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I am not a cosplayer by any means so take what I say here with a grain of salt, but generally I find cosplays without wigs a little "off" looking. Sort of like cosplays that just use normal street clothing.

IMO, for a cosplay to look good it's got to look sort of... fake. I know that sounds strange, but there's a slightly "otherworldly" quality of a good cosplay - even if you don't recognize the character, they still look like they just stepped out of an anime or video game. There's really no way to accomplish this look with natural hair unless you use gobs and gobs of product to almost lacquer it into place.

This is not to say I've *never* seen a good cosplay pulled off with natural hair, but generally I find they look more finished with a wig.
Here's the link for it :),15083.0.html

There is also the official San Jose restaurant page
Registration / Re: Place-holding?
May 14, 2011, 04:01:53 PM
Considering the lineup wait can be several hours long, it's pretty much expected that people will go in groups and take turns waiting so they can go pee, grab a bite to eat, sneak out for a cigarette, etc.
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Don't Room Stuff
May 14, 2011, 06:53:03 AM
They do have to ask first. Imagine the legal foofaraw if they were to just barge in unnanounced and catch people changing, or in flagrante delicto? If you're in the room and they start coming in without knocking, you do have every right to say "Just a moment!" or "Please come back in five minutes" or whatever.
I can't emphasize Tony's last point enough. They're super convenient if you're driving, but do be careful if you use them in the future for flying. Also make sure you get the rolly kind, not the vacuum kind, sometimes the packaging is not very clearly labeled.

I got some and I was all "oh this is great! I can put so much more stuff in my luggage!" and forgot to take into account that it weighs the same amount, it's just more compact. My luggage was nearly 20lbs over-weight ><''
Things in the Universe / Re: I think I might cry.
May 12, 2011, 04:30:35 PM
Yay! Glad you got it worked out :)
Hotel and Facilities / Don't Room Stuff
May 12, 2011, 11:56:10 AM
Actually they do care, because on top of being a huge safety risk they're also losing income. They could be renting out two (or in this case even three or four) rooms, but instead they're only renting out one. Not to mention the housekeeping staff will have to work even harder, and even if the people in the room are behaving they're still using more towels, glasses, toilet paper, tissues, etc, than were allotted to the budget of that room.
The Hilton has now removed the notice from their website, too :)
Things in the Universe / Re: I think I might cry.
May 12, 2011, 09:18:56 AM
Have you tried looking in the roommates thread in the Hotel forum? Maybe you could find another room to stay in and still have fun.
Quote from: Richie Likes Maids on May 11, 2011, 12:44:17 PM
Just as long you don't play Rebecca Black's Friday, you're good.  ;)

I cannot concur with this enough XD

However, I'd suggest if you're going to be providing music for "the masses" to vary it. Some upbeat pop stuff (Lady Gaga for example), some quieter folky stuff (Mumford & Sons), etc. And of course some anime soundtracks!
Original Joe's is delicious!
Honestly, the quality compared to most available pre-painted nail kits is not great. I think Hachimitsu-ink has a good suggestion - stick to simple designs like logos and emblems.

I'd also suggest investing in some pinstriping brushes if you don't already have a set. Art Club, KISS Nail Art, etc.
If you happen to find a tall, top-heavy woman with a black vintage-looking swimsuit or a bikini with kimono-like fabric and really short black hair and a couple of small tattoos who is probably hanging with a tall slim guy with black Captain Morgan swim trunks and much larger tattoos, say hi!

edit: typokill :P
Awesome! Ivy to the rescue!! My puffy legs and I thank you <3
Proof that advertising works. I totally heard the "yummmmm!" in my head when I read your post XD
Are those even acceptable? I suspect if someone caught you with them, you'd get in trouble...
Another thing that apparently works well is flip-flops, either clear ones or ones you have painted to match your skin tone.

The bare minimum is that the soles of your feet do not touch the floor.
I haven't yet, since like I said it costs me a lot in long distance. If nobody's got an answer by the 20th or so, I need to call the hotel for some other stuff, so I can ask then.
Dealers Room / Re: GRAB BAGS
May 08, 2011, 05:59:52 AM
The last time I bought one was in 2008 and I don't remember which vendor, but it had a very cute figure of Rei Ayanami in it.

108/365 - Ayanami Rei by tsukinoblossom, on Flickr

Still in the package, in perfect condition. I was happy.
Yeah, it's better than nothing, but I'm nearly six feet tall so I usually have to fold myself up to fit in a hotel tub XD

They're outdoors, both on the same patio-ish area.