in style and the castle itself really lends itself that way.  Maybe I'll explore some alterations on my Sophie cosplay to include the Steam Punk theme.  Details to follow as I complete my thoughts.  lol.
Things in the Universe / Re: The Awful Truth(s)
July 18, 2010, 11:26:36 AM
Some people are just nasty and mean, and they will never change.
Well my criteria is always that the picture must be colorful, it must be large format, high quality. Ideally we can have it blown up onto the banner like this year (thank you AGAIN to EJ who did that for us).  It can and should have a creative flair, but it must stay true to the original characters.  Humor and fun are usually my big key words because that's what the gathering is all about. 

It absolutely MUST have the words "Naruto Gathering Fanime 2011" on it somewhere. 

While different styles are more than welcome, the art has to be original.  Drawing, painting, computer media...whatever floats your boat.   

I'm hoping to have a few for people to choose from this year so if anyone would like to submit some art I'll put all submissions together and do a poll to see which one will go on the front page.  I don't have a submission do date yet.  Rules are in a rough draft phase. 

By the way, I mentioned the first draft of the 2010 drawing at breakfast  this year.  Here is a link to see it.  I really wish the Tobi image would have made it to the final cut.
I know...I stink.  Sorry it's taken me so long to update.  My life has been thrown into the blender, set on puree and served as a creamy frapacinno style drink to unsuspecting passers by.    ::)  The good news is I THINK it's getting ready to settle down never knows.  I am cursed to live an interesting life.  lol

The REALLY good news is that I've finally updated the first page!  YAY!  We already have 15 people on the list...that's pretty impressive there guys.  Let's keep it going.

I have debated deciding our time early (like in the next few weeks).  The upside is that other gatherings would know when we're planning to meet and we would have fewer overlaps.  Last year we had some pretty major overlaps that affected our gathering.  The downside is that we have no idea what is planned for Fanime this year so we might have to change the time later on.  What are your opinions?

The picnic is definately on again for next year, I hope to also do the Friday night meet up too...cause that was the kind of fun that makes Fanime awesome.  This is the first year for Eeri-chan's Naruto Pairings Gathering as well.  If you guys want to add events or games please let me know and I'll help you pull it together.   ;D

Continue enjoying your summer!  Keep being awesome!   ;D

P.S. We need new artwork for next anyone here an artist or know an artist willing to do it?
Even without looking at your reference picture I always think of Mellow's vest as brown (like the chocolate he loves).  I actually always thought it was brown leather.  I would think you would be more recognizable with the brown vest than with the black...but that's just me.
Quote from: Aelia on June 18, 2010, 08:03:07 PM
FanimeCon Cosplay Rules & Weapons Policy
Please be aware that this is an early draft and is current as of June 18, 2010

FanimeCon Costume Rules & Limitations
  • All costumes worn within the convention center must fit through a standard doorway.

I think this answers your question best.  It is from the link Somebody posted, but this is the part that directly addresses your concerns. 

Don't give up though.  There is an art to melding inspiration with reality.  I don't know what cosplay your planning, but maybe there is a way to do it while keeping with the rules.   :) 
youtube to the rescue.  Here's the scene I was talking about.  It's not long...but it was awesome.

Oh Good Gravy!  Someone has posted video of the Naruto Gathering at Fanime as well!!  Including the whole "Believe it" vs. "Datebayo" debate.  I am embarrashed to watch myself, but it's a fun reminder of the gathering.  Thanks to whoever posted it!
Does anyone here watch Mall Cops on TLC?  I am sitting her watching the Black Friday episode and what should come up but two people cosplaying as Akatsuki at the Mall of America!  An awesome Naruto moment.  lol.

Anyone have any interesting stories of random acts of cosplay?
Things you missed if you didn't go to the picnic this year.   ;D

I believe this was his third attempt to get killed by the boffer people.  I've laughed about his since fanime, I was so excited to find a video of it.  lol.  If someone here posted this on Youtube, THANK YOU!  I hope you don't mind me sharing it with everyone.   :D
Spoiler my friend!  Spoiler!!  Please use the spoiler option when you post those.  It's the box with SP, but the P is white inside of a black highlight box. 

That being said.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Things in the Universe / Re: The Awful Truth(s)
June 23, 2010, 07:33:57 PM
I really don't see how that sounds pedophile like at all. 

Back on topic.

Things can ALWAYS be worse than they are.  If you doubt that fate will show you just how bad they can be.
Things in the Universe / Re: The Awful Truth(s)
June 22, 2010, 09:33:55 PM
Annoying people are everywhere.