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Hotel and Facilities / Re: is EVERYTHING booked?
January 19, 2011, 12:08:23 AM
from the looks of it, the Hilton and the Marriott are mostly booked.

you may want to contact the registration website via e-mail or by phone and see if there is a wait-list available?

that would be my recommendation
Quote from: Suspicious on January 12, 2011, 04:02:48 PM
Huzzah! I got a new laminator (finally). I'm going to start laminating these and sending out to people who posted their address.

Sorry again!

No apologies man - I still think these badges were a great idea...

i guess the real question would be --- do you have the resources to make 2011 badges?
Quote from: elley on January 11, 2011, 10:55:23 PM
You're all in luck, I kept all my e-mails from last year's Fanime.  :)

I paid $154 per night at the Marriott for a junior suite. Plus, the parking was only $12.50 per day for Fanime attendees.

Hi elley --- im thinking about getting a Suite with a couple of friends...

Could you describe the difference between the "normal" room and the suite you had? Do you think it was worth what you paid for?

Also --- just out curiosity what floor did you end up on?

Thanks in advance for your input and info! :D
^ thats because Nepoleon digs ice cream!

^ awesome story!

while trying to find a squirtle killer picture... if found this and it made me smile :)

Gaming / Re: Favorite Video Game OST?
December 30, 2010, 09:18:20 AM
Final Fantasy VI   OST
or also known as the Final Fantasy III  [ on super nintendo]

makes me wanna attend another Final Fantsy Concert again. Woot.
Quote from: Trumby on December 28, 2010, 12:00:33 PM
The front page on the website says the dates are May 28th-31st so might want to have a tech guy change that unless it is now Saturday to Tuesday.

i think the date your looking at is from 2010.

*** please note the fanime internal & website staff *** are hard at work to get things ready to 2011 as soon as reasonably possible. :)

Fanime 2011 will be from ---  May 27, 2010 thru May 30, 2010  
[Friday thru Monday]
^  who hasnt grown up without seeing a couple of Disney movies here and there --- that would be a deprived childhood :P  and my current Disney Favorites are Pixar's  UP  and Tangled.

<  Dont forgetting "Dis honor on you, Dis honor and your family!.... and Dis honor on your Cow! "
    my favorite quote from Mulan

>  I have watched Disney's Mulan completely in chinese before.

V  Lets keep it going! Whats your favorite memory, quote or movie from the Disney Universe? [dont forget live action movie counts too!
^ it wasnt more so the 'ending' as it was the ENTIRE move... it was called Zodiac [a supposedly true story] of the Zodiac killer... i didnt realize but the zodiac killer never was caught... but basically the ending was a list of people involved with the investigation and their little paragraphs of how their lives became FAIL after 'wasting' so much time looking for a killer without any favorable results. thats 4 hours of my life i spent sitting in a theater of my life i want back.

<  just FYI the 'real' Pocahontas was kid... not a *ahem* fully developed woman hitting on the white man...

>   is going to party something fierce for the Xmas holiday weekend :D

V   whats the craziest or funniest gag or white elephant gift that you seen given [or got yourself] ?
Quote from: Loktera^2 on December 22, 2010, 11:07:16 AM
I guess it's time for me to come out of my little hidey-hole. I can be there.

sure... whatever say

Flynn Rider.
Oh hai Doctor O

All you can eat sushi? Count me in.
^ grandma got run over by a reindeer.
Serious Business / Controversy over McDonalds Happy Meals
December 20, 2010, 08:57:50 AM
one (of the many) articles here:

Happy Meal Controversy: Are the Toys Bait for Children?

WGEM) --A California mother is leading a class action lawsuit against McDonalds accusing the restaurant chain of using Happy Meal toys as bait to make children want fast food.

But McDonalds is defending its product and menu saying it offers healthier alternatives to some high calorie foods.

The lawsuit against McDonalds puts forth an interesting question when it comes to any kind of fast food for children. Is it the company's responsibility to make sure children are getting a balanced meal or is it up to the parents?

"He's always rocking in his car seat and going lets go to McDonalds mom, McDonalds!," said Lacie Robinson. Robinson says she deals with her children begging for Happy Meals all the time and sometimes, she gives in.

"We go twice a week maybe three times a week, I think its because of the toys that they get with the Happy Meals," said Robinson.

But lately McDonalds has come under fire from public health officials, parents and lawmakers who are frustrated with the rising childhood obesity rates and weak anti-obesity efforts from restaurant operators.

Dietitan Nancy Hays points out there are healthier options available at McDonalds.

Apple slices to replace the french fries and milk instead of soda.

McDonald's says it's proud of its Happy Meals, and said in a statement it "intends to vigorously defend our brand, our reputation and our food."

Hays says it is also the parents responsibility to model healthy eating habits at home, and at restaurants.

"If mom and dad aren't eating the apples at home as well as the apples at the restaurant then why would the child?,"said Hays.

But even then, Hays eating at McDonald's is a choice.

"No one has to drive them to McDonalds to eat the meal, it is a point of personal responsibility and accountability," said Hays.


Any thoughts, questions, comments?
^ she actually scared and repulsed me  :-[
^ 5pm also known as 'closing time' no more work.

<  slept in until the late afternoon

>  is jealous of super lazy days and ppl who have winter break

V  when was the last time you hibernated? [sleep for more than 24+ hours straight]

My mini Wall-e helping me with my gift wrapping :D
Quote from: unicorn on December 14, 2010, 02:33:41 PM

this was last year at fanime i'm the one kneeling ^__^

welcome to the forums ! looks like all those pokemon are sitting on your head.

Like a Boss! :D 

and this is why boys are lame.  :P - some of us really need to grow up

but seriously if boys are this annoying in your life - just move on with your life - one less thing to worry about.
^  i veg out (no i dont sit there ant eat vegetables...) its the 'usual' combination of internet, tv, and gaming on my nintendo DS (currently playing the Fire Emblem series right now...)

<  makes alot of cheat sheets for her classes.

>  wishes i had a 'cheat sheet' to make life easy :P

V  Whats your favorite day of the week and why?
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: A fanime Iphone/Android app?
December 13, 2010, 07:41:36 PM
Quote from: Piccahoe on December 13, 2010, 05:47:17 PM
I think I'll include maybe easter eggs....

just a reminder... Fani Eggs are REAL :D