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Staff & Volunteers / AA Helper's Agreement?
May 24, 2018, 06:37:39 PM
Does anyone know where this is?  I'm searching on the site, but I cannot find it anywhere.  Is it something that is just available at the con?
Nah, it's a pin from The World Ends With You.  :)

Let's hope more people are interested.  I'll spread the world on Tumblr/etc.  I think this can be super cool. :)
So, since the 15 year anniversary came, I was thinking of making a flash group with fellow Digimon cosplayers.  I was thinking of doing an a capella Brave Heart/Butter-Fly.  Would anybody be interested? :)  I'll contact the Fanime group to see the rules regarding this, but I think it'd be super fun and memorable. :D